Sixty-three Years Ago…

Sixty-three years ago, today, someone very near and dear to my heart entered this world.  His name is Edward, and he’s been my “better half” for over forty years.

Edward’s mom says he weighed in at ten pounds, but says she hardly had any labor pains at all!  Having given birth to a ten pound son of my own, I find her birth story simply amazing!

Baby Edward was born with his mom’s blue eyes and some blonde curly hair.   Today he still has those blue eyes, but his curly brown hair began to turn to a beautiful shade of gray at an early age–a family trait he’s passed on to some of our three children.

I still call him “Edward”, most of the time, but somewhere along the way, my “Edward” began to be known to most people as “Ed”, or sometimes,  just plain old “E”.  E is the name he is called by our grandchildren–short for “E-pa”.

Believe it or not, Ed ended up following in his mother’s footsteps by first serving in the military, then choosing a career in the healthcare industry.  She served in the military as a young woman, then later in life became a nurse in a doctor’s office, while Ed served in the military, and became a radiology technologist.  Ed also became an EMT (emergency medical technologist).  Eventually, Ed became a “Director of Radiology”, and has served in that capacity for many years.

In addition to serving his country, and helping the sick, Ed has spent his life being a kind and devoted son, husband, and father.  He’s always been there for all of us, through the good times and the bad.  He’s truly one-in-a -million, and we’re all blessed to be able to have Ed in our lives.

Those three candles, on the cake in the photo, represent a lot of great years, but I certainly hope to see a lot more great birthdays still to come for Ed.  We’re hoping retirement will be sometime in the not-too-distant future, too.  Perhaps, once retirement day finally comes, Ed can relax and devote some time to himself, and doing what he enjoys most in life, instead of constantly serving others.

Happy Birthday, Ed!

*This is my 1000th post!


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Monday, Monday…

It’s Monday again!  Man, the weekend sure went by in a flash!  As always, I’m kicking off a new week by joining Heather for her meme “About Me Monday”.  Here are this week’s questions, along with my answers, followed by a very quick recap of the weekend:
1. What is your favorite kind of soup?
My favorite kind of soup is homemade vegetable beef soup, served with  hot cornbread!  I especially enjoy making it with home-grown vegetables–and I just made some a few days ago!
2. When was the last time you saw snow?
Sadly, we don’t get snow here in the south very often.  The last time we had enough snow to stay on the ground was in February of 2010.  It didn’t begin snowing until after dark, and most of it melted by noon the following day.  As a result, most our snow activities, and the photographs of them, took place at night!
3. What is a must have trait if someone is going to live with you?
Probably lots of patience.
4. Who was your favorite James Bond? 
I’ve never been a fan of James Bond movies, but I do like Pierce Brosnan!
My question for you is:
5.  Who cooks the turkey for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner?
With the exception of a couple of years, the turkey task has been my responsibility for somewhere around twenty years.
The weekend wrap up:
It was a very busy weekend at our house, so I am beginning the week tired.  I won’t take time to tell you the details, but I will tell you that our weekend involved traveling out of town to get a new laptop, looking at someone’s new house, eating out, doing some grocery shopping, and hosting a birthday dinner!  No wonder I’m tired today!  There are a lot of things I want to document here, but today I have to clean up a bit, and get ready for visitors.  Our two little grandsons are coming for a visit while their mama goes to an out-of-town appointment.  I’ll be back tomorrow!
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Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Searching For Better Days

It has not been a good week in our neck of the woods.  First of all, my lap top died on Sunday night while I was trying to check my email.  I’ve spent the better part of this week trying to decide what kind of laptop to replace it with.  I’m not tech-savy and this chore is making my head want to explode!  Sitting in this computer chair (at the desk top) for hours on end is making my behind sore, too.  Computing from recliner is much more comfortable.

After four months of suffering, two rounds of medication by mouth,  taking probiotics twice daily, and two months of topical applications–my problem with overgrowth of yeast persists.  I’m ready to scream!  The weather here has turned cold, and wearing free-flowing dresses is not comfortable–but neither is wearing slacks.  It’s a “no-win” situation.  I’m currently on round three of Diflucan–and I sure would appreciate prayers.  My doctor says sometimes yeast can be difficult to get rid of.  No kidding!

Honeybun, our aging and paralyzed rabbit continues to grow worse.  Ed and I have both been working hard to keep him as comfortable as possible until the end, but the inevitable has happened to him.  He’s developed a “bedsore”, or as Ed would say in medical terms– a decubitus ulcer.  Bedsores are caused by pressure from staying in the same position for a long period of time.  They are horrific things– maggots actually get in them to eat the rotting flesh, but Ed explains to me that this is actually a good thing.  In the past, there have been cases where maggots were actually put in the bedsores of people to clean them out!  Enough said about that!

Last but not least, I couldn’t help but feel a sad and sinking feeling on Tuesday evening, as I watched the election results.  I was hoping and praying for a turnaround for our country, but alas, it was not to be.  The majority of voting Americans apparently approve of the direction our country is heading, but I’m afraid most don’t have a clue of what direction that truly is.  A couple of quotes keep running through my mind…”poor choices have consequences” and “you reap what you sow”…

Like the title of this post says, I’m searching for better days.  Hopefully, I’ll find them lurking somewhere just around the next bend of life!

