Hello Again, Monday…

Acting Balanced

Hello again!  It’s time to rise and shine.

Monday morning means it’s time to participate in the “Monday Quiz”!  Here are today’s questions:

1. What is your favorite spring flower?

I love azaleas.  They’re one of the few flowers/shrubs I am able to grow, since my yard is filled with so many trees!
2. Do you suffer from Spring Allergies?

Occasionally, I’ll have an allergy attack, but not often.  Pine pollen seems to bother me at times, and today seems to be one of those times!
3. Have you ever been ‘blogged out’ and needed to take a blogging break?

Yes, I do get “blogged out” from time to time.  I think we all do.  For now, I’m blogging three to four times per week, which feels about right to me.
4. Has spring sprung where you are or are you still hibernating?

For the most part, spring has sprung, but the weather has been very unpredictable lately.  Our nightly lows are still dipping into the mid-30’s, which is cold for this late in March, but we had one of the mildest (and wettest) winters I can remember in recent years.

My question:

5.  What are your plans for Easter Sunday?  (We’ll be having everyone here for lunch, then hosting our annual egg hunt afterward.)

Weekend Wrap Up:

It was another unpredictable weekend here, weather-wise.  It was a cold and rainy day on Saturday, followed by a big thunderstorm during the wee hours of Sunday morning.  About 2:30 in the morning, a loud boom of thunder woke me from my sleep!  (I thought that huge pine tree outside my bedroom window had fallen on me!)  

The thunder was soon followed by the sound of marble-sized hail beating on our tin roof!  (Do you have any idea how noisy hail is on a tin roof?)  The hail was followed by lots of heavy rainfall.  By mid-morning, Sunday, our chickens were wading, once again.  My poor girls!  We received another three inches of rain over the weekend!

The question I’m pondering today is...Will it ever dry off and warm up enough to get the rest of our garden planted???  

Whenever I realized it was hailing during the night, I thanked God that I had decided not to plant those cucumber, squash, and tomato plants last week!  My cabbage plants survived the hail just fine, but I’m not sure the more tender plants would have done as well.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Better rain than snow. We hope to finally get above freezing here at least during the day.

  2. Glad your cabbage plants survived. We had snow again (thank goodness not as much as they predicted). I am so ready for the spring to come and the snow to leave. Really we haven’t had that much snow, but I’m so done with it.

  3. At this point I’ll take rain over snow any day!! We have sun but it’s not very hot. We did get some melting however and that made me smile.

  4. I’d rather have the rain than all this snow – tired of it.

  5. It seems the weather is a bit mad everywhere. It’s snowing as I type, but I keep reminding myself that March is really temperamental here and April is usally more spring like. I hope so anyway!

  6. No plans at my place. It is just another day. Although, I’m wondering about when it will warm up and dry out too. My planting will be in pots as I have moles and dogs that will dig up the yard more if I plant something in it.

  7. We haven’t had the rain but still getting temps in 30s. As you said, unpredictable!

  8. We’ve had a below average cold March this year after a record hot March last year; crazy! Thank goodness you didn’t have the more delicate veggies planted already with the hail!

    My husband and i are both transplants and we do our family traveling at Christmas, so we don’t have anything planned for Easter. My dad invited up to make the hour and a half trip up for dinner an to see his new place, but hubby is working and I can’t go beyond where the bus goes. So other than trading Easter candy, we have nothing planned.

  9. Before I replaced it, I had a small shed with a tin roof. Hail is bad but even worse are acorns. They sound like a shot being fired.

  10. Yay! That you were able to save the plants. Or rather you thought ahead and didn’t plant them, which kind of still qualifies as saving them. 😉

    Don’t worry about “intruding” on my blog posts. I post them there to share with everyone. I’m excited and have had this idea since December and finally get to do it!

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