A Kinder Christmas…


I had full intentions of writing this post and linking up with Joyce for her “Twelve Days of Kindness” Christmas project, but God had other plans for me.  I’ve been off-line for several days, dealing with health-related issues.  My doctor put me on a sugar-free, yeast-free diet just a week before Christmas.  If you’ve ever given up sugar and carbohydrates, you can identify with the hell my body has been enduring.  It hasn’t been an easy time, and of course, it happening during the holidays made it even worse!  I’m better now, have already lost nine pounds, and the yeast issue seems to be finally retreating somewhat.  Praise the Lord!

 It’s a little late, but here’s my post concerning kindness during Christmas.

I wan’t able to do many of the kind things that I’d originally planned for Christmas.  I started out with the best intentions, but most of my plans never managed to materialize.  God has an interesting way of making things work out, and this year, He gave me the ability to “be still” and notice what was going on all around me.  If I’d been busy, as usual, I might not have been able to fully appreciate the acts of kindness going on all around me.  I witnessed things that made my heart nearly burst with love and gratitude for my family.

Jennifer…One Sunday, our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, bought food and drink for a homeless man and his dog, whom she’d spotted walking along the highway on her way to town. She was on her way to pick up lunch for Brad and herself, so she  purchased extra food.  On the way home, she stopped and gave the food to the man and his dog–then worried that the man wouldn’t share his lunch with his pet!

Jennifer shares my love for animals, but she especially loves dogs.  She’s been known to carry dog food and water in her car, so she can feed any strays she encounters.  Not long ago, she rescued an abandoned puppy out of a rain storm, then found it a home.

Brandy…Even though her husband was recently unemployed for several weeks, my daughter wanted to do something special for others less fortunate this Christmas. With some of the money they had budgeted for Christmas, she filled Christmas gift bags (with goodies and personal items) for the residents of the personal care home where her grandmother lives.

Brad…When our youngest son, Brad, learned of his sister’s plan to fill gift bags for those residents, he donated money toward the cause, too. ( I can appreciate his sacrifice, too,  since he just incurred the expense of buying a new house and getting moved.)  Thanks to the generosity of both Brandy and Brad, the ladies at The Griffin House had a  merrier Christmas.

Brandy…My daughter also baked dozens of cookies this Christmas!  She baked cookies for her daughter’s school.  She baked cookies for the local nursing homes, and she baked cookies for the gift bags that she made for the personal care home.  In fact, she baked so many cookies, her oven broke, and she wasn’t able to bake for her own family for Christmas.  Santa’s Christmas cookies had to be baked in her toaster oven!

Brett…Brett is our oldest son, and is probably the child who is most like me–or so I’ve been told.  Sometimes we butt heads hard, but then again, he always knows just the right words to say to me to make me feel better when my heart is heavy.  He works at a nearby university, and continues to take classes after work to further his degree.  His days are long, but once a week he can be found at a nearby shopping center, spreading the gospel to anyone who will listen.  When he was little, Brett always said he was going to grow up to be a preacher.  In a sense, he’s doing just that, by spreading the good news for others to hear.

For the first time, our family read the Christmas Story before eating lunch together on Christmas Day.  Brett read the passages of scripture from his sister’s bible, then followed it with the most beautiful prayer I’ve ever heard.  My mind can’t remember the words, but my heart does…

Ed...Ed has taken off from work and accompanied me to several doctor’s appointments throughout December.  He’s comforted me when I was a nervous wreck, and had dozens of prescriptions filled to keep me from having to get out and do it.  He’s put up with my grouchy moods and emotional outbursts while going through sugar withdrawal, and he is usually discreet when eating foods I can’t have.   In addition, he has packaged and returned two television sets, then went shopping (on his own)  for a third television just two days before Christmas!  Ed’s a true gem, and I’m blessed to have him.

Christmas is over, but it’s my hope and prayer that our random acts of kindness won’t be.  I hope we’ll all strive to keep Christmas in our hearts in the coming months ahead.  I’m certainly going to try!

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  1. Those are so many beautiful acts of kindness.
    Glad your feeling better. I do low carb & low sugar and I do believe it is a great plan for life.

  2. Your relationship with Brett sounds like my relationship with my son.

  3. Looks like we’re on the same wave length. My New year’s resolution is to be kinder to everyone. I decided yesterday but resolved to let it be my private thing and not tell anyone. so, shhhh.
    It look like kindness comes naturally to your children – no resolutions needed.
    Glad you’re feeling a bit better.

  4. I’m glad you wrote this. I do think noticing the kindness that is happening around us helps the world feel less cold. The media tends to focus on the bad, of which there is plenty, but there is also so much love out there too. I’m glad you’re feeling better…hope that continues into the new year!

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