Going For Round Two…

Call us “workaholics”–or just plain crazy, but Ed and I have officially begun “Round Two” of our gardening experience!  Actually,  it began last week, when I planted a few seeds indoors…Ask me why I did this, when the temps outside are hovering close to 100 degrees!  Perhaps because it’s too hot to be outside!

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, of this week, Ed and I planted some fall corn, butter beans, green beans, and peas in the field.  It’s powder-dry out there, and it was still 98 degrees at 4 o’clock.  We waited until six o’clock to plant–it was still HOT!

We  love peas and butter beans in our neck of the woods, so we decided to plant a fall crop of them.  Next week we plan to follow-up by planting some potatoes, wait a couple of weeks, then plant our cabbage, squash, and tomato plants, then some carrots, radishes, lettuce, and a few other things.  The weather probably will continue to be hot, but I’m hoping for some rain between now and then.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out!  At least we’ll have no money invested in this garden, because we used seeds that we saved or had left from our first garden.  Thanks to “my girls”, the chickens, I have plenty of fresh compost, as well…No eggs yet–so it’s nice to know they are good for something 🙂

Our fall garden will be “mini-sized” compared to our spring one–only four rows, instead of the twelve we had back in the spring!  Remember, though, our rows are still 125 feet long!!!  We’ll be changing that before next spring, because I can’t stand having three different vegetables on one row.  It drives me crazy!

Our main goal with a fall garden is to grow something fresh to eat, because I’ve had my fill of “canning” for 2012!  Of course, knowing me…if there happens to be an abundance, I’ll drag the old canner back out of storage.

The best part about gardening is seeing the twinkle in Ed’s eyes whenever he gets to spend time with his other girl, Alyce.  “Alyce” is Ed’s tractor, in case you’ didn’t know!

Yesterday afternoon, Ed came inside, for supper, looking like a little boy who had been happily playing outside in the dirt…Well, actually, he looked like a very contented man, who had been outside playing in his garden!  Lots of dirt, and a huge smile on his face!

I can hardly wait to see what adventures await us this time around!  Visiting deer…thrips…grasshoppers…squash bugs?  Let the good times roll!

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  1. I’m gearing up for the fall experience too – and it is hard to do when it’s so blooming hot. Makes it seem silly to hope for any of those things to grow.

  2. The next best thing to working in a garden is savoring the sagas of blogging friends’ gardening adventures. I don’t think you realize how much your posts about gardening and your “girls” constitute good deed gifts to this reader. Evidently canned and frozen veggies are not the only kind of treasures you are storing up. I think you have an abundance stored where moth and rust don’t corrupt! God bless and have a joyous weekend.

  3. I think it is awesome that your doing round two.
    Nothing like fresh veggies.

  4. you mention you are planting potatoes. The man I used to be married to used to cut a potato up and bury the portion with an “eye.” As a city girl, I was amazed that h is actually prodiced potatoes, Is that what you’re doing?

  5. Are you irrigating your garden? I think I’m glad that we didn’t do a garden this spring … I can’t imagine how much our fresh produce would have cost us with the amount of irrigating we would have had to do. Maybe next spring.

  6. Don’t you love your chickens? Whenever I find an out-of-control zucchini, the “girls” get a feast.

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