Welcome Back Hodgepodge…

After a brief hiatus, due to hurricane Sandy, the Hodgepodge is back!  Kudos to Joyce for taking the time, and making the effort to host this great meme, even though we all know life in her “neck of the woods” is far from normal.  You know the drill, copy and answer the questions, then link up over at Joyce’s place.  Visit as many participants as you can, and have a good time!

Here are this week’s questions:

1. What rule of life should never be broken?

Never intentionally hurt your loved ones.

2. What’s your favorite family recipe?

My Aunt Ruth’s pecan pie recipe.  It’s the best I’ve ever tasted.

3. Is the media manipulative?

Yes, very much so!  Case in point–last week’s presidential election, and its outcome.  Can I just take a moment and rant about our news media and the events currently flooding the airways?!  It’s amazing how many secrets are being disclosed– now that the election is over!  Perfect timing, I’d say.

4. Hubs and I saw Skyfall last weekend…are you a fan of the Bond films? If so, who’s your favorite Bond?

I’ve never been a huge fan of Bond films, but I do like Pierce Brosnan.

5. What is one thing you hope people never say about you?

That I wasn’t a good wife or mother.

6. What’s a nearby tourist attraction you’d like to see, but haven’t gotten around to visiting?

I’d like to take a guided tour of historical (downtown) Savannah, Ga.

7. Where’s your favorite tree?

It’s located in my living room, and it’s called “the year-round tree”.  It’s technically an artificial Christmas tree which I decorate (with everything from hearts to turkeys) each month to correlate with events or holidays.  My favorite “real tree” is located in our oldest son’s yard.  It’s a sycamore tree that we brought home from my brother’s yard in Florida.  That tree was just a twig when we brought it home, but it’s now grown into a very large, beautiful tree!

Random:  About that baked ham…

Recently, I ran into a situation that I’ve never encountered during my 40+ years of cooking.  A while back, I purchased a ham and put it in the freezer.  I thawed it out to bake for Ed’s birthday dinner on Sunday.  When I unwrapped the ham, I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the way it smelled, but convinced myself it was just a “strong-smelling” piece of meat.  I prepared the ham for cooking, then put it on to bake.  As the ham began to bake, it began to smell even stronger!  I let the ham finish cooking, but sent Ed to pick up some fried chicken for his birthday dinner.  I’m not sure what the problem was with that ham, but I certainly wasn’t going to serve it to Ed or our guests!  All was not lost though, our two dogs will be enjoying baked ham for supper every night this week!   So far, I haven’t heard any complaints from them.

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  1. The Ham story made me smile. Been there, done that! Thank goodness for dogs.

  2. A Christmas tree – of course! Why didn’t I think of that?

  3. A very nice set of Hodgepodge answers. The Christmas tree answer was awesome! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Ooh, I’ll gladly join you on the historical tour of Savannah! I would LOVE that! My husband and children would roll their eyes into oblivion. 😉 Wish I lived closer… we’re moving to CA the week before Christmas. Hmmm…

  5. I haven’t heard any of the “secrets” now that the election is over … but then I don’t watch a lot of the news because I can’t trust any of the sources for objective coverage. Guess I’d better go do some research.

    Love your answer to #5. That’s a wish of mine as well.

  6. I would love a historical walk in Savanah Ga.too

  7. I love your answer to #5-I agree. Happy Birthday to your hubs…I’m way behind on reading blogs but there is just too much life happening at the moment. I will eventually catch up. I think. : )

  8. My husband loves pecan pie, but I’ve never gotten the hang of making one. Maybe I’ll try again for Thanksgiving … or not! : )

  9. I once made chili that was so hot that my kids said to give it to the dog because “Sami will eat anything.” Even Sami wouldn’t touch it.

  10. You must go to Savannah! I’ve been there a couple of times and I’d still go back in a heartbeat! So much history and so much to see and do! It’s beautiful beyond compare!

  11. I wonder what was wrong with the ham?? I wouldn’t feel comfortable serving something that didn’t smell right either.

  12. Love the idea of decorating your tree in the living room-
    Glad all turned out for you on the dinner.

  13. I’m with you on #3: Very suspicious, indeed!
    Weird about the ham.

  14. i went to savannah once and just had a horrible experience (due to my boyfriend at the time) so i really need to go back and enjoy it!! i lived in charleston for a year and loved it.

  15. I think dogs have strong stomachs 😉

  16. I love the idea of an all year round tree! I think I’m going to have to implement that in my next home. I love relaxing under the lights of the Christmas tree. Such a nice feeling!

  17. Pierce Brosnan was a great Bond. Sorry about that ham, hope the dogs are okay 🙂

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