The Summer of 2012…

Summers come and go every year.  Some years summers are quite memorable, while some years they are not.  Sometimes summers are memorable for good reasons, while others are memorable for bad reasons.

The summer of 1972 was memorable because it was the summer Ed and I got married.  The summer of 1986 was memorable because our family discovered camping that year, and had loads of fun.  I remember the painful summer of 1994 when my doctor and I spent the entire summer trying to find the right combination of drugs to put my rheumatoid arthritis into remission, and I remember my mother dying during the summer of 1997.  The summer of 2007  found Ed and I busily finishing up the construction of our new home, while 2010 was the awful summer that our (now) daughter-in-law, Jennifer, discovered that she had cancer–then lost her mother,  just a few short weeks later.  Yes, some summers are more memorable than others!

The summer of 2012 will go down as a memorable summer for several reasons.  Summer 2012 started out with such fun and promise.  Ed and I  successfully grew our first  garden together, and we raised chickens for the first time in over thirty years!  We also celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary together.  Life was good–but then a few things changed…

Toward the end of June, things began to take a bit of a downhill plunge.  My daughter and I had a disagreement toward the end of June, and we haven’t been able to resolve the situation.  It’s complicated.  Unfortunately, our disagreement overshadowed the rest of the summer of 2012.    In addition, I’ve spent most of the summer being plagued by health issues that I can’t get totally resolved.  This, too, is complicated.  Both issues are so frustrating!  Why does life have to be so complicated at times?

I don’t know what the fall  of 2012 will bring, but I’m hoping and praying that things will get back on track one of these days.  I’ll be happy to put the summer of 2012 behind me and just move forward, even though I realize my summers are growing more scarce with each passing one.  How about you?  Will your summer of 2012 be a memorable one?  If so, why?

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  1. Issues with daughters seem to come and go. Take heart. It’ll resolve with time.

  2. Hold on to the reality that you and your daughter love each other, and God loves you both. From earlier posts it seems you and yours are a family of faith. A comfort to me in those painful “complicated” situations with loved ones has been that I know, if they are Christians, the same spirit of Jesus Christ abides in me and them. With prayer, communication continues at an unseen level through that spirit, even when verbal communication seems severed or, at best, strained.

    These thoughts come with tears for your pain and prayer for your relationships and health.

  3. 2012 will be special in my annals for reconnecting. In early July a friend I’d hung out with on my 20’s (who has been living in San Diego since 1974), came to spend a week with me. Then in late July I attended a huge Family reunion and not only reconnected with the living (42 cousins) but upon seeing an old photo of my grandmother and her sister in their youth, both of whom died decades before I was born, reconnected with my heritage (St Thomas Virgin Islands). Their beauty not only mesmerized me, but started me on what I know will be laborious research leading to( I hope) a fictionalized accounting of the complicated issues that divided them in their adult years after emigrating to NY. So hopefully I’ll look back and declare July 2012 as momentous!

  4. I’m sorry about the both the issues that tainted the summer of 2012 for you. I hope that both will become resolved for you soon. It’s so hard when moms and daughters don’t get along. God is still in charge, hand in there. I too have health issues that color this summer, I remind myself that God is still in charge.

  5. I’m sorry about the issue with your daughter. I’m sure that’s been painful but I know that love will find a way. I hope your health issues are also resolved soon. So sorry you’ve had so many worries this summer.

  6. I’m sorry that some of your memories of the summer of 2012 are not all happy ones. Praying that your situation with your daughter will find resolution and that your relationship will be restored … and that you can find relief from your health issues. {{hug}}

  7. I’m SO sorry about all of the “issues” that you’ve been dealing with. My prayers continue. ♥

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