A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post…

FOR TODAY – August 16, 2012

Outside my windowit is cloudy again, and the ground is still very wet from last night’s rain.  The chicken coop is a mess thanks to “the girls” scratching around in the mud!

I am thinkingthat I feel much more productive when I wake up and find the sun shinning.  Cloudy, over-cast days make me lazy.

I am thankfulfor so many things–a kind and loving husband, our growing family(which now includes three grandchildren), a home that’s almost paid for,  plenty of food to eat,  a job for Ed that allows us to pay our bills,  my health issues remaining manageable–I could go on and on.

In the kitchenI cooked “soul food” for supper last night.  We had smoked sausages, black-eyed peas/rice, mustard greens, and cornbread.  It was a nice change.

I am wearingmy blue/white gingham checked nightgown.  (I’m being lazy this morning.)

I am creatingnothing at the moment–unless you count the garden outside!

I am goingto stay home and relax today.  I’d planned a trip to town, but have changed my mind.  It’s nice to be in a position to have that option. (another blessing)

I am wonderingif my daughter and I will ever be close again.  Sometimes things happen and suddenly everything changes…

I am readingA Pirate Looks At Fifty (an autobiography by Jimmy Buffett)  

I am hoping...that Ed and I don’t experience any life-threatening health issues for quite a while longer.  I shudder every time I hear of another person finding out that they have cancer.  

I am looking forward toan over-night  beach trip that Ed and I have planned for next weekend.  I want to go, but I really dread leaving all of my animals in the care of someone else.  

I am learninghow it feels to be “the older mother”.  It’s funny, when we’re younger and raising our families, we have a particular view of our parents.  Once we grow older, and look back, sometimes we discover how unrealistic our view of our parents really was.  “Experience is always the best teacher”.

Around the housethings are a bit of a mess.  I haven’t had time or energy to do any “heavy-duty” cleaning.  I was shocked at the amount of dust that I found under my bed this week!

I am ponderingwhat the future will bring–with the economy, the presidential election, healthcare changes, and Ed nearing retirement age– but I try not to ponder too long.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss…

A favorite quote for today“It’s not where you go in life, but who you have beside you that counts” (unknown)

One of my favorite thingstaking a hot bubble bath by candlelight,  at the end of a long day.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  today is Ed’s payday, and tomorrow is Friday.  I don’t know what our weekend plans are yet.

A peek into my dayI’m planning to do some laundry, vacuum the carpets, and perhaps tackle the dust that I found under my bed.  I might even watch a movie.

My photo:  

Boiled Peanuts –  Here’s the last of Ed’s peanut crop.  He grew enough peanuts to make three boilings–and they were very good!

***Thanks to Peggy Hostetler for hosting The Simple Woman’s Daybook

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  1. What a precious post that gives me a glance into your life, hopes, and feelings.
    I love soul food (my gram was from Missouri). I’ve never tasted boiled peanuts.

  2. I love the Simple Woman’s Daybook … I haven’t done one in quite a while and may have to do one soon. I love your quote … and what you’re pondering are the same things I’ve been pondering (I can be very ostrich-like … and keep my head buried in the sand for a long time! ha!).

  3. I love that quote…and boy…those peanuts look good. LOL

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