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Acting Balanced

I hope it’s a happy Monday for you, I’m still trying to decide about mine.  I’m thankful that Thanksgiving came early this year, so I’ll have more time to get ready for Christmas– ’cause it’s slow going here.  I’m getting ready, but it’s at a slower pace than usual–probably because I keep taking so many blogging breaks!  Speaking of blogging–I think it’s time to link up with “Monday Quiz About Me”!

1. When was the last time you had your picture taken with Santa?

Actually, I had my picture taken with Santa (at Bass Pro Shop) last Christmas–along with my daughter and granddaughter.  We thought it would be neat to have a “3 generations” picture made with Santa.  I’m the lady in the red top.

12-20-2011 1;50;18 PM 3 generations with Santa

2. Which do you prefer – ham or turkey?

I prefer turkey, probably because we don’t have it very often.

3. Do you give more to charity in December?

Sometimes, but not always, it just depends on what’s going on.

4. Which US City would you most like to visit and why?

I think I’d most like to visit Miami, Florida, because of its close proximity to the Florida Keys.

My question for you:

5.  Do you enjoy watching Christmas movies?  If so, what’s your favorite one?  

I love watching Hallmark Christmas movies!  There are so many good ones, I can’t pick a favorite, but among my favorites are “The Christmas Card”, “The Christmas Heart”, “Call Me Mrs. Miracle”,  and “A Christmas Visitor”.  I also enjoy watching National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” and “A Christmas Story” each year, as well.

Weekend Recap:

‘Tis the season, and it was a busy weekend around our house!  As I mentioned, I’m still working on getting up our Christmas decorations.  Ed and I finished putting up the outside decorations on Friday afternoon, but I’m still working on the inside decorations.  We had a lot of company on Saturday, then some shopping to do on Sunday, so the inside decorations have had to wait.  Today’s top priority is finishing the tree in the living room.  Wish me luck!

I stayed home all day on Friday, waiting for the delivery man to bring our new television.  He was supposed to arrive between twelve and five, but it was after six when he finally called for directions.  By then, I’d given up hope.

On Saturday, when Ed unpacked the television, we discovered we didn’t get any papers with our new television–no packing slip, no invoice, or any paper that we could  use to purchase an extended warranty.  Our plight didn’t stop there…  We discovered our brand new  replacement television already has “issues”!  It has what appears to be two “smudges” right in the middle of the screen, but they don’t wipe off.  Occasionally, the picture also turns a bit blurry for just a few seconds.  Can you believe this?  I talked with the warranty company last night, and they will be arranging repair service next week, while I wait to receive an invoice (for the television) from them.  Here we go again…Can you believe it?

Tomorrow I will also be starting yet another treatment plan for the yeast overgrowth that’s still invading my body.  After drinking the glucose for Thursday’s test, I’ve been in even more misery. (Sugar consumption increases yeast growth.)   The newest cream from the doctor hasn’t helped either.  I’m now moving into month six of this problem, with the yeast spreading again.

While my yeast problem is aggravating, persistent, and a little threatening, our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, is dealing with a much larger issue.  Her six months GYN check up, on Friday, didn’t go well.  Once again, I am asking for prayers on Jennifer’s behalf.  She has to wait a few days to learn more results.  Your prayers would be deeply appreciated.

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  1. Oh my, you ARE having a time with that yeast, aren’t you? Praying that it will be resolved, once and for all – SOON.

    Good luck, too, with the TV issues.

  2. I would love to visit Key West. My favorite movie is A Christmas Story. I usually watch it twice each Christmas.

  3. I love your Santa picture and hope you make another one this year. Our granddaughters have been in the Santa picture for the last 4 years. I pray your troubles will be little ones.

  4. Love the Christmas movies – especially the old ones.

  5. I enjoy classic Christmas movies! Couldn’t pick just one. Though there are a few newer Christmas movies I enjoy, I have become fond of The Polar Express. I do miss though the Shirley Temple movies being aired around the holidays. I would always look forward to them being showed between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  6. 3 Oh Mys :
    The first oh my is regarding the televisions, gone are the days when all you had to do was call the repairman to come with his case of tubes and give it a quick fix. Ours was Mr Clark.

    Oh my for your yeast. I team-taught with a woman over 20 years ago who was troubled as you are with the condition. After years of dealing with doctors and getting no where, she had better luck keeping it under control with diet. I wish I could tell you what that entailed but as I said it was over 20 years ago. A period in which I moved back to NY and she moved to Arizona and we lost contact.

    And the last oh my, regarding your daughter-in-law. May all go well for her

  7. I too am on a “kick” of watching Hallmark Christmas Movies. Fortunately we have a DVR so I set them to record and then watch them when I want to and have the time.

    Enjoy the whole season!!

  8. Oh yes ma’am, I love Christmas movies! I even love Christmas cartoons! I’ve watched just about every Christmas movie available on Netflix. At home I’ve seen a very old version of Christmas Carol, The Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street (a favorite of mine), along with The Grinch and Charlie Brown. One of my all-time Lifetime favorites is Comfort and Joy with Nancy McKeon. I think I may watch It’s A Wonderful Life tonight!

    I live just north of Miami, and if you want to visit now is the time. We are having the best weather you could ask for, 60 degrees in the mornings, 70s in the afternoon, low humidity and mild breezes. For us this is the best time of the year! God bless.

  9. Definitely sending prayers for you and your daughter.

    I’m not a big movie or TV watcher, but every year I will ALWAYS watch Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and It’s A Wonderful Life.

  10. OH love Christmas movies. The 1994 (?) version of Miracle on 34th is in a tie with the black & white version of It’s A Wonderful Life.

  11. Keeping your dil in my prayers. You too : )

  12. Well, my goodness what a quandary that TV has turned out to be…mind if I ask what brand it is? I don’t have any Christmas Movies I watch as a rule. I like Christmas Shoes and have watched it several times. I don’t watch much television but I might catch some of the ones on the network’s web site.
    Hope you all get to feeling better soon.
    Update on my grandson….he is going to a GI physician next because some of the tests indicated he might have Celiac’s Disease. We sure hope not.
    Mama Bear

  13. Such a great question! I love watching Christmas movies. My favorite is A Christmas Story. I like watching the Hallmark Channel with all the sappy movies.

  14. Hm, not sure I have a favorite. I am a sucker for the cartoons though. I also love some of the unconventional Christmas movies, like The Ref, or Four Christmases.

  15. I do like the Alister Simms version of a Christmas Carol. Thanks for hooking up with the MQAM. See you again next week!

  16. I can’t believe what I am reading about your new TV. I hope they can fix it or send you a new one. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. I do love watching Christmas movies and my list is very long.

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