Just Another Monday…

Today is just another Monday, which is a good thing–especially after the weekend we had around here!  It was not a typical weekend!  However, it was  such an interesting weekend,  it’s going to take a couple of posts to explain all that went on around here!  Think “man hunt” and “construction project”– and check back for the details!

Right now, it’s time to join Heather for “About Me On Monday”.  Here are today’s questions:

1. How often do you shop for groceries? Do you shop in one place or many?

I used to go shopping every other week, and purchase two weeks worth of groceries at a time.  These days I usually shop weekly in order to pick up the sale items or to use weekly coupons.  I shop at several different places to find the best deals.  Groceries are so expensive, even the sale prices are high!
2. How old were you when you had your first taste of alcohol?

I think I may have been around age nine, when my mother made a “hot toddy” and tried to get me to drink some of it for a bad cold (and old home remedy).  After much coaxing, I tried one sip, but that was it!  Yuk!  I’ve been told that alcohol is “an acquired taste”–but it’s not a taste I care about acquiring!

3. How much TV do you watch?

I  average watching three to four hours of television during a twenty-four hour period.   We watch news shows most of the time, but I there are about four or five other shows that I  also enjoy watching.

4. How do you relieve stress?

My favorite way to relieve stress is to sit beside the ocean in a chair, but I have to travel at least 90 miles to do that!  When I’m at home I like to take a candlelight bubble bath and/or play music to relieve my stress.

My question for you is:

5.  Which carnival treat do you prefer–a bag of cotton candy or a candy apple?

(I love candy apples!)


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  1. I’d rather have the apple, but make mine a caramel apple please!

  2. I’d prefer a candy apple.

  3. I love carmel apples. This is the time of year for apples!

  4. I would take neither – I don’t care for all that sugar thank you. How about a nice cup of apple cider or hot cocoa! Looking forwarded to hearing about your weekend.

  5. If I have to choose between the two, I’ll go cotton candy; it’s all sugar, but it’s fat-free and actually pretty low in calories…but it’s still not what I’d call health-food! If I’m eating junk food at a carnival, I’ll go with caramel corn.

  6. I’m with you on #4 (except we have to travel 840 miles to our favorite beach!). Can’t wait to hear all about your weekend!

  7. I would prefer the apple too. I do however, have a wierd liking for fried Mars Bars…. Thanks for participating in the MQAM and hope to see you join in again next week.

  8. Candy apples are my favorite too!

  9. I would have a hard time choosing because I like both. I don’t get to a carnival very often anymore. I also like caramel popcorn.

  10. I used to shop once a week. Now I find I do it more often because we moved so close to a store. I really need to be more organized.

  11. I love the apples too.. but I have to have it cut into pieces….
    my favorite carnival treat though is funnel cake!

  12. Apples, no alcohol and that or a little less on TV time for me. My hubby does the grocery shopping in one big weekly trip and maybe occasional dashes to pick something up when “on the way” somewhere else!

  13. Well, I’ve spent too much on my teeth to eat a candy apple and I’m not much of a fan of cotton candy….
    I like to do a big grocery shopping once a month or 6 weeks, then get the specials and milk once a week. Week before last Publix had coffee for half off, I couldn’t pass that deal up. I bought 6 and should have bought 10. Some buys are just too good to pass up, others not so good.
    Mama Bear

  14. As much as I do love cotton candy I think I like a carmel apple more!
    We do all of our shopping at Costco about every 5 week or so and then I pick up some extra things needed each week at Target. I love their food section, it has just what I need!

  15. I’ll take the cotton candy – even though I can’t tolerate that much sugar anymore!

    Popped in from Monday Quiz About Me.


  16. Candy apple please! Or better yet, caramel apple, yum!

  17. I prefer a carmal apple–don’t like cotton candy. Alcohol is not a taste I want to acquire either.


  18. I prefer the Cotton Candy. The other is even more sticky.

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