Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers…

My husband, Ed, is forever losing things.  He’s always losing a pocket knife, and quite often he’ll lose parts off of his tractor while working in the garden area.  He’s been known to lose clips, bolts, and even one of his tractor chains in the field!

Once Ed loses something, he becomes a bit obsessed with trying to find the lost object.  Sometimes he’ll even enlist the help of our daughter who lives next door.  She loves to look for missing objects, and is usually pretty good at it!  Sometimes they get lucky and find the lost item, and sometimes not…

Ed has a nice variety of pocket knives that he’s received as gifts over the years.  However, he won’t carry any of those knives in his pocket, out of fear of losing one.  Once he carried a small pocket knife, given to him by our son, Brad, and he lost it.  Ed was so disturbed by losing the knife, he decided he’d rather buy an inexpensive knife to carry in his pocket, rather than chance losing a special one again.

After losing, or wearing out, several cheap pocket knives, Ed finally began using an old “Case” knife that he’d had for years.  I’m not sure where it came from or how long he’d had it.

Since the knife was old, something on it eventually broke.  Since Case offers a lifetime warranty on their knives (to repair or replace), Ed got the idea to package the knife up and send it to the company.  He was as thrilled as a child when the company sent him a brand new knife as a replacement!  He’d been carrying it with him every since.

Several months went by, and eventually the inevitable happened again– Ed discovered he’d lost his pocket knife.  The last place he remembered having it was outside, on the tractor.  He was sure he must have lost the knife while cutting the garden area with his tractor.

Now,  our garden area is pretty large, and at the moment it’s grown up with some weeds and old plants from our fall garden.  None-the-less, Ed wasn’t going to give up his beloved knife without a fight, so he started searching!  Several of us helped him walk the area, but searching for a black knife among dirt and weeds, is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Ed spent several days looking for the knife, without any luck.  I didn’t witness this, but  I’m told he even used a magnet on a string during his search!  (I’m sorry I missed that!)  Again, no luck.

Just when I thought Ed had given up on looking for his lost knife…he mentioned buying a metal detector!  Now, Ed is frugal with his money, and the thought that he was willing to purchase a metal detector, just to find a knife, told me how obsessed he really was.  I may have mentioned to him that a new knife would be cheaper!

On Monday, Ed burst through the door, all excited! He’d been able to borrow a metal detector from a co-worker!  Unfortunately, I was in the middle of cooking supper, and had to miss out on the entire search.  I looked outside once, just in time to see Ed heading to the garden, with the metal detector in hand!  At one point,  Ed even had our daughter out there using the detector!  After nearly two hours of searching, no luck!  I’m thinking that Ed may not have lost the knife in the field, after all…

Ed returned the metal detector, and the whereabouts of his missing knife remain unknown. Now I’m just trying to decide–should I buy Ed a metal detector–or a new pocket knife for Valentine’s Day???

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  1. How about a pocket knife on a string? Then he can tie the string to his belt loop! 🙂

  2. I vote for the metal detector because he isn’t going to stop looking for it!
    I agree with LynnMarie also, one of those cord pully things on his belt with the knife attached.

  3. Pocket knives and other small well-used items are like equipment used in research by the marine lab I worked for. Everyone accepted a reality proved through experience: if its function was for use in the water, it was likely to be lost or destroyed sooner or later.

    Ed’s desire to not lose those gifts from loved ones reminds me of wives who want to “save” good china or crystal. As I was reminded as a young wife, “Who are you saving it for, your husband’s second wife?”

    Have a great weekend.

  4. HA! HA! Which one would he enjoy more.

    Yohn had to get a wallet on a chain, not because he wanted to fit in with all the other guys, but because it kept him from losing it!

  5. Did he try under the car seat? It’s amazing what I find when cleaning my car.

  6. He sounds like he might enjoy a metal detector : ) Do you buy each other gifts for Valentine’s Day?

  7. Thanks for best wishes and prayer. It makes a difference. And prayers are still going up here for you as you grapple with health issues.

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