Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Around Our House…

Around our house, it’s very wet!  It’s been many years since I’ve seen our area this saturated with water.  On Tuesday, I had the same view out of every window and door.
100_2180 (2)

One side of the house looked like this

While the other side of the house looked like this100_2178

At least we just had our small dirt road plowed and fixed about a month ago!  Thanks to the hard work of our local road crew, our ditches are cleaned out and we still have a high and fairly dry driving surface.  Many in our area were not so fortunate.  If we hadn’t had the road work done, we’d be stranded!

Around our house, it’s about to be planting time, but nobody is able to plant anything!  Our local farmers are already saying their crops will have to be planted later this year.  I’m not sure how this will play out in the whole scheme of things, since most farmers usually plant two crops in a growing season.  As for us, we’ve already missed the deadline for planting potatoes.  It’s okay since we don’t use many potatoes anyway, thanks to our new diet.

I’m glad to report that my new greenhouse withstood the wind and torrential rainfall intact.  A newly installed thermostat has been controlling the light bulb which provides necessary warmth at night.  At the moment, tomatoes, cabbage, squash, cucumber, watermelon, strawberry, and marigold plants are happily growing in the greenhouse.


 tomato and cabbage seeds  I planted in January

 All be transplanted into the garden, as soon as it dries off, and the danger of frost is over.

We also have a grapevine, and two blackberry bushes waiting to be planted–as soon as it dries off!  A cold front is headed our way over the weekend, so I may be forced to bring the younger plants indoors for a day or two.  Temps are predicted to be below freezing on Monday morning.

I purchased a new gardening wagon last weekend, and transferring the plants indoors will give me an opportunity to try it out.  I’m looking forward to lots of adventures with that gardening wagon this summer!

Our hens presented us with their 800th egg on Saturday, in the midst of a downpour.  It’s good to know that rain doesn’t affect their laying ability!


I’m so pleased with how well  the girls have kept us supplied with fresh eggs since last July.  We briefly contemplated adding to our flock this spring, but decided against it.  There’s no way Ed and I can use all of the eggs these six are producing.  By next summer their egg production will most likely have dropped, and we’ll rethink it then.

All of the rain brought Ed’s treasure hunting activity to a halt.  He never did find the highly sought after, lost pocket knife, but he found a strange assortment of items while looking.100_2191

buried treasure?

All items were found in the field in front of our house, and I believe most, if not all, items are bits and pieces of farm equipment.  I can’t help but wonder how long some of those items have been buried!

Speaking of Ed, this has not been a good week for Ed.  He started out the week with a toothache.  Even though the dentist couldn’t see a thing wrong on the xray, it turned out that the poor guy had an abscessed tooth!  He had a root canal done yesterday.  He’ll be taking antibiotics for a few days, then getting a crown once everything has healed.  Gotta’ love life’s unexpected curve balls.

So that’s what’s been going on around our house, what’s been going on around yours?

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  1. Poor Ed. Hope he’s feeling better soon. DH had to deal with an abscessed tooth last fall … not fun.

    Hope the rains slow down and things dry out for you so you can get your garden going soon.

  2. Few things more miserable than dental woes. I hope your hubs is feeling better soon. And the sun shines!

  3. We’ve had lots of rain, too, luckily we live on a slight incline and most of our water drains toward the street where it goes into the ditch and then into Hidden Creek.
    Honey Bear has seedlings started for the garden and bought seed potatoes this week.
    Mama Bear

  4. Wow! That’s a lake front property! I love the chair in your chicken coop, I can see you love your ladies. 🙂

  5. We have been having heavy rain, too, and it may be the same cold front that you are expecting is forecast for us here Friday through Sunday. Enjoy your new garden toy!

  6. I liked seeing your seedlings. Nice to see you’re undaunted after last year’s bumper crop. I guess it’s a matter ot what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

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