Our Weekend Surprise…

On Saturday afternoon, Ed was laboring away on the goldfish pond, while my daughter and I were sitting outside, enjoying her new outdoor swing.  Out of the blue, our youngest son, Brad, and his wife Jennifer came driving into the yard.  What a pleasant, unexpected surprise!

The couple quickly joined us sitting outside enjoying the sun.  Ed briefly stopped his work to welcome them, but quickly had go back to working on the retaining wall– before the wet cement he was using had a chance to dry.

After a few minutes, Jennifer spoke up and said she had an early St. Patrick’s Day surprise for me.  She went to her car and came back carrying a small, bright green gift bag.  I was a bit puzzled, since we don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I took the bag and began to cautiously peek inside.


When I peeked inside of the bag, I saw what I thought looked like a small blue dog shirt with the words ” Destination Grandma’s Home” on the front–and for some reason, my first thought was Jennifer has bought  a shirt for my new grand dog!  (My daughter’s family had recently acquired a new dog)  I quickly said to Jennifer, “No you didn’t!” and she looked puzzled.  About that time, my daughter, realizing what was in the bag, turned to Jennifer, and asked, “Are you pregnant?”   Jennifer quickly answered “Yes!”  Once I finished pulling the gift out of the bag, I discovered it was actually a baby’s onesie!  The joke was on me!  I had to explain that I thought the gift was a dog shirt!


As a way of announcing their special news, the excited couple explained they’d tried to find a shirt that said “Daddy”, for Brad to wear, but were unsuccessful in finding one.  They settled for the little blue onesie instead.  If I’d pulled the entire garment out of the bag, I would’ve immediately understood the message!

Meanwhile, Ed, who was still working on leveling the wall around the goldfish pond, had no idea what was going on!  He wasn’t paying attention to us, and couldn’t hear our squeals of delight over the noisy pond pump near his head.  I quickly yelled loudly, “Ed, you’re going to be a grandpa!” across the yard.  Lots of hugs and congratulations were certainly in order!  What a moment!

100_2213 (2)

If you are a long-time follower of this blog, and are aware of Jennifer’s medical issues, then you know what an extra special blessing this pregnancy is!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Due to her medical history, Jennifer will be under the care of a perinatologist.

Yes, life is filled with surprises–and weekend surprises like this one are truly the best kind!  Estimated arrival day of our highly anticipated surprise bundle is on Ed’s birthday in November!

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  1. Hay I guessed right!!! Congrats Grand ma!!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! What an exciting time for you all! {{hug}}

  3. How exciting! Congratulations to all and I will pray she has an uneventful pregnancy. God is good : )

  4. This is such beautiful news. I am so happy for them and for you.

  5. I knew it!

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