Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Things I’m Positive I’ll Never Do…

I know the old cliché says, “Never say never”, and I’ve been known to eat my words more than a few times over the years, but there are a few things I’m absolutely, positively, sure I will never do.  Here they are:

I’ll positively never go bungee jumping!  I’ve always thought people who try this are nuts!  When I saw a woman on television, whose cord snapped during her jump–and landed her in the crocodile infested water below(and she lived to tell the tale, no less) I thought, What in the world was she thinking?  Yep, I’m more certain than ever, I will never go bungee jumping!

Speaking of jumping, I’ll never go sky diving either!  I’m terrified of high places.  I’ve never flown on an airplane, but I wouldn’t rule that out at some point–but jumping out of an airplane?  No way!  Forget that!  What in the world makes a person want to do such a thing?  The view from inside the airplane would suit me just fine!

I’ll never have a snake for a pet! With all of the cute, furry, warm-blooded creatures on this earth, I’ll never, in a million years, understand why anyone would ever want a snake for a pet!  Those little beady eyes…and that forked tongue, how can you love something that sticks out its tongue at you?!  In my opinion, the only good snake– is a dead snake.  End of discussion.

How about you, what’s something you’re absolutely, positively, sure you’ll never do?

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  1. I’m with you all of the above! They just look like I’m testing my life insurance policy! I would add to that list: chasing Tornadoes, swiming with tigers, and working as a spetic tank cleaner.

  2. I have always wanted to bungie jump and skydive but haven’t and won’t anymore, that’s for sure. I want a guarantee and that’s not available.
    No snacks for me either!

  3. I agree with you! No bungee jumping for me. No pet snake either!

  4. I’m with you on all 3. Never, no how, no way.

  5. I could list the same items. I would add to my #3, though, that I hold to live and let live with our native snake species. But not only do I not want a pet snake, I never, ever would voluntarily be anywhere near a venomous snake!

  6. I don’t know. I’ve done some things I thought I’d never do so I guess I’ll leave it open and decide on a case by case basis : ) Have a great weekend!

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