Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Divine Intervention…

Do you believe in Divine intervention?  Have you ever had certain “feelings” that you can’t explain?

A couple of months ago, I planned a trip to Amelia Island for this coming weekend.  I went ahead and booked a room for the weekend of the upcoming “Great American Tailgate Cook-off”.  It also happens to be the weekend before my birthday.

About three weeks ago, I began having second thoughts concerning this trip.  In particular, I was worried about leaving my animals unattended for two days and nights–especially the chickens.  What was I thinking?  At the moment, I’m also in a state of mind where crowds of people and loud rock bands playing on the beach suddenly don’t sound so appealing to me anymore.  I tried to ignore my feelings…

As time passed, I mentioned to Ed that my feelings had changed, and I was considering canceling our reservations.  He seemed a bit upset, then finally said “Well, you need to figure out what you want for your birthday then, because I have no ideas.”  I didn’t want to put extra stress on Ed about my birthday, so I told myself we’d go ahead and go.

I spoke with our son about feeding my animals.  He agreed to help out, but wouldn’t agree to enter the chicken pen!  🙂  I assured him that he could pick up the eggs without entering their pen…This particular son apparently didn’t inherit my love of animals–or chickens!

On three different occasions, I’ve brought up the subject of canceling those reservations again.  Each time, Ed would either say “You might as well suck it up and go” or “Whatever you want to do is fine”.  Neither answer helped make my decision any easier…

Then, on Tuesday, while working on “The Hodgepodge”,  I saw Joyce’s question concerning childhood memories of the house I grew up in.  I was writing my answer, when a thought entered my mind…What about changing our plans and going to see my brother instead?  Remembering that house stirred a longing within me.  It’s been over six months since we’ve seen my brother and his wife–and three years since Ed and I have been to their house!   We’re all getting older, and who knows how many more visits we’ll have left–but still I resisted, even after my sister-in-law happened to call on Tuesday…I didn’t want to impose on anyone.

I tossed and turned, and hardly slept at all on Tuesday night.  By Wednesday morning, I was  sure of what I needed to do.  I picked up the phone and dialed my brother’s number.  My sister-in-law answered, and within minutes, I knew I’d made the right decision!  Relief flooded my soul, and I quickly canceled those beach reservations without a thought.  For whatever the reason, I’m supposed to visit with my brother this weekend, I know it in my heart.

I wasn’t sure what Ed would say, but when he got home,  he said he was glad that we were going for a visit!  He said they’d been on his mind lately, too.  Isn’t that something?!

We’ll only be staying one night, which means I won’t be leaving my herd of animals unattended for very long either, and that makes me happy–but wait,  there’s more…

Last night, Ed asked me how I would like it if he took next Thursday off from work, for my birthday.  He said he thought I might like to spend my birthday at the beach.  What a guy I married!  Of course, I said “Yes”.  The beach on a Thursday–no crowds, no loud rock bands, just us relaxing beside the ocean…  God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?

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  1. What a great sroty! Yes I believe you need to visit your brother and SIL. Go, have fun, visit, walk past your old house and take lots of pictures. Then on your birthday, enjoy the beech. Sounds wonderful.

  2. Glad you figured out what you really needed to do :o)

  3. Yes I do believe in divine intervention. I am so glad you changed your plans. Have a wonderful time and a fabulous birthday.

  4. Yes, I believe that God can speak to us through various means … including Wednesday Hodgepodge questions and niggling thoughts in the back of our minds. 😉 So glad you were able to discern just what you needed to do for your birthday … and that you still get some beach time (the BEST kind of beach time … quiet and relaxing).

  5. Yes, I believe in divine intervention. I used to wish He would give me a dramatic direction on decisions, but I have learned I have to pay attention. He guides me most often with gentle nudges.

  6. Proof that sometimes you just have to follow your heart. ♥

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