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Acting Balanced

My body is struggling to deal with the time change today.  The clock says it’s 8 o’clock, but my brain’s telling me it’s only seven…  While I sit here and try to reconcile my body with the clock, let’s join Heather’s Monday Meme, shall we?  Here are today’s questions:

1. When would you consider planting flowers or vegetables at your residence?

We usually begin planting most things on or around “Good Friday”.  Hopefully, the ground will be dry enough by then!  Normally, we would have already planted some potatoes on or around Valentine’s Day, but it wasn’t possible due to torrential rainfall during the month of February.  In the meantime, I have lots of plants growing in the greenhouse!

2. What is more egregious; cheating on one’s spouse or spending the family into being bankrupt?

Cheating on one’s spouse.
3. In honor of Pi Day this week, what is your favorite kind of pie?

It’s hard to choose, since I love almost any kind of pie, but I’m going to say pecan pie.  It’s sinfully sweet, and definitely not an acceptable part of my diet anymore–but I still love it!
4. Would would you give Wayne @ Touristic for his birthday today?

Heather, if you’ll cook the man his favorite dinner, and follow it with an evening of TLC, it should provide a memorable and enjoyable birthday experience for Wayne 🙂   As for what I would give him, I have no idea.

My question for you:

5.  What was the most memorable surprise you’ve ever received?

Weekend wrap-up:

It was a very good weekend around our house.  The weather was beautiful on Friday and Saturday, so I took full advantage of it by spending many hours outside.  Ed and I continued to work on putting the fish pond back together. ( Actually, Ed worked, I watched most of the time.)  He was doing the tedious work of replacing the retaining wall.

We’ve found the new type of liner has been much more difficult to work with than the old one!  It’s thicker, therefore, it’s been harder to get the folds and wrinkles (at the top) to lie flat.  Getting the wrinkles to lie relatively flat is important when constructing a wall on top of them!  Hopefully, we’ll be finished with this project by next weekend, and all of the work and worry will soon be a fading memory.

Ed and I also spent some great family time with our adult off-spring and their families.  There was food, fun, laughter, and even a couple of surprises.  Actually, one of the surprises was a BIG ONE, but it deserves a post of its own, so you’ll have to come stop back by tomorrow to find out what it is!

Until then, have a great Monday!

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  1. What a way to make me come back tomorrow!!! Another grand baby?? Just guessing…

  2. I could write a novel about most memorable surprise, at least the one that popped into my head, but will try to keep it short. It’s the day hubby and I got married. We were secretly eloping due to the fact wedding plans were being insane so instead of trying to please everyone else we decided to make it about just us, which ended up being a crazy sequence of events. We were currently living with his parents, a hurricane had come through, postponing our plans, his Aunt was Marriage Commissioner and to marry us. We were about to head out when our plans were foiled, his dad asked what we were up to today and hubby shrug turning the question on his dad, the response: Heading to granddads and the aforementioned Aunt’s to clean up some fallen trees. ~deer in headlights look~ A muttered “so are we” softly and parted ways. Once we arrived at Aunt’s, to be wed in the Gazebo Hubby had made there, it was so sweet his parents quietly packed up and left respecting our decision despite me saying they could stay. But this isn’t the most memorable part, though the whole day could be.Later that evening once we returned back to his parents house my newly titled mother in law said nothing else but sent us upstairs to hubby’s room (though engaged we had separate rooms.) She had set up some glasses, champagne and made us a small wedding cake with a Congratulations card. I was so touched and ran back downstairs to give her a hug to catch both of them putting coats on, they were heading to stay at granddad’s for the night and in the kitchen dinner had been made and set up for us. My mother in law made my wedding day spectacular. Came to find out just a few years ago she was so proud of us and our choice on how we wed, for she knew it was all in the name of love and commitment.

  3. My second grandson surprised us all by coming 6 weeks early.

  4. I can not really recall something that I was given that was a complete surprise…

  5. Waking up from the anesthesia and finding out I’d had a baby girl! I didn’t know the baby’s gender beforehand and everyone kept telling me it looked like a boy. I was pleasantly surprised!

  6. We don’t plant before Mother’s Day. Our weather is ridiculously unpredictable. Have a nice week!

  7. ooops, I’m reading out of order (I can’t believe I’ve fallen this far behind in my blog reading).

    I can only imagine how difficult it must be to get that liner all straightened out. I’m sure it’s heavy and big/unwieldy. Are the fish still in their temporary homes?

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