That Dang Garden Keeps Calling My Name…

That dang garden…It keeps screaming at me, saying , “Weed me, weed me!”  Not really, but it sure feels that way this week!  I’ve found myself awake at 5 am two days in a row–thinking about weeds!  Am I losing my mind or what?

Now picture this in your mind…me wearing my mother’s old pocketed apron over my shorts, to hold my MP3 player.  I head for the garden, carrying a hula hoe in one hand, and my Grasshopper gardening stool in the other.  Jimmy Buffett is singing his heart out on the MP3, singing about Margaritaville, sailing, and life in the islands while I weld my new handy hula hoe against those weeds invading my precious plants…After about 30 minutes, I’m wishing I was in Margaritaville…surely it must be 5 o’clock somewhere!

Do you happen to know what a hula hoe is?  It looks like a stirrup on a stick, and some people call them a stirrup  hoe instead of a hula hoe. We just bought a new one, and it’s the neatest thing–much easier to use than a regular hoe.  I’m deadly with a regular hoe!  I chop down about as many plants as I do weeds.  I can cover a lot of ground with my new hula hoe–and not do quite as much damage!

Ed bought himself a “new toy” last week.  He got a new weed eater (and not a day before he needed one!) and it came with  some attachments.  One of the attachments is a limb trimmer, while the other is a small cultivator.  The cultivator has already come in handy–to clear out all of the weeds in between the garden rows!  It’s much quicker than hoeing!

Yesterday afternoon Ed and I were doing a little weeding together.  We were sitting on our matching Grasshoppers, doing some “close weeding” using hand tools.  I couldn’t help but notice how meticulous Ed was with his weeding.  He’s much more of a perfectionist than I am, especially when it comes to weeding.  He probably frowns upon some of my weeding…

Many of the seeds that we planted several days ago didn’t sprout, while others sprouted, then rotted.  The excessive rain has wreaked havoc with our fall garden–except for the volunteer plants that came up from unharvested seeds!  Those plants are growing like weeds and doing fine…  We’ve  decided to leave the volunteers alone–and just consider them a bonus.  We’re not using that part of the garden anyway…  It will be interesting to see what they produce, if anything.  This morning, while I was weeding, I couldn’t help but notice an abundance of volunteer zinnias and marigolds–leftovers from my row of flowers in the spring garden!

This afternoon Ed and I are planning to plant some carrots, radishes, and a few turnips.  According to the almanac, it’s a good day to plant root crops.  I hope the ground isn’t still too wet.  If it doesn’t rain anymore for a while, we’ll be fine–I think!  I’m going to take a chance and replant the green beans today, too.  I hope they will have time to produce beans!  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Some things never change around here, and one particular cat still insists on accompanying me to the garden–every time I go out there!  His name is “Mr. Big”, but I’ve nicknamed him “the garden cat”.  He’s always wants to rub against me or walk directly in front of my feet.  Many times, back in the spring, I was so afraid he was going to cause me to trip and fall.  I don’t understand Mr. Big’s obsession with me and the garden, because he never comes around me when I’m in the yard. However, you can bet your last dollar if I walk toward the garden, he’ll be right there under my feet!  I suppose I should feel special.  How many people have their own personal garden cat…

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  1. I have a kitty who follows me when I walk my dog. He stays about 10 paces behind like he’s going to protect us!

    I love reading about your gardening. You inspire me and I do love to weed but probably not on the scale you do.

  2. Thank goodness for your gardening chronicles. Heat and being a bit of a scaredy cat about balance keeps me delaying my forays to resurrect our backyard garden, so I continue to enjoy your accounts. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Hey, I wanted to see you in that get-up you were wearing. No photo?
    As for the Hula hoe, I didn’t know it by that name ( or any, now that I think of it) but your description fits that of one my ex bought when we lived in California. I loved it. I haven’t seen it here, but now I know what to ask for. Thanks.

  4. You’re planting carrots? Where do you live anyhow?

  5. Never heard of a Hula hoe so a picture would be nice. Hay take one of you in that get up as well. I need the laugh!!

  6. You’re not going to share a picture of you in that get up? 😉

  7. You’re a lucky lady – I’ve never heard of anyone having their own personal “garden cat”. LOL

    I’m very proud of you and Mr. Ed for all the hard work you’ve done in your gardens. I’m sure it’s great to sit down to a meal and knowing that YOU planted those vegetables or that “the girls” provided those eggs.

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