Thursday’s Thoughts ~ The Weekend Manhunt…

Last weekend’s manhunt began on Wednesday, with the arrest of a man, in connection with a probation violation and multiple burglaries.  The arrest turned into a manhunt after the suspect managed to give the authorities “the slip” before actually making it to jail.  (The suspect crawled out of the bathroom window, when allowed to use the restroom unattended.)  Suddenly the hunt was on!

Our town is small, and word spreads quickly.  The fugitive is a local man, who also belongs to a prominent, well-respected family in the area.  Soon Facebook was all abuzz–and we all know, sometimes this is not a good thing.

On Wednesday, the search for the suspect had begun many miles from where we live. It continued on through Thursday evening, searching wooded areas with tracking dogs, which the suspect somehow managed to elude.

By Friday morning, it was rumored that the suspect had obtained a smart phone, and had been able to keep up with the search through Facebook.  By then he’d also broken into a home, took a shower, and cooked himself a hamburger.

Imagine our surprise, when scores of police cars began streaming into our little community late Friday afternoon!  We soon learned the suspect was in our area!  They even brought in a helicopter!  The frantic search took place just over a mile from our house!  (Once again, Facebook had a busy night.)  After several unsuccessful hours,  the search was called off for the evening.  I don’t know about other Gooseneck residents, but our family locked up, lit up, and slept with one eye open!

The next day we learned the suspect had broken into three different businesses/residences of our neighbors after the search was halted!  He took everything from Gatorade to a four-wheeler–even some gasoline to put in the four-wheeler!

The fugitive then moved to the north side of us, just a few miles down the road, and stole a pickup truck on the following day.  The authorities had no idea where the suspect was headed after that.

The last we heard, the truck had been found in Brunswick, a city about 80 miles away!  Whew, finally we can start to breathe easy again.  So much for our relaxing weekend at home!  We’ll try again tomorrow…

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a Hollywood movie! Rather scary though…and interesting how social media helped/hindered the case.

  2. Wow! That’s scary. For me, something like that is out where you live is scarier than it would be in the city because you’re out there on your own whereas in the city there’s always someone close by.
    And they still didn’t catch him, huh? Speaking of the big city – he could be anywhere by now.
    Glad the safety and sanctity of your home wasn’t violated.

  3. Oh my goodness…I hope they catch him!

  4. Good reason to keep our doors locked. Never know who might meander in.

  5. Oh my! That was too close for comfort, eh?

  6. Yikes! That was probably a little too close to home, eh?

    When we went for free movie night at our drive ins, when we came home the campus (our church, and school, then we live on the edge of the property) was covered with police cars with their lights on and cops everywhere. When we got home we were told we missed all the excitement and that it was over they were just looking for something the guy dropped. Apparently, so guy beat up his girlfriend and when she called the cops he ran from the police. Our gym is rented late at night from a group of guys who like to play soccer. They suspect ran into the gym and the soccer guys didn’t even notice! Not even when the cops ran in and tackled him.

    I’m glad we weren’t home because we had a hard enough time getting the kids to sleep until I looked up a local website and proved that the man was indeed arrested and not lurking out in the dark somewhere.

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