Over The River And Through The Woods…

You may recall that our youngest son, Brad, and is wife, Jennifer,  flew the family coop back in November.  They decided to try living in the city, so they bought a home about an hour away from the family farm.  The weekend before Christmas, the couple invited our family over for lunch on Sunday.


Brad and Jennifer still have several boxes of stuff remaining at Ed’s mom’s house, so Ed and I offered to bring a carload to them on our visit.  Since my car is small, we decided to load Ed’s mom’s car and drive it.

In the meantime, our son-in-law, Clint, woke up not feeling well, and wasn’t able to make the trip.  Our daughter and granddaughter asked if they could ride with us.  So, Ed went to his mom’s, and unloaded enough stuff out of his mom’s car to make room for two more people…

When Ed returned to our house, from his mom’s house, her car was making an awful noise.  Apparently, the pulley that works the air conditioner was squealing.  I quickly told Ed, “I’m not going anywhere in that car!”  So poor Ed, took his mom’s car back to her house, still loaded with Brad and Jennifer’s stuff (but not as much as before, since he’d just unloaded half of it!)

Finally, the four of us loaded up in my small car, bound for Brad and Jennifer’s house…About the time we started to leave the yard, our daughter noticed she had stepped in dog poop!  She quickly got out and changed shoes, while Ed washed off the floor mat.  We made one more quick stop to Ed’s mom’s again– to pack what we could in the back of my car–which wasn’t much!  While trying to load my car, our daughter noticed that she had dog poop on the leg of her jeans…so back home we went, so she could change clothes!

An hour later, after crossing at least one river, and riding through some woods, we arrived in the city.  We drove up to Brad’s house about 10:30.  Apparently, Jennifer wasn’t expecting us quite so early, and we found her in a nightshirt, with a towel on her head.  She was mortified.  I laughed and told her we were “just people”.

Jennifer had worked the day before, until sometime in the night.  Then, after getting home, she baked until midnight.  She’d gotten up early on Sunday, and made two pans of lasagna for lunch.  In other words, she’d gone to a lot of trouble for us.


About the time we arrived earlier than expected,  Jennifer’s phone buzzed with a text, saying  our oldest son and his family wouldn’t be able to attend lunch.  I felt really bad for Jennifer.  After working so hard, one-half of her guests didn’t come, while the other one-half arrived early.  (And did I mention that I had to bring my own lunch because I was on a yeast eradication diet???)  I reassured Jennifer, that she could freeze the extra lasagna for later.  Meanwhile, Brad quickly shuffled all of us off to Wal-mart down the street, while Jennifer got dressed and finished up lunch.

Lunch looked delicious.  I ate some salad, along with the tuna I’d brought from home.  I tasted a bite of Jennifer’s lasagna, and a crumb of one of the cookies she’d baked.  My mouth ran water as I looked at the loaf of Italian bread and the pecan pie, but I didn’t give in, as I was desperate to rid myself of the yeast that had invaded my body.

Following lunch, Brad and Jennifer gave us a tour around their huge subdivision.  Granddaughter, Madison, enjoyed trying out the playground, and the pool would have been very inviting if it hadn’t been winter.  There’s also a nice gym, so there’s no excuse for being out of shape!  It felt a bit like a vacation resort.  We joked with Brad and Jennifer that perhaps we could switch homes for vacation!


All too soon, the afternoon had passed, and it was time to return home.  Sadly, we bid Brad and Jennifer farewell, and headed back home.  It reminded me so much of times past, when Ed and I were the ones living in the city.  We were always so happy to have our families visit, but it was sad when they had to leave.  I never once thought about how our parents might be feeling.  Now I know, they were sad, too…

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  1. What a great post and I love the photos of their home. Yes, I never though about what our parents thought about as we drove off. I guess I always figured they were glad to see us go!

  2. This sounds like one of our family sagas, complete with the doggy doo!

    Their new home looks charming, and I am sure this saga of entertaining by the newly minted homeowners will go down in family lore treasured by three generations. I am so happy to begin catching up with you and yours.

    And it is exciting to hear you are following a diet that offers you hope for ending an unhappy condition.

  3. What an adventure before the real adventure even began! The new house looks beautiful. Especially the pool!!

  4. After all of that, I might have decided I wasn’t supposed to go….your husband sure has a lot of patience, is all I can say…..
    I hope Jennifer and Brad are well and that they are enjoying their new home.
    Mama Bear

  5. For some reason your blog has been going into my spam. I’ll have to see what has to be done to fix that. Glad to see you’re still blogging.
    As for your adventure into the city, it took a while to get going but it sounds like it was worth the wait.
    Hope the restricted diet is working for you. The holidays – what a miserable time for that!

  6. Their home and subdivision looks lovely. Wow, now that was some adventure! I bet Ed was tired…..

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