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A Few Things I Recently Learned…

My helpers  

(I was sitting in this chair just before I got up to take this photo of my helpers.)

Six months ago, when Ed built the chicken coop for “my girls”,  it seemed like there would be plenty of room for them.  All of that changed, as those chickens continued growing bigger and BIGGER!  *Lesson learned–chickens grow large in a hurry, and happy chickens require lots of space to scratch and roam!

Our chickens have more than the “recommended” space in their pen (at least 2 square feet per bird), but my girls seemed to become more crowded by the day.  Besides, I’d like enough room to be able add to my flock at a future date.  (If six hens are fun, wouldn’t twelve be twice as nice?)  I cautiously suggested to Ed that I’d like for him to enlarge the pen.

Three weeks ago, Ed began enlarging our chicken coop!  We more than doubled our exsisting space.  While Ed and I were working on our newest project, I began taking mental notes of a few things I learned along the way, which I will share with you now.

*These days, it takes three weeks to accomplish the same amount of work that we used to get done in two weeks.  We’re either becoming slower, or becoming  perfectionists!  Guess which is closer to the truth. 🙂

*It’s much easier to paint the outside of a chicken coop before the chicken wire is put on!  Actually, I learned this while building the original coop,  but after we added on, I was left with a few old wire-covered areas to paint. After numerous attempts to get a paintbrush to reach in between the wire-covered wood spaces, I got the idea to mix some paint with water, then spray it on with a spray bottle.  It worked like a charm!

*Speaking of chicken wire–it’s not an easy thing to work with!  Poultry wire has to be pulled, stretched, and stapled in two different directions–all while trying to avoid being pierced by its sharp edges!  Poor Ed got pierced more than once during the process, but he did a good job!

*It is very difficult to drill a screw into treated lumber!   One of my jobs was to hold the boards in place while Ed drilled in the screws.  We completely wore out our old drill!  Fortunately, I’d bought Ed a brand new one for Father’s Day!

My second job was to  paint the wooden structure of the chicken coop–and paint I did–with the help of six very curious hens surrounding me at all times!  Which leads me to the next thing that I learned…

*Painting in a coop, while surrounded by six curious hens is like painting with small children!  Most, if not all,  of “my girls” managed to get paint on themselves…

See the gray paint on her comb?

Those chickens pecked, poked, and prodded every square inch of me and my tools during the painting process!  Fortunately, the stripes down the sides of my Capri pants were well-attached, as were the buttons on my shirt!  Unfortunately, the label on the paint can didn’t fare as well…Did you know that chickens will eat paper?

The last thing I learned is *All hens don’t lay their eggs quietly.  Let me tell you, there were some strange sounds coming from inside that hen-house at certain times!  Have you ever heard a chicken growl or moan?  It’s not something I’ll soon forget, and from now on, I’ll feel really guilty when I pick up those eggs…sort of like I’m stealing a baby from the maternity ward 🙂

After a mere three weeks, Ed and I finished our latest home project.  Here’s the finished result.  It’s spacious, and the color of it matches our house!  There are two entrances, with a small door located in the middle, so we can divide the pen  if we decide to add new baby chicks in the future.

“The girls” seem to approve, and are enjoying their new space!

Their egg count, so far?  As of yesterday–405 eggs!

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About Me (and a few other things) On Monday…

     Happy first Monday in November, everyone!  Can you believe it?!  Less than three weeks until Thanksgiving,  less than twenty-four hours until Election Day, and it’s now been over a week since hurricane “Sandy”.  There’s so much going on, it is making my head spin!
     Many people affected by “Sandy” still don’t have electricity!    I’m from the south, and I just can’t imagine being without electricity when it’s near freezing outside!  I’m praying that the situation for the people in those affected areas improves soon.  Thank goodness the governor of NY cancelled  the weekend marathon, after receiving so much criticism for trying to have it!   For a while I was wondering if the world had completely gone crazy.
     Speaking of crazy–How about those L-O-N-G early voting lines in some of the swing states?  Wow!  Something is definitely going on!  I guess in a few hours we’ll get more of an idea of exactly what it is.  I will take several things away from this election–(1) How polarized our country has become, (2) How different the presidential candidates and their political rallies are (3) How varied the versions of current events are in today’s news media.  Wow!
     It was another busy weekend around our house.  We began the weekend with a family (pizza) get-together on Friday evening.  Those are always nice, and it had been quite awhile since we’d had on.  These days, our children and their families fill up the entire dinner table, so Ed and I have moved over to the kitchen bar to eat.  It’s a beautiful sight to see such a big family, and know that it all began with Ed and me!  We don’t mind giving up our seats one bit.
     As for the rest of the weekend, I’ll save that until tomorrow.  For now, I’m going to join Heather for her Monday meme.  Here are her questions:
1. What is your favorite thing about November?
My favorite things about November are celebrating Thanksgiving with our family, then decorating for Christmas the weekend afterward.
2. What was the last thing that you bought that you regretted soon afterwards?
A while back, I ordered several  inexpensive “house dresses”  from an internet company.  The only way to return the dresses is through the mail, and we all know how expensive postage is!  Even though some of the dresses didn’t fit as well as I would have liked, I kept them rather than spend money for postage.  The good news is the dresses didn’t cost much, and I won’t be wearing them anywhere other than the house, so all is good.
3. What is your go to snack food?
As awful as it is, I prefer something “sweet” for a snack.  A cookie, a scoop of ice cream, or a couple of pieces of candy will usually satisfy my “sweet tooth”, and  hold me over until mealtime.
4. Do you believe that newspapers should charge for their online content? 
It doesn’t seem right to have to pay to read something on the internet.  I guess I’m old-fashioned.
My question for you:
5.  Would you stand in line for six hours to vote?
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What In The World…

