Sometimes You Get A Bit More Than You Bargained For…

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Our oldest son and family, sitting beside the pond, Easter 2012

The old saying, “If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for” comes to mind when I think of the goldfish pond out in the yard.  I’m pretty sure if Ed had known, all those years ago, what he knows now, he would have left that anniversary gift at the store!  I’m so glad he didn’t!

Memories of moving the original pond to its current spot in the yard are still pretty vivid in my mind, even though it was thirteen or fourteen years ago.  I remember how our oldest son complained when we chose the new spot, saying we were ruining his baseball field!  I also remember how both of our sons complained when they were asked to help dig the 13′ x 19′ hole for the new pond.  Our oldest claims we caused his girlfriend to break up with him, because he was unable to go out with her that Saturday night!  Fun times!

I remember the special attention Ed put into the details of digging and designing the new pond.  Molding all the little curves and plant shelves into place, to make everything just right, and it was.   How happy we both were when we finally got to see fish happily swimming  in the finished project!  Many of those original fish are still alive today, and they are huge!

However, maintaining a goldfish pond in your yard is a lot of work.  I can’t begin to count the hours Ed and I have spent trying to keep the area clean and weed free.  It’s a never-ending project.  Over the years, our pond has gone through several “face lifts” as we struggled to find what looked and worked best for us.  Trying to keep dogs, cats, and children out of the pond has been an adventure.  At one point, we actually resorted to electric fencing for a while.  In more recent years, we settled on a short retaining wall.

Once we realized our pond was going to need the liner replaced, all of these work-related memories flooded my mind, and I initially said, “Just cover it up.”  Surprisingly, Ed didn’t immediately jump on the idea.  His concern was for the poor fish who were facing certain death. I began thinking of the solace and comfort I find whenever I take time to relax and just sit beside the pond. Eventually, I asked Ed to replace the liner, and he agreed, God bless him!

I began to search for a liner, and discovered there are several different kinds there are to choose from, these days, and some are quite costly!  I finally opted for a new type of liner, called EPDM, which is supposed to outlast traditional liners.  It comes with a 20 year warranty, so I’m secretly hoping it will outlast me and Ed!  This liner is very thick and heavy and weighs 112 pounds.  It cost over eighty dollars just to get it shipped to us!  Something else is now available, and it’s called “pond underlay”.  In essence, it’s padding for your pond, and is supposed to extend the life of the liner.  I decided to invest in some underlay, as well.

The liner and underlay arrived at our house about three weeks ago.  When the delivery guy rolled the liner off of the truck using a cart, my heart just sank.  I wondered how in the world Ed and I were ever going to be able to manage getting such a heavy liner into a  twenty-four inch deep hole by ourselves.  I lost more than a few hours sleep over it!   Little did I know, getting the liner down into the hole, would be only one of the problems we’d face!

Our series of problems began when the leaks in the old pond liner went from bad to worse–seemingly overnight!  We had water running into it, twenty-four hours a day, and the water level kept dropping–a lot!  It was very cold outside, the ground was still saturated from the twelve inches of rain we recently received, and it was the beginning of a work week!  Problems abounded!  Like the title of this post says, sometimes you get a bit more than you bargained for, and we sure did!

To be continued… 

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  1. Oh what a great story this is….looking forward to more.

  2. It looks like a nice restful spot. I think this has a happy ending, at least I hope so! We loved our pond in our last house, but the wildlife around here is way too abundant, so next house : )

  3. Can’t wait to read the rest…..we have a small leak somewhere near the top of ours which keeps the pond from running over during a heavy rain……we have a rain barrel under the gutter with an overflow into the pone….that area of our yard stands in water when it rains but the pond always goes back down to the same height….Ours is much smaller than yours but we love it and the time spent there in Spring, Summer and Fall.
    Mama Bear

  4. I can’t wait to hear how this ends – well, I hope!!

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