My Great Escape…

If I could use only one word to describe this week, it would be wet!  It has rained every day this week.  Now, I’m not complaining, because I realize that rain is a good thing–and some parts of the country are so dry…but five days of rain tends to give a person a bit of “cabin fever”!  What’s my answer to  cabin fever?  Take myself to my happy place–the beach, of course–even if it’s only in my mind through pictures…

Oh, yes!  There I am…in my happy place.  All nestled  in my pink chair, and sitting under my umbrella.  I can almost feel the warm sunshine…  I’m also enjoying some great music on my new MP3 player.  You just can’t beat the music of the 70’s!  See that place behind me?  That’s the Sandy Bottoms Bar and Grill–a lively place on  Friday and Saturday nights…Of course, you may be wondering what I am looking at, as I sit there listening to that great oldies music…

Well, let’s see…First of all I see Ed!  He’s strolling the beach–in his Crocs and socks! Now I ask you, who wears socks with Crocs to the beach? Ed does! I guess he doesn’t care for that feeling of sand between his toes…Actually, he’s not a big fan of the beach either, but bless his heart, he never complains…Ed’s a keeper, and I am blessed!

I look over to my right and I see this…

It’s an empty lifeguard chair (because it’s not yet 10 am), with a huge pile of sand in front of it, and Ed and I wonder why they put that pile of sand there…Perhaps to give them easier access on and off of the chair?

In front of the empty lifeguard chair, I see

a couple sitting in some chairs that I haven’t seen before.  I like those chairs, if only they had footrests and reclined like ours, I might consider buying some!

As the day wears on, I look to the left and see this…

A lonely seagull, probably looking for some lunch!  Have you ever noticed that if you feed one seagull, within a minute, dozens of his friends will suddenly appear, seemingly from nowhere?

Suddenly, out on the beautiful water, something in the distance catches my eye…

A sailboat! On this particular day, for some unknown reason, the water is unusually blue. Normally, our ocean water is more of a gray color…I was thrilled to actually see some blue water–and capture it with my camera!  The boat was an added bonus.

Later in the day, Ed and I witnessed something we’d never seen at the beach before…

A couple of women put out dozens of kites, all hooked onto a couple of cables which were controlled by wenches.  It was quite an elaborate set-up.  Our photos couldn’t come close to capturing all of the kites or their beauty, but I tried.

Sometime later, I snapped a photograph of the ocean, along with some activity, slightly to my left…

I like this picture.  Without realizing it, I captured people during various stages of their lives.  To the far left, is an older couple.  I’d guess, in their late 60’s or early 70’s.  Some middle-aged people in the middle, then there is a little girl, to the far right of the picture.  Wow, we sure do go through some changes as we grow old, don’t we?  This picture reminds me that Ed and I are both on the “down side”  of the slope of life (meaning things will only go downhill from here), and we don’t like it!!!  We’ll soon be that older couple on the left–heck, who am I kidding?  We already are!

Speaking of “going downhill”, all good things must come to an end, and I’m afraid that is the case with my beach escape.  The photographs have run out, and so have my thoughts.  It’s time to get back to reality–and work!  It’s still cloudy and wet outside, but the bathroom needs cleaning, and the laundry is piling up!  Until next time…

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  1. It’s pouring here, too so I especially enjoyed my guided tour to your beach. On the subject of the sand hill in front of the lifeguard chair, it must be some new regulation. I’ve noticed it here too this year. Maybe I’ll ask next time I go (if it ever stops raining).

  2. It has been thunderstorms off and on here for the week, and it is so hot that i am pretty much staying inside in the AC. So . . . I enjoyed my trip with you to the beach IN THE AC even. And your Ed is definitely a keeper. Even in crocs and socks he rocks!

  3. Ah, as you no doubt know by now, your happy place (the beach) is the same as mine! 😉 I’m so thankful that my hubby loves the beach almost as much as I do. I think he’d like a trip to the mountains every now and then, but he never complains that we go to the beach every time we travel. 😉 Hope you get some relief from all that rain soon.

  4. My happy place is the sea! But it’s so far away.

  5. We’re going to see some friends at the beach one weekend soon. I can’t wait to put my toes in the sand!

  6. What a nice way to getaway in your mind. The pictures are awesome. I like those peoples chairs! You look very relaxed and I too enjoy my MP3 player. Also, I have a post up right now that should help you with the fact that you are a no-reply. I would love to be able to comment back to you when you leave me a comment. Have a nice weekend.

  7. What beautiful beach pictures !!! Believe it or not – I didn’t even make it to the beach this year. 😦 I hate that because my favorite thing to look at (besides kitty cats) is the ocean. 🙂

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