Christmas 2012…

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone, once again, but it has.  I’d like to record the most memorable moments of Christmas 2012, while they are still fresh in my mind, so here we go…

My daughter decorated her Christmas twice.  That’s right, twice!  After completely decorating their Christmas tree, my daughter realized the large outdoor lights she’d used weren’t suitable for an artificial tree. I explained to her that the hot lights would melt the artificial tree.  Talk about being the bearer of bad news…100_1923

I had tree problems of my own.  I always use a rotating Christmas tree stand.  This year, for some reason, the collar of the stand kept popping out of place.  I’d look and my tree would be rocking and leaning to the right.  Ed would have to crawl (across the train track) under the tree, and together the two of us would pop the collar and tree back in place.  This happened twice, during the course of the holidays, with the last time occurring after our grandson fell into the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.  If you look closely at our 2012 family photo, you will notice the tree leaning to the right…

We celebrated our first Christmas gathering with Brad and Jennifer, in their new house.  This story deserves its own post, so I’ll give it one.  Details later…

Ed and I had overnight guests for Christmas.  Now that Brad and Jennifer live out-of-town, they chose to spend the night before and after Christmas with us.  They arrived on Christmas Eve, bearing gifts that hadn’t been wrapped!  After working a thirteen hour shift, then driving for over an hour, Jennifer still had to wrap all of their gifts!  Ed and I went to bed and left the couple still wrapping gifts until one in the morning…100_2069

We played games on Christmas Eve.  Since nobody in the family had any plans for Christmas Eve, everyone got together at our house for pizza and a few games.  My daughter was in charge of the games, and she found some good ones!  We had an evening of friendly competition with lots of laughter!  Even the little ones got in on some of the fun…100_2047

We didn’t have time to look at Christmas lights.  Usually, we will take an evening and look at Christmas lights.  There was no time or energy for that activity this year.  The only lights I saw were on the evening trips home from out-of-town doctor visits…

Our son-in-law was sick.  ‘Tis the season, and it’s not unusual for someone to become ill around Christmastime.  This time it was Clint’s turn.  He spent part of Christmas Eve at the doctor’s office.

It was a “messy” Christmas.  The weather was awful on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It rained and rained.  As a result, things got muddy and slippery–our grandson slipped down.  The lighted garland surrounding the windows and door began to fall, too.  At one point, some of the lights got closed in the door, so they stopped working.  By Christmas Day, half of the door was lit, while the other half was not…

There were limited Christmas goodies.  Since the doctor put me on a candida elimination diet seven days before Christmas, I spent most of the holidays enduring sugar withdrawal symptoms.  Being in the presence of any type of dessert was awful, so I did very little holiday baking.  The girls furnished most of the deserts.  I had to leave the kitchen while everyone enjoyed dessert, following our Christmas meal.  It was one of my toughest moments of the diet…100_2081

Our granddaughter received “The Christmas Panties”.  Our family has a long-standing tradition of passing around a huge pair of ladies underwear, as a gag gift each Christmas.  These panties have been in our family for about thirty years!  My husband received them last year, and chose to pass them to our only granddaughter, Madison, this year.  The look on her face was priceless when she opened that gift.100_2101

All-in-all, 2012 was a good Christmas.  Everyone was able to be together, including Ed’s mom.  We were blessed one more year.  Our family has food and shelter, jobs, and for the most part, we’re healthy and happy.  Perhaps, most important of all, we have each other.  In the end, that’s what really matters…100_2088

Christmas 2012

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  1. Decorating a tree twice is not fun at all! I was telling my husband I need a rotating stand. Since I have two smaller trees this year there are some awesome ornaments now in the back that are not being seen. Wrapping presents is so time consuming, it took me hours and hours. I didn’t do much holiday baking either, I just don’t want the stuff around and truthfully non of us need the sugar! It looks like a wonderful Christmas for you and your family. What a great picture!
    Happy New Year to you and your family…..

  2. The gag gift is great. At family reunions we pass off an ugly stuffed goose that the recipient has to keep until the following year. I like the panty idea better. At least you can hide them in a drawer.

  3. Bless your heart….you did have some mishaps over the holidays.
    Mama Bear

  4. We were always up late late late at my mom’s house wrapping. It became part of the tradition : ) Fun memories of talking and laughing with my sisters and mom that I cherish. Glad you had the whole family together-that is special! Happy New Year!

  5. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your whole family. You’re right … in the end, all that matters is that we have each other.

    Wishing you and yours a very blessed 2013.

  6. I’ll bet when your children get even older and your grandchildren are old enough to appreciate it, everyone will be thankful for all the family pictures you guys take at the different holidays. Such fond memories!

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