Oh No, Say It Isn’t So!

You may (or may not) recall that my laptop computer died about three weeks ago.  Actually, I still recall it all too well!  I remember the pain in my head becoming more intense by the minute, while I shopped for a laptop on-line!  I had no idea what specifications to look for, and the item descriptions might as well have been written in Latin!

I kept coming back to a small, inexpensive, laptop among the weekly featured items on Best Buy’s website.  I wasn’t familiar with the name brand (Lenovo) so I asked our oldest son about it.  He told me it’s the brand used on the university campus where he works as a computer support specialist.  I figured if it was good enough for GSU, it’s good enough for me!

Our youngest son is also somewhat of a computer whiz, so I called him on Friday morning to get his opinion on the computer, before Ed and I made the 60 mile trip to Best Buy that afternoon.  As luck would have it, Brad was off from work, and actually offered to go along with us to Best Buy!

We bought the computer, Brad helped me get it set up, and gave me a few pointers on how to use Windows 8.  Some of the features of Windows 8 sort of boggle my weary mind, but so far, I’ve been able to do what I need to do.

With the computer issue settled, you’d think all would be well in our household, as far as electronics are concerned, right?  Wrong!  The 55 inch flat screen television that we purchased two years ago, recently decided to start “having issues”.  Say it isn’t so!  You may (or may not) recall what an ordeal we went through in purchasing this television.  The shopping experience was so stressful, it earned its own post HERE!

Folks, it looks like we may be in for another “television ordeal”!  Fortunately, I had the good sense to purchase an extended warranty for the television when we bought it, and fortunately, it’s still in effect!  On Wednesday morning, the repairman informed me that the problem with our television is going to be so expensive to fix (a bad panel), that the warranty company will most-likely do a “buy out”.  I’m not exactly sure what this means, or how it works, but I guess I’ll find out soon!

In the meantime, the repairman has our television, and Ed and I are watching our old 36″ television from eight years ago (that we borrowed back from Brad!)  We started out trying to watch the 32″ tv from our bedroom, but I couldn’t see it, and Ed couldn’t hear it!  What a couple of old farts we’ve turned into!

Update!  The warranty company called me yesterday afternoon.  They are shipping us a new television, and it should be here within 7-10 days.  It’s comparable  (in size and features) to our old television, but isn’t the same brand, which they said wasn’t currently available.  To the average person, this wouldn’t matter, but I’m extremely “picky” about televisions, so I’m cautiously optimistic.   I sure hope this ends well!  One thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely be purchasing an extended warranty for the new television!

The warranty lady told me that we could just keep our old television, too!  It still works (for the moment),  it just has some “issues”.  Unfortunately, it’s at the repair shop thirty miles away.  If we want it, we either have to go get it, or pay the repairman to bring it back.  It’s funny how they pick them up for free, but charge to return them.  Ed’s still thinking about that one…

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  1. We have had so many issues with large screens, but yes I miss it when its gone. They are probably causing us to go deaf and blind:)

  2. I’m glad that you were able to figure out what laptop to buy and that your computer support (aka oldest son) was able to get you up and running.

    Oh no, on the TV! They should last longer than 2 years!?!?! Hoping that the replacement will be perfect!

  3. I do remember the post about the TV.
    My advise about computers is buy a brand you trust. Anytime we upgrade to a new version of Windows, it seems so foreign to me but after a few months, I don’t even notice the difference. Honey Bear and I both have HPs.
    We have not upgraded to flat screens. We have 4 of the obsolete type which are serving us well at the moment.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Mama Bear

  4. Well, you sure have been having issues with electronics this year! I think as much as this stuff cost, it should last longer than 2 years!! I hope the new TV works for you.

  5. Oh my. Two years is a short time for a modern TV to last. I wonder if the whole batch of them had some kind of defect, and you and Ed are not the only ones. That might explain how quickly the warranty company resolved it in favor of a new TV. It might also explain why the make and model you had was “no longer available.”
    Enjoy your new laptop. You’re ahead of me withWIndows 8. I was just given a new computer at work and it has Windows 7 which took a couple of days to get used. to. My laptop here at home runs on Windows Vista

  6. Sounds like you should be all set for awhile with the new computer and a new TV coming. Hope you like the one they send you 🙂

  7. Well! Having two computer gurus in the family and close by is certainly another blessing you can put on your Thanksgiving list! Have a blessed one full of joy!

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