My Feathered Friends…

If you’ve been wondering what my red feathered friends have been up to lately, then today is your lucky day.  It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about “my girls”.


my girls-having a turnip for lunch

Previously, I mentioned that we received eight inches of rain over a two-day period, last week.  During this time, Ed and I realized our chicken coop is located in the lowest spot of our yard!  Of course, the fact that those silly chickens are constantly digging holes in their pen sure didn’t help matters any!  Their entire pen is filled with huge holes, especially around the edges.  Once the rain began, it just naturally filled up all of those holes!  As soon as it dries up enough to add some dirt, a home improvement project will be in the works for the girls!

Actually, I think the rain bothered me more than it bothered “my girls”.  They seemed quite content to wade around in their puddles and search for soggy food all day, but they weren’t quite as content with the blue tarp which Ed spread over the top of their pen to help keep them dry.  Chickens are very funny about strange things–like tarps that suddenly appear out of nowhere!  They avoided that area of their pen like the plague!  They seemed to prefer the rain over the tarp.

After a brief slow-down in egg production, those crazy girls are at it again.  As the days keep growing longer, now it seems everyone wants to lay an egg!  They’re  back to averaging four eggs per day.  Sometimes I get three, sometimes five, but I’ve never gotten six in one day.  By the end of this week, my girls will have laid over 800 eggs–in just seven months!  That’s a lot of eggs for six chickens!  We have all the eggs we can use, plus we share with our neighbors!


note the strange egg on the bottom

Speaking of eggs, a few days ago, I found an odd-shaped egg in the nest!  It was long, very pointed on one end, and lighter than the rest.  What’s up with that?  I’ve never seen another egg shaped quite like it.  I wondered if  one of the girls is just now laying for the first time.  Every day or two I continue find one of those odd-shaped eggs, but the end is getting more round as time passes.

The hen who laid the odd-shaped egg, also laid it in the previously unused nest on the left side of the hen-house.  Up until that day, nobody would lay in that nest.  Suddenly, I’ve been finding more and more eggs in that particular nest!  Chickens are funny like that!  They don’t like for one to get ahead of another–especially when it comes to eating!

Chickens like to eat–a lot!  In fact, I sometimes wonder if I could ever fill them up to the point where they would refuse food.  I don’t think so.  They get an unlimited supply of laying pellets, along with some cracked corn given twice daily.  In addition to that, I feed them some type of greens–mustard greens, turnips, cabbage, lettuce, or even grass clippings, when available.  Some of their favorite treats are bread, carrots (pulled fresh from the garden), cooked rice, grapes, and freeze-dried worms,  but they’re not picky, they’ll eat anything!  They are getting quite large, and I’d estimate their weight to be around 3 to 4 pounds each.

Even now, the girls are still quite affectionate, and will sit in my lap if given the opportunity.  The other day I had two in my lap, and one on my shoulder, with the rest looking for a place to sit!    Just yesterday one girl hopped onto my back while I was bending over raking dirt and filling in some of their ridiculous holes.  I got my daily laugh when I gave them a stale rice krisipie treat.  It was hilarious watching them run around trying to eat their sticky, gooey treat.  Silly girls!  They never fail to make me laugh, while also furnishing an egg or two for breakfast.  Scrambled eggs anyone?

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  1. Love your stories & pics of “the girls.” You got to have your hubby take a pic of you when “the girls” are on you!

  2. Nice update on the girls. Like the red heads. Does the egg taste any different fromthe others?

  3. Wow they got so big. I was also wondering if the strange egg tasted different or was the inside different in anyway?
    We have had so much rain too. My little dogs dig holes all over the yard and have to be washed every time they come into the house. I love their doggy door but yikes it can be messy.

  4. why don’t you ask Ed to take a picture with The Girls on your lap. It would make a great post; a quick one as you wouldn’t have to write much. It would speak for itself. You know about the 1,000 words stuff!

  5. Did you ever figure out which of your girls lays the strange egg?

  6. Great update here and later post. I enjoy your tales of “your girls.”

  7. Yes, the odd shaped egg was probably from a new “layer”. That’s cute that the chicken love you so much. I enjoyed the picture from the previous post. I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before now!

  8. We were talking about our future chickens just this morning….Honey Bear says he’ll get them in March…….then we’ll have a continuing saga of the new additions….

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