B-I-N-G-O and Bingo Was His Name-O…

Our family lost another furry friend this past weekend.  He was a black and white cat named Bingo, belonging to our oldest son and his family.   Bingo’s home was  just down the road from us, and he was my “grandcat”.

Nobody really knew where Bingo came from.  A couple of years ago, as a kitten, he just showed up at our son’s back door one day.  Since he “just showed up”, there was somewhat of an indecision about what to call him for a while.  The cat ended up with three names–Stupid ~ Toby ~ Bingo.  Name #1 was correctly descriptive, but quickly  got eliminated because it really wasn’t a very nice name.  Name #2 somehow just never quite seemed to fit, but “Bingo” seemed a perfect match–even if he was a cat!

We used to laugh and say that Bingo had nine lives because he sure lived a lifetime of adventure in just a couple of short years.  Some cats are just more prone to trouble.

Once, when he was still a relatively young cat, Bingo hitched a ride under Christina’s,  car, without her realizing it.  About a mile down the road, Bingo apparently fell out from under the car, and landed in the middle of the busy four-laned highway.  Christina didn’t actually see him, but heard the sickening “thud”.  When she returned home from church, and couldn’t find the cat, she knew what must have happened.  Bingo was nowhere to be seen along the highway, so we all assumed that he must have crawled off and died somewhere.

The days passed, and Christina decided to get another kitten to fill the void left by Bingo.  She chose another black and white kitty, and they named him “Spencer”.  Then, lo and behold, weeks later, just as mysteriously as the first time, Bingo showed up again!  He was very thin,  battered and scraped all over his head and tail,  but he was alive–and he’d found his way back home!

Bingo after his car accident

Because Bingo was so skinny after his accident, I began to make it a habit to carry dry cat food in my car, and often I’d drop an extra bowl full of food off to Bingo and Spencer on my way to town.   Before long, both cats began to run out into the road whenever they saw my car coming down the road.  Eventually, I stopped feeding them, for fear of accidentally running over one of them.

Bingo’s house is only about 1/4 of a mile from ours, and frequently he’d make his way down the dirt road to visit us.  I have more than a dozen cats of my own, so of course,  Bingo didn’t usually receive a warm welcome–with the exception of my black, bob-tailed cat named Suzie.  Suzie liked Bingo, and would often spend time with him.  The two became friends,  and Suzie would even help protect Bingo from some of our more aggressive cats.  Bingo didn’t really need Suzie’s help, he was small, but he could more than defend himself!  He was tough.

I was on my way to town, a couple of months ago, when I saw Bingo walking down our dirt road.  I noticed he was staggering, so I stopped my car and got out.  At that point, Bingo laid down near the edge of the road, and didn’t seem to be able to get back up.  His tongue was hanging out and he was panting for breath.  It was a hot day, and I wondered if he was having a heat stroke.  Bingo refused to let me near him, by snarling and growling at me.    Somehow, Bingo managed to make his way back home by that evening.  He wouldn’t eat for a time, and we all thought he was “on his way out”,  but  Bingo eventually overcame whatever his problem was.  Once again, he’d beaten the odds.

Sadly, Bingo wasn’t so fortunate this past weekend, when he wandered out onto the edge of the highway.  Bingo had thirty acres of land to wander in on our side of the highway, but I guess the grass just looked greener on the other side.  Doesn’t it always?

I was the one who spotted his lifeless body on the far side of the highway.  My heart sank when I saw him.  He was on the edge of the four-lane highway that runs beside his home.  Darn that highway!  It’s claimed far too many lives of our furry loved ones.

Bingo was laid to rest yesterday, in the pecan orchard, along with several others who have gone on before him.  Bingo will surely be missed, but he will never be forgotten!

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  1. Oh these stsories make me cry! Gone too soon and in such a hard way. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  2. What a lovely tribute to Bingo. We have had up to 6 kitties here that I would name, and feed both morning and night. A couple of them I was able to catch to take to the vet’s for neutering and for some shots. Now, I am down to 3 and they are the ones that seem to be the little sweethearts, happy to live around our house and agreeable to our pug. 3 of the kitties disappeared, one at a time, and I’m thinking that they wandered off to find some fun and a different food source. At least, it’s what I WANT to think. RIP Bingo! Marla Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 13:34:09 +0000 To: mfabiansc@hotmail.com

  3. Kathy, on a couple of instances you and I have been on the same page with our blog posts but this ime it’s downright spooky. Wait until you see my next post. Look for it on Thursday. Do-do-do-do (Twilight zone music)
    But more importantly, remember Bingo lives each time you laugh about some antic he was up to, or jam he got into.

  4. I am so sorry. ((HUGS))

  5. I’m SO sorry to hear about Bingo. My cat, Pippin, disappeared on St. Patrick’s Day. I rode to town with my friend, Barbie, and less than 30 minutes later when I got home – he was gone. I’m still grieving. I just can’t give up hope. Of all the cats I’ve had in my entire life – there was just something SO special about Pippin. My heart goes out to you about the loss of Bingo… 😦

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