A Little “Girly” News…

My life is “to die for”…  It’s the life of a “former paraprofessional” turned “blogger” and homestead wannabe”–sort of!

Each and every day I begin my day by feeding our assortment of outside cats.  There are usually about a dozen hungry mouths waiting outside the door for breakfast.  I would say those cats are pretty useless, but at least we don’t have a problem with mice!

Next, I go tip-toeing through chicken turds, tending to the business of feeding and watering “my girls”.  Today, in addition to ending up with a dried turd in my Croc, I also got pecked in the butt by a renegade hen!  The peck was my fault–my shorts were adorned with irresistible little cherries–and pie!  Who can resist pie?

I usually end my days by throwing “my girls” a few clumps of grass /weeds, two slices of bread, and a couple of handfuls of scratch feed.  It makes the ending of their day–and mine, too.

Every day, for about two weeks now, I’ve been saying to those  hens, “Girls, I want some eggs!”  I thought the girls were ignoring me…until yesterday.

Yesterday, about mid-morning, I heard one of the hens cackling.  I didn’t pay a lot of attention because I’d heard one cackling before, for no apparent reason.

Finally, about lunchtime I decided to go and check on “my girls”.  I noticed that someone had formed the hay, in the laying boxes, into some very pretty nests…I also noticed that the door at back-end of the hen-house had come open a little bit.  I figured the latch wasn’t secure, and the hen had accidentally pushed the door open while she was building her nests.  It probably scared her, and she cackled. (FYI:  We have a small door on the outside of the hen-house, that lifts up to reveal the three nests–so we can collect eggs without actually going into the coop) 

When Ed came home from work, I asked him to check the latch on the hen-house, and make sure it would close properly.  Then I went out to the coop later, to do my afternoon feeding.  I opened the door to the coop–and there it was…lying on the ground–OUR FIRST EGG!!!

To say I was ecstatic, would be an understatement!  Ed had already left the chicken coop and headed for the garden, without noticing the egg,  so I yelled for him to come and see my surprise!  Then I bolted into the house to get the camera!  We must have looked so funny…

After my photo session with our first egg was finished, I opened the door to leave the coop.  As usual, one renegade hen stuck her head out of the opened door to nip at the grass on the outside of it.  Renny’s been doing this for a while, but yesterday she got other ideas in her head, and hopped right out of the coop!  I said “Oh shit!”, as she began to head for the yard…I had these visions of a pair of “hungry cat eyes” running through my head…

Fortunately, Ed was still standing beside the door of the coop, and he moves quicker than I do!  (We don’t call him “Fast Eddie” for nothing !)  Between the two of us, we soon had “Renny Henny” back where she belongs!  Guess who won’t be holding the coop door open for “Renny” anymore…

Yesterday was a good day around the farm…I can’t wait to see what surprises today might bring 🙂  Our seeds are beginning to sprout!  Boy are they beginning to sprout–but that’s a post for another day!

By the way, that first egg?  It’s a tiny one!  I put the egg in the carton beside the store-bought eggs, and it got lost!   Hey, you gotta’ start somewhere, right?  I just hope those silly girls will soon learn to lay in their nests!

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  1. Yay! It may have been small, but it was still your girls’ first egg! First of many, let’s hope. 😉

  2. Congratulations. What will you do with the egg? Bronze it or eat it? I guess it was worth the nip in the rear and the turd in the shoe.

  3. Pretty soon the girls’ll be laying double-yolkers!

  4. Great news on that first egg!

  5. Congrats on your first egg. I would’ve been excited too.

    I just love the look on the cat’s faces. LOL

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