(image from Google)

I’ve been glued to the images of the aftermath of hurricane Sandy for two days.  My mind can’t fathom the devastation or heartbreak those people are enduring.  My heart and prayers go out to all of them.  The stories appear to be turning uglier by the hour, as people’s survival instincts begin to kick in and they do what they feel they must do to survive.  No homes, no gas, no food, no electricity equals a lot of chaos and misery!  Yet, the New York Marathon will go on this weekend!  What?!  This is a crazy world that we are living in!  It would seem to me,  that now would be a perfect time to postpone such an event.

Speaking of a crazy world–I sat in awe, last night, watching a television special entitled “The Machine”, concerning voter fraud.  In the words of Charlie Brown, “Good grief!”  As evidenced by the show, these incidences have been going on for years, but just seem to be growing in number over time.  What is happening to our country?

Ed and I took advantage of early voting for the first time this week.  Fortunately, there was no line, our ballots were short, and we didn’t feel pressured.  We checked and rechecked our choices before casting our ballots–and it’s a good thing as voters in some states have been reporting machines “defaulting” to a particular presidential candidate, even though they didn’t vote for him!

Then, of course, there’s the problem of our news media!  We can no longer depend on them to bring us accurate news.  I’ve never been more disgusted with news reporting, than I am right now.  Thank goodness, for those rare individuals who are still willing and able to deliver the truth, and thank God for the internet!  If the government gets its hooks any deeper into the internet, we’re all screwed!  It’s our only reliable resource for “unfiltered” news.

I don’t know what the answers for all of these problems are–other than prayer.  In times of trouble, I hang on to three little words, “God is able”.  I find comfort in knowing that God is in control.  He has a plan.  I’m thankful I’m a believer, and have this knowledge to comfort me in times of trouble.  I will continue to pray…

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This ‘N That On Thursday…

Today I don’t have the time or energy to concentrate on one particular subject, so I’m going to just let my thoughts run wild.  Sometimes it’s just easier that way! So much has been going on lately, I seem to meet myself coming and going.

First of all, let me mention that “the manhunt” is officially over!  Thank goodness! We heard that the guy was arrested in Florida.   Tales of his of this guy’s “time on the run” are still being told, and it’s a sure bet that he won’t soon be forgotten around here!

I hear a hen cackling in the distance, telling me there’s another egg in the nest!  We continue to get four to five eggs every day.  We’ve been keeping everyone around us supplied with eggs for over two months, and those crazy red hens continue to make me laugh every day!  Our recent “construction project” concerns those crazy red hens…more on that a little later.

I have an appointment for my yearly mammogram in a couple of hours.  Oh how I look forward to that experience–Not!  There’s nothing quite like having “those babies” squished as flat as a pancake.  The technician never has to tell me to “hold my breath” because my breath has already been taken away from the pressure…

Our elderly, paralyzed rabbit, Honeybun, is still with us.  We’ve been scrambling to keep him as clean and comfortable as possible.  I thought he’d be “gone” by now, but this hasn’t been the case.  Honeybun sleeps most of the time, but his appetite is still pretty good when he’s awake.  Ed and I have given him three baths in the past month–which he does not enjoy!

Gardening has all but ended around here–with the exception of Ed’s patch of mustard greens.  He replanted greens, for the third time, a couple of weeks ago!  Who knew growing greens could be such a challenge?!  We still have some tomatoes growing, believe it or not!  I picked the first ripe ones,  just last week!

Halloween is now a fading memory.  All three of our grandchildren stopped by to let us see them, and to pick up their “goodies” from us. I don’t have my pictures uploaded yet, so I can’t share photos yet.  We had a “cowgirl”, a “farmer” and a “duck” this year.

The passing of Halloween means it’s time for me to take down the decorations for that, and put out the Thanksgiving decor.  It will be a mad scramble for me to get it out, and enjoy it for a couple of weeks.  Christmas is lurking right around the corner!  Where does the time go?

Speaking of time, I have to go.  I have to leave for my appointment in less than two hours, and I haven’t even had breakfast yet–and neither has any of my pets! I’m out of here–have a great day!

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