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“Come Monday”.  Now there’s an old, but good song, written and recorded by Jimmy Buffet back in the seventies. He wrote it for his girl friend, who eventually became his wife.  Does anyone else remember it?  “Come Monday” is also an expression we used to use a lot, here in the south, but people don’t say it much anymore.  Well, Monday has come, and this means it’s time to join Heather at Acting Balanced for the “About Me Quiz”.
1. What do you think the biggest downside to being rich and famous would be?

I think having a total lack of privacy would be the worst.

2. What is the most interesting news article you read or heard about last week?
I borrowed the following from my son’s Facebook page:
Two Georgia women were victims of home invasions this week. Melissa Burke is in the hospital and her attackers are free, while Mrs. Herman is safe at home and her attacker is the one in the hospital. The difference between these two women? The latter had a gun to defend herself.

3. Who kissed you for the first time?
It was most likely my parents.  As for the first guy who kissed me…it wasn’t Ed, but he’s the only one who counts!
4. How much do you typically tip at a decent sit down restaurant?
We tip according to the service we received–up to 20%.
My question:
5.  Do you like the month of January?  Why or why not?
(I do not like January, because it’s boring after all of the hustle-bustle of December.)
Weekend Recap:
It was a slow weekend around here.  Ed replaced a drain line, while I continued to put away the  Christmas decorations.  Ed finished his task, I didn’t…
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  1. Just another month to me except I get to do my taxes and get some money in my pocket! So bring on January!

  2. I like January because all the commotion is over and I can relax again.

  3. I agree, January is a slow and boring month. Though if you are into football, it is playoff time and that can make for good sports viewing each weekend. I also am not a fan of winter and in January, spring time just seems SO far off.

  4. So sweet on number three ❤

    As for the question on January I don't like or dislike the month. It's purpose always varies for me. This year it is a time to recover from the rush of holidays , From halloween to new years seems like one big frenzy of activity! And using it to organize the house and year to come.

  5. I don’t like January because it’s too cold.

  6. I like January, it’s nice to slow down and rest up because it’s just too cold to do anything else!! Up here if we see 30 then we are so very happy. Most days are in the teens and bitter, bitter cold. We tip according to the service a well.

  7. I love January! (I’m a little wacko because I love Mondays too) I love the fresh start to regroup my goals and plans and work out any kinks from last year.

  8. I don’t mind January although I am counting down to February.

  9. Good answers! Yes, I remember that song. I have a CD of Jimmy’s greatest hits and listen to it often.
    Some of my decorations only made it to the guest room along with most of my gifts…..out of sight, out of mind.
    I don’t like January either. It seems to be the most depressing month for me especially if it rains a lot. There isn’t a lot to look forward to in January, unlike December. But it is a fresh beginning in some ways. It is passing quickly. Can’t believe its 2 weeks since Christmas already.
    Have a good one.
    Mama Bear

  10. I like every month for something different. January is a new start, a new year, so it feels fresh.

  11. i agree, january is the worst month of the year!

  12. I love January for the same reason I love Mondays…it’s a new beginning.

  13. I like the new beginning that January brings, and the chances of measurable snowfall are better in January (at least here). Other than that, I’m not a fan of January.

    I love your answer to #3. 😉

  14. It is not my favorite month but I do not necessarily have anything against it. Thanks for participating in the MQAM. Hope to see you again next week.

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