A Little More “Girly” News…

You may have been wondering what’s been going on with “my girls”, since I know how much you love hearing about my adventures with them 🙂  If this is the case, today’s your lucky day!

“My girls”, aka the chickens, are doing great!  They’ve grown into some large, fine,  red hens, but I wouldn’t expect anything less since they are very well-fed!   I’ve yet to find anything that those six won’t eat!  Ritz crackers are their newest favorite snack.

All of the hens, with the exception of one,  are officially earning their keep by providing eggs.  I don’t know which hen isn’t laying yet, but I suspect it’s the runt of the bunch–the one I call “Lucy”.  Lucy has always been the smaller, weaker one in the bunch, but she’s always been a favorite of mine, simply because she’s the underdog.  Lucy is at the bottom of the pecking order.

When I say the hens are earning their keep, I mean they are really earning their keep!  Since the girls began laying, the last of July, they have already provided us with a grand total of one hundred and twenty-three eggs!  I’ve been gathering four to five eggs every single day.  I’m cooking eggs every day, plus giving eggs away, and I still have nearly four dozen left eggs in the refrigerator!   I’m sort of glad that only five hens are laying!  It doesn’t take many hens to keep a family supplied with eggs.

Not only has the number of eggs increased, the size of them has increased, too!  Look at the size of the egg in this photo!  If this egg was a human baby, it would be at least a ten pounder!   Ouch!  I’ll bet that egg will have two yolks, too–twins!

Gathering eggs has become quite a daily adventure!  Whenever I go out to greet “my girls” at eight o’clock each morning, there is usually an egg already waiting for me.  Someone likes to get an early start!  The huge egg in the photo was found in the nest yesterday morning!

I usually gather eggs twice a day.  I find it interesting that there are three different nests in the chicken house, but all of the hens insist on using the same nest!  Sometimes I see a line of hens waiting to get on the nest.   They remind me of a bunch of women waiting to get into the ladies room!

I have two options for gathering eggs. First of all, I can open a small door on the outside of the coop, and gain access to the eggs without actually entering the chicken coop.  This door opens up to reveal only the nests.  My other choice is to gather eggs from inside of the coop by reaching through the large side door of the chicken house, and into the nests. It’s a bit of a stretch to reach the nests this way, so I use a large, long-handled spoon to gather the eggs!  I like to add a little excitement to my day, so I usually take the spoon approach 🙂  I have to go inside of the coop to clean and feed anyway.

Recently, I’ve noticed one particular hen doesn’t seem to appreciate me taking the eggs out of the nest.  At first, I noticed her hopping into the chicken house whenever she saw me standing beside it.  She seemed to be watching what I was doing.  Then, one morning, I actually saw her trying to roll an egg out of the little bowl that I put the eggs in!    Even when I gather eggs from the back of the nests, that same hen watches and makes a fuss!  Every day she clucks, quacks, and acts quite disturbed when she sees me with eggs in my hands.  It’s actually sort of sad, and I’ll bet I’m going to have a difficult time with that one whenever she turns “broody”.

Broody is the term used for a hen who desires to sit on her eggs and hatch baby chicks.  Every day I tell old “Renny Henny” that she will never be able to hatch any of our eggs because we don’t have a rooster!  I don’t think she believes me.  You may recall that “Renny Henny” and I have butted heads before–over when it was time to go to bed…Visions of chasing that rebellious chicken all around the coop still dance in my head!

I’ll keep you posted on how things go!

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  1. I love this post about your girls! How fascinating! I never realized how many eggs the hens can produce…and so quickly! And, I love reading about the little personalities. Thanks!

  2. So glad your ladies are providing so many eggs. The one egg looks huge…ouch!

  3. Loved this update on your girls! That is one awesome egg count!

  4. Wow, it seems like they were fuzzy little chickens just yesterday.
    Your talking about gathering eggs reminds me of when I was quite young – about 3 or 4, my mother, father, & I used to vacation at a farm house in upstate NY. IT would be called a bed and breakfast today although stays were usually for a week and included lunch & dinner besides breakfast.
    I idolized Mrs Cary who owned the business with her husband, and used to be her shadow, as she called me, or a pest as my mother saw it.
    Anyway every morning I’d go with her to gather eggs and everyday my mother would shut her eyes in horror as I came bounding into the kitchen with an egg in each pocket. Never broke one – so there!

  5. My brother has chickens too. Love hearing about them.

  6. No progress on our chicken tractor here. I love hearing about your girls and the eggs are wonderful. I’ve noticed that the eggs we buy as large now are the same as the mediums we used to get. Extra large are actually what used to be large ones. So when a recipe calls for medium eggs, large ones will do. By the way, you could freeze the eggs I believe, if you broke them into a container and stirred the whites and yolks together as you would do scramble them. You might want to try that for when the girls go through their slacking period.
    Mama Bear

  7. I never thought chickens could be cute, but I’ll be darned if yours aren’t. LOL I’m sure the eggs they provide really helps out. 🙂

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