My “Elmer’s” Back In Action…

I don’t know if anyone recalls, but about this time last year I posted a story concerning my husband, Ed ,whom I lovingly refer to sometimes as “Elmer Fudd”.  The story centered around Ed, some squirrels, and our pear trees.  In case you’ve forgotten, or you never read Man Vs. Squirrel, you can read it HERE.

Well, history has a way of repeating itself, and we’ve been having the same adventures with squirrels and the pear trees this year, too!  The only problem is–this year there are fewer pears and the squirrels are much fatter and more greedy. Ed’s been keeping a vigil over the trees, with his trusty old BB gun, but those squirrels haven’t paid the crazy man in the lawn chair a bit of attention!

I guess everybody has a limit as to what they will put up with, and a week or so ago, Ed finally reached his limit with those greedy squirrels!  One day, I heard a commotion in the back of the house, then looked up to see Ed going outside armed with more than a BB gun!  I thought to myself…now there goes a man on a mission!

In a few minutes I heard Ed fire a shot, but then I heard nothing else.  It turned out that Ed fired at the squirrel and missed.  Ed rarely misses, so I suspect that he missed on purpose.  Ed said something about “giving the squirrel a warning” and “maybe he won’t come back.”  WRONG!  Greedy Mr. Squirrel was back the very next day.  This time I heard a shot fired, followed by a “thud”.  Ed didn’t miss this time.  Ed mentioned something to me about cooking Mr. Squirrel, but I hastily declined.  Maybe one day–if this economy continues on its current course–but not today!  Not to worry, our hungry cats didn’t have a problem at all with having fresh squirrel for supper!

I’d like to say that the story ends here, but unfortunately, Greedy Mr. Squirrel has some fat and greedy friends!  Two days later I saw Ed heading through the door with his gun again.  Once again, he didn’t miss, but by now Ed’s feeling a little bad for the squirrels…Several more days pass, and yet a third squirrel shows up.  Ed shoots again–and misses this time.  Was it Ed’s conscience or his declining eyesight…I guess we’ll never know.

I just hope Mr. Squirrel takes his warning seriously, and doesn’t come back for more pears, because my “Elmer’s” back in action–and this time he’s a man on a mission!

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  1. i have several squirrels he can shoot off my back porch; they refuse to leave the birdfood alone…i’m contemplating a b-b gun, myself!

  2. We don’t have any squirrels here … but we do have some wascawwy wabbits … perhaps Elmer Fudd can come here … “be vewwy, vewwy quiet … I’m hunting wabbits”. ha!

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