Six Word Saturday…Concerning Bank Tellers

My six words for this Saturday are:

What?!  Tellers Who Can’t Count Money?

I used to think only the best and brightest people entered the field of banking.  After all, we trust these individuals with our hard-earned money, right?  Surely they must be some kind of math geniuses?!  Judging from a couple of my recent banking experiences, I don’t think the standards are quite as high as they used to be, and I’m having second thoughts about trusting them with anything–especially my money!

I go to the bank every two weeks.  I deposit a large portion of Ed’s check, then bring home enough cash to last us for two weeks’ worth of expenses.  I’m particular about how I want my change, so I write it down on a slip of paper.  I always ask for my change in 50’s, 20’s and 10’s, and I’ll list on the paper how many of each bill that I would like.  You’d think this would be simple for the teller, with no room for error, right?

I’ve been banking this way for years, and haven’t had any problems, until recently.  Since we live 7 miles from town, I always stop in town and count my change, just to make sure it’s all there.  It’s always been correct in the past.  However,  I’ve had two major errors in my change in the past six weeks!  Both tellers “shorted” me a lot of money each time.  I was well over one hundred dollars short each time, but the big difference between the two tellers was their attitude when I drove back up to the window and told them they’d made a mistake with my change.

The first teller recounted my money, and got the error straightened out.  Then she apologized for the error and the inconvenience she’d caused me.  However, the second teller looked and acted insulted when I told her she’d made a mistake!  Then she handed my money to the other teller to recount, and didn’t bother to apologize for anything when she’d finally gotten her error straightened out.

What ever happened to the best and brightest people who used to work in our banks?  What ever happened to friendly, customer service?  Worst of all, what ever happened to people who simply know how to count?  Heaven help us!

*Thanks to Cate for hosting this fun Saturday meme!  If you’d like to play along, simply click her button at the top of this post…

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  1. my favorite come back from tellers at any counter is the “Computer don’t make mistakes”…which I say ..yeap which wrong button did you press?

  2. I think many people in the workforce these days grew up with parents whose parenting style taught their children that their kids were the center of the universe. Therefore when anything is less than perfect someone is to blame, but it certainly could not be the fault of the special person who is the center of the universe.

    Instead it is always the teacher, the customer, the boss, the system, whatever but never moi!

  3. You should always count your money while at the bank in case there is a mistake…I’ve had it happen to me and I was surprised, however, anyone can make a mistake.
    Mama Bear

  4. 🙂 Some places need to practice customer service more than others. I was telling my husband the other day how true it is that we return to the places that treat you with respect, which is why in our area I prefer Target over Wal-Mart. The people at wal-mart can never seem to find anything, there’s always a long line, and the cashiers, nice though they may be, often are slow and not very knowledgeable.

    Target rarely has a line and when the lines start up they start calling up cashiers. I’ve stood in a wal-mart line for over 25 minutes! I’ve never stood longer than 5 minutes at Target even on a busy day.

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