Home Sweet Home…

Decades ago, I was blessed to become the mother of three wonderful children, all of whom are now grown and married.  Believe it or not, over the years, none of my off-spring ever really moved away–until now.  All went to college within driving distance, and continued to live at home, or with Ed’s mom.  Our daughter moved “just down the road” to her own home in 1998, while  our oldest son married in 2006, and moved seven miles away, to an apartment in town.  He was gone for just over a year and a half, and couldn’t wait to move back to the family farm as soon as an opportunity presented itself.

Our youngest son, Brad, moved out at age twenty, and went to live with Ed’s mom.  He needed room to stretch his wings, and she needed help around the house.  Brad lived with her for approximately five years, until her health began to fail.  He was a great help to her (and us) throughout those years.  When Mema was no longer able to live at home, she went to live in a personal care home.  Brad has continued to live in her home for two years, with Mema’s blessings. It was the  home where Brad and his new wife, Jennifer, began their marriage in June of 2011.

There once was a time when Brad dreamed of having his own home on the family farm, but things happen and dreams change–or to quote Brad, “Life gets in the way.”  His new wife, Jennifer, didn’t share Brad’s dream of living on the family farm, and instead had a craving for life in the city where she works as a nurse.   Thus began their quest to pay off debts, then save up for a down payment on a house.  Jennifer has been house-hunting almost as long as the couple has been married, and we all knew this day would eventually come.

The day finally came, a couple of  months ago, when the couple decided to make an offer on a small, two-story house near the city.  The first home fell through, but another soon took its place.  Brad and Jennifer closed on their first house two days before Thanksgiving–and moved two days after!  Here is a photo taken of the couple in front of their new home on the day they purchased it. (the photo was taken with Brad’s phone, while it was propped on their mailbox, which explains the angle!)

Jennifer’s commute to work will be much shorter now, while Brad’s will be longer, depending on what town he’s working in.  They are located only about an hour’s drive away from us, but somehow when I ride by Ed’s mom’s empty house, it seems so much farther to me.

You know, it’s funny how life repeats itself.  I remember another young wife who once couldn’t wait to get to the city. That was over forty years ago, and the young wife was me!  Oh how I loved the opportunities and adventures the city offered, and I enjoyed living and working there, too–for a while.  Eventually city adventures and the hustle-bustle  grew old, and thoughts of a quiet life on the family farm beckoned us home.  It was the best move we ever made!

Of course, I wish Brad and Jennifer the best, and I hope both will very happy in their new home in the city.  I hope they take advantage of, and will enjoy all of the opportunities that living in the city provides.  However, I’d be lying if I didn’t say–I’m secretly hoping, after a few years, they will tire of city living, and find their way back home.

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  1. What a cute house! I hope one day I live within an easy drive of my girls.

  2. Look at it this way. Since they’re only an hour away, you and Ed can visit and have adventures in the city.
    But I know it’s hard – I’d barely been a bride 2 weeks when I was uprooted from NY and “Shipped out” to California. My dream was always to move back to NY. It took 15 years but I did it.
    So you never know – Brad and Jen just may come back.

  3. I have 2 kids that I have to board a plane to see, and 1 less than a block away. I wish they’d move “home” but they have to live their own lives. (darn!)

  4. I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have them move away. While an hour away may not seem like a great distance, it can seem a lot further after having been just minutes away. I have been blessed that my daughter and her family have never been further than 20 minutes total from my house. I have to be honest and say that I pray that my DSIL won’t be presented any transfer opportunities … unless that opportunity would be in a city near/on the beach. 😉

    Praying for you, dear one.

  5. It’s a lovely home. I wish them happiness.

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