Hodgepodge Number 96…

I can’t believe another week has already passed!  I’m feeling so tired and overwhelmed these days, but tired or not, it’s time to take a break and join Joyce and friends for a weekly dose of “The Hodgepodge”.  Won’t you join us?  Here are the questions:

1. It’s a brand new month…share one thing you’re looking forward to in October.

I always look forward to the cooler weather, and seeing our grandchildren all dressed up in their Halloween costumes on Trick-or-Treat night.  Here’s a photo of two of the three,  from a couple of years ago:

2. Is chivalry dead? Explain.

I don’t think chivalry is dead, but it’s definitely dying!   My definition of chivalry is when a guy does something nice for a girl–like opening the door for her, or pulling out her chair– something you don’t see much of these days.  Everyone seems to be a lot more “self-centered” than they used to be.

3. On October 2, 1950 the Peanuts comic strip made its debut. Which character is your favorite? Which character is most like you? (Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Shroeder, Snoopy, Woodstock, or Pig Pen) If you need a description click here .

Snoopy has always been my favorite Peanuts character, but I think Lucy is probably the character who is most like me.  I’ve been accused of being “bossy” and “crabby” at certain times of my life… and I plead guilty as charged!  It was a hormonal thing.

4. What’s something you’re competitive about?

I don’t think I have a competitive bone within my body–where anything is concerned!

5. October is National Popcorn Popping Month…are you a fan? How do you like your popcorn?

Yes, I love popcorn–especially movie popcorn, with a small amount of butter.  It’s been ages since I’ve had any though.

6. When did you first realize the world is small?

The world is small?  Who knew!  I’ve only been to four of the states.  Seriously, I first realized it’s a small world when my husband, Ed, and I would be in various towns throughout our home state, and Ed always seemed to be running into someone he knew.  Then a few years later,  I began blogging, and met people from all over the place.  Suddenly the world seemed a whole lot smaller than ever before!

7. In terms of architecture, what’s the most beautiful building you’ve seen up close and in person?

I don’t have a particular building in mind, but I love old, large cathedrals.  I  also love those old, large, plantation-style homes that the south is so famous for.


My brother-in-law is home from the hospital, after spending ten days (part of it in ICU) in the hospital.  He’s been suffering from pneumonia, complicated by an abscess in the lung.  (The abscess burst, but after inserting a chest tube, fortunately, his doctor was able to drain most of the infection out without requiring lung surgery.)

My brother-in-law was sent home on Sunday with a PIC line because he’s required to take IV antibiotics every 6 hours for the next 3 weeks. His wife is a nurse, at a nursing home, who works the night shift.

My brother-in-law has been having to get up at 2:30 in the morning,  get in his vehicle, and drive 17 miles to his wife’s job.  She then has to come out to the parking lot, hook up and administer his IV therapy inside the vehicle because her employer won’t let her do it inside of the nursing home.  Afterward, he drives another 17 miles back home.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find this situation unacceptable on several levels?!  First of all, sending patients out of the hospital with a central line is just so wrong, but yet it’s standard medical practice these days.  Second of all, judging from how my brother-in-law looks, he hardly seems fit to drive at all, much less a 34 mile round-trip at two o’clock in the morning!  Last of all, I find it appalling that an employer would be so unaccommodating in a crisis.  I know there are probably rules and regulations, but the parking lot?  In the dark?  Really?

Prayers for this couple would be appreciated.

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  1. I agree with your assessment about the in-laws situatio, all around. Will keep praying.

  2. That is crazy what your poor brother is having to do! I’ve never heard of anything like it! Prayers being lifted up.

  3. Oh My Goodness! What a terrible situration for your BIL! I’msurprised that a home ealth nurse can’t come to the house to do this while the wife HAS to work! I sure would not to drive 34 miles at 2 in the morning! When does he sleep? Praying for them both.

  4. Wow. I agree that it doesn’t seem right to make your bro-in-law drive to get his treatment – in a parking lot! I hope he doesn’t develop complications from this “unique” treatment style & location. I pray he heals quickly and this doesn’t have to go on too long.

  5. Oh my word-that is awful! I will certainly be praying that’s resolved soon!

    The halloween picture is so cute : ) Is the little one a skunk? Cute costume!

  6. I really believe health care is dwindling. It is so expensive to keep someone in hospital these days and even though I am Canadian we have the same problem here. Before we travelled outside of Canada my husband and I made of visiting every province in Canada. I have probably been in more states than you and now that we are retired we will hope to see more. Get well wishes to your brother-in-law.

  7. Seems everybody is more concerned with the bottom line (money) than with people. It’s sad and wrong. But true. Your BIL’s situation is disappointing, but not surprising. I hope all will be well with him. We had the same answer to #3!

  8. Wow. That is kinda crazy. Will be praying…

  9. Popcorn. I like mine popped by shaking it in a covered pan on the stovetop. Lots of butter too.

  10. Sending many, many prayers their way. ♥

  11. Totally sending prayers for your Brother in Law!

    That is so crazy that the nursng home makes his wife do his IV in the car. Aren’t they part of the healthcare system? Doesn’t that make them look much worse than doing it in their building?

  12. That’s just crazy that there isn’t some better solution to the care for your BIL.

    Seems like you are the only Hodgepodger who doesn’t care for a lot of butter on popcorn … like me. 😉

  13. Yes I think Cathedrals are beautiful too.
    So sorry about your BIL. That is totally wrong on the hospitals part and on her boses part. I know if I was just getting over something like that the last thing I would want to do is drive! I will be praying for him.

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