T’was The Week Before Christmas…

T’was the week before Christmas when…I came down with a UTI!  Yes, on top of everything else, I’ve managed to contract a urinary tract infection, and we all know what cures those…antibiotics!  I don’t know about you, but antibiotics give me–a yeast infection!   In fact, antibiotics for a UTI are  what started my chronic yeast problem in the first place!  Now, in addition to medications for chronic yeast, I am also taking antibiotics!    Quick!  Somebody stop this ride, I want to get off!!!

T’was the week before Christmas… when our family celebrated the birthdays of our two youngest grandchildren, Caden and Chase.  Our oldest son and his wife were twice blessed with children being born during the month of December.  Their oldest was born four years ago, two weeks prior to Christmas.  Their youngest was born two days after Christmas.  On Saturday, a double birthday party was held for their little December blessings.

I simply can’t imagine planning a birthday party in the midst of Christmas activities, but their mom somehow pulled it off.  The theme of their party was “C is for”, appropriate since both of their names begin with a “C”.  Here’s a photo of the boys waiting for their party to begin–dressed in their birthday shirts, which sort of matched their cake.



T’was the week before Christmas…when I only had two gifts wrapped! For some strange reason, I’m not stressing about it either. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve been busy stressing over other things–like dealing with “The Problem Resolution Center” over a television, but hey, I finally have some good news concerning our television saga!

On Friday, we received a reimbursement check for our old television! I’m still waiting for someone to call and schedule a pick-up date for the new damaged television, but in the meantime, we got our check! Until they get around to picking up this 55″ television, we have no place to put another large tv, so we’ll continue to watch it, even with its smudges and blurriness. Hopefully, someone will be in touch soon, since we now have their television and their check! After Christmas, perhaps we can finally purchase a television that we can enjoy again–and forget this whole mess!

T’was the week before Christmas…when the airwaves of radio and television are filled with tragedy concerning Friday’s elementary school massacre.  I’m shocked and saddened for all of those involved.  I simply can’t imagine what these families are going through at this time.  However, I could almost see the wheels in our President’s head turning (as he wiped away a fake tear from his eye during his speech), and I remember these words spoken by Rahm Emanuel--“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  I sense some sort of  “gun control”  just over the horizon.  This disturbs me greatly, as it should each American!  Guns are not the problem, the absence of God in our society is the problem.  So many have lost their moral compass, if they ever had one at all.

T’was the week before Christmas…and I’m already tired of eating carrot sticks, raw broccoli, and wheat bread!  I actually went to Burger King on Friday and ate a grilled chicken salad!  Of course, I blew it on Monday when I gave in and ate fried chicken and french fries, but I’ll do better tomorrow.  There has to be a little more to life than raw veggies and wheat bread, especially this time of the year!

T’was the week before Christmas…and I’m feeling the need to slow down blogging for a few days.  I haven’t been well lately, and I have several things demanding my attention– including another doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  I may not be blogging or visiting on a regular basis for a few days, but I’ll do the best I can!

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  1. So glad that you are on the way to resolving the TV issue.

    Praying that you can find relief for your UTI – AND for your yeast infection!!

    I’m with you … I see the gun-control crowd using Friday’s tragedy as fodder for their agenda. Frankly, I’m a bit on the fence about guns, but I’m not naive enough to think that if guns were outlawed, there’d be no more violence and massacres.

    Enjoy your blogging break … and have a blessed Christmas!

  2. I’m glad you have the end of the road in sight over the TV issue. I’m sorry about you UTI been there, done that! Not fun.
    I can relate to your feelings about the tragedy that took place last week and being busy this week. As for me we are not busy because we did it all back in October so we are enjoying out time waiting to celebrate with the world the birth of Jesus.
    Get well, rest up, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  3. Hope you get better soon and enjoy the holidays to the fullest.
    And do wish your adorable grand kids a Happy Birthday on my behalf as well.

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