Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Bumps In The Road Of Life

Have you ever felt like the Grinch was trying to steal your Christmas?  It’s difficult to be “merry and bright” when life is not going smooth, but I keep trying.  I am constantly reminding myself…”This too shall pass”.

I found myself trying to reassure Ed yesterday afternoon, when he arrived home bearing a paper showing the price of next year’s health insurance premiums at work.  They’re going up from $418 per month to $718 per month!  That’s well over the 49% increase we were told!  While Ed’s feeling blue about our own situation, he still has to try to encourage his department employees, who make less than he does, and also carry family coverage, instead of only spousal coverage.   Family coverage runs about $1043 per month!  How in the world are people expected to survive?!  They can’t, and this is how the government plans to force people on Obama Care in the end.

Under Obama Care, health care reimbursement will be drastically limited to doctors/hospitals, so doctors will opt to see only patients with premium health coverage.  It’s already happening, I’ve witnessed it first-hand (turning away Medicare patients), but who can blame them?  They’re trying to make a living!  Good luck finding a physician to see you if you have any type of government-funded health care!

Small, rural hospitals will feel the bite of Obama Care the worst, so they’ll be the first to close their doors.  The closing of rural hospitals will mean less available jobs.  Less hospitals mean less places for treatment, so we’ll all be forced to head for the city, take a number and wait.   Once our wait is over, the government will then dictate what treatment we will be able to receive!  This will be our healthcare of the future, and there’s nothing good about it.

In other news, our television saga continues!  Ed’s taken over dealing with the “Wal-mart Problem Resolution” team because I can no longer stand it!  We’ve been waiting over a week to get a scheduled pick up of this faulty television they sent us.  Ed’s called twice about that already.  We’ve been waiting twelve days to receive “proof of purchase” papers for this faulty television–and I’ve called twice about that!  So much for “problem resolution”, huh?  It’s almost a joke to deal with these people.  I don’t believe a word they say anymore.

There’s been little improvement with my chronic yeast problem either.  I keep hoping and praying, as I consume the last of the medications.  I’ve also been modifying my diet somewhat.  I’ve cut down on the amount of sugar I consume,  and have been eating  healthier foods.  I’ve also been exercising.  It hasn’t helped the yeast production, so far, but I’ve lost a pound!  My goal is to try to get my cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure down.  It would be nice to kill off the yeast in the process, but I’ll take what I can get!

The Dish Network guy came this morning and replaced our receiver.  I’m not sure it solved our problems.  There are still times when the picture seems to be a bit blurry, but not as bad as before.  The man assured me that our signal is good, and the picture is better than it was before.  Perhaps my eyes are just going bad, too!

Forgive me for being such a grouch lately.  It’s probably hormonal, and I know it will pass.  Life is filled with bumps in the road, that’s a given.  One of these days it will be smooth sailing again, and I’ll look back on these times and laugh.  Until that day comes, I’ll try to grin and bear it!  I do realize life could always be worse, and I am grateful for my blessings.

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  1. We are feeling those concerns about health care too. H2 will be retiring next year at 60, and health insurance will take the biggest bite out of our budget. Good thing we’re vegetarian because we’ll be eating even more beans.

  2. I hear you on health care. The State of Illinois is reneging on its promise to provide health insurance for its retirees … I’m still 3+ years away from being eligible for Medicare which means I’ll either be without insurance or will have to use the majority of my pension benefit to pay for insurance. Had I known that they would renege on their promise, I probably would have kept working – just so I could have insurance coverage.

  3. My hubs works on the business side of healthcare, plus we spent six+ years living in the UK under a single payer system. Depresses me to think about it, but you get what you elect. I’m sorry you’re so low and have so much on your mind these days. I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. A low carb diet will lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. I can’t believe the issues you are having with that TV. So sorry. Don’t get me started on healthcare. I’m waiting to see this happen with our insurance too. Why would companies carry insurance when you can buy the Obama plan. Pisses me off so much. I don’t know what people were thinking when they voted for him but I know they will be mad when it happens to them. I will be praying for you. Hard to be happy with so much crap going on in your life. ((HUGS))

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