Random Thoughts On A Rainy Tuesday…

I woke up to clouds and rain this morning.  After braving the sprinkles to feed the animals, I sat down at my computer to write a post.  It’s an hour later, and I still haven’t settled on a single subject to write on!  Too many things are rattling around in this brain of mine, so I’m just going to “go with it” and write what’s on my mind…

I’m currently in the midst of breaking in a new pillow.  This means I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in over a week!  My pillow has been a very important part of my life since I suffered with a herniated disc in my neck about ten years ago.  I’ve tried all kinds of pillows–from polyester fiberfill to memory foam, but about eight years ago I settled on feather pillows from pacificcoast.com.  The problem comes whenever it’s time to replace my pillow–usually about every four years.  It takes me a couple of weeks to get used to a new pillow.  In the meantime, I toss and turn, and sometimes have a stiff neck, along with a headache.

Speaking of headaches…I went to the grocery store yesterday!  If you don’t have a headache when you go in, you’ll definitely have one when you come out!  The “sale prices” are a joke these days.  The other day I paid one dollar and thirteen cents for one apple!  Unbelievable!  This past weekend I spent seventy dollars on pet food, at Wal-mart, and it won’t even last a month!

“My girls” are continuing to keep us (and our children’s families) well-supplied with eggs.  I’m keeping a total of the eggs they’ve given us, and as of yesterday, their total was 177 eggs–since the end of July.  Recently, I realized my chickens can see me whenever I’m standing near my kitchen window.  I kept noticing they’d be “excited” every time I looked out of the window at them.  Then I noticed they were only “excited”  when I was close to the window.  Their eyesight must be very good!

Sometime during the next few days, I hope I’ll be in the garden picking peas again.  I don’t ever remember picking peas in the fall before.  Mine and Ed’s parents never planted fall gardens, with the exception of some mustard or turnip greens.  I’m enjoying having something fresh to eat this time of the year, too, instead of just during the spring and summer.  In fact, I think it would be neat to have a small greenhouse, and be able to grow things year-round.  With the rising prices of food, I  just might have to look into this option!

Ed and I were feeding the goldfish the other day, when we caught a glimpse of many new fish in the pond.  In the fall, it’s always exciting to see the fry that hatched in the spring.  The babies always stay hidden until they grow large enough not to be eaten by older fish, which is usually in the fall.  Ed looked at me and casually asked, “Could you eat these if you had to?”  Ha!  Ed really knows how to spoil the moment.

Now that the weather is cooling off, I’m beginning to get concerned about how I’m going to stay warm in the fall and winter.  I’m still wearing sleeveless sundresses most of the time, due to these pesky health issues of mine.  These sleeveless dresses just aren’t going to fly when the temperatures  begin to drop!  Ed suggested that I find some thigh-high socks and a sweater!  He’s so funny!  I’ve ordered some longer dresses with sleeves.  I just hope these dresses fit when they arrive!  I’d really love to be able to wear slacks again.  Perhaps one of these days…

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  1. We’ve got rain today too and they’re saying high winds and possibly tornado warnings later. I grew up in this state and I don’t remember ever hearing tornado warnings until recently.

    Sorry you’re still not feeling right. I hope you find relief!

  2. Don’t tell the girls you’re sleeping on feather pillows.

    And in terms of keeping warm, since you’re wearing a long dress and no one can see – leg warmers add just the right amount of supplementary warmth – at least in my opinion, and I’m always cold.

  3. I’m with you on breaking in a new pillow. I’m so particular. I love mine mold-able. It’s a real headache to get one that conforms.

  4. We left the east coast a day early because of the severe weather threat … we didn’t want to drive through that so we left a day early to be far enough west when they hit. We drove through some rain … nothing horrible.

    I need a new pillow, too, but I’m awfully fussy about my pillows and dread the process of trying to find one and then trying to break it in.

  5. I need a new pillow myself, but I keep putting it off because I know how much trouble it’ll be to “break it in”…hope you get settled soon. 🙂

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