Changes In The Kitchen…

Thanksgiving 2010

 Thanksgiving 2010 (we’ve added two family members since then!)

Throughout my forty years of being a wife and mother, my kitchen has been the hub of lots of different activities–from birthday parties to board games. In fact, some of my all-time, favorite family memories center around the kitchen, but that’s a post for another day.  Today I’m writing about changes in the kitchen, as my life continues to progress.

Over the years, I’ve experienced lots of changes concerning cooking in the kitchen–from learning to cook for a newly married couple, to learning to feed a family of five. From feeding a family of five, back to learning to cook for only two again!  Now when the entire family gathers, I’m feeding a family of eleven (twelve, counting my MIL)…and praise the Lord, we’re still growing! Feeding our family has evolved into more of a challenge than I ever could have imagined as a young bride, but I always wanted a large family!  Just think, it’s only taken us forty years to get here!

I’ve learned, over time, to change and adapt my recipes (and pot sizes) to fit our family’s changing needs. My pot cabinet is filled with pots of all sizes, to accommodate any number of people, but I’m quickly learning I don’t have enough large pots to make a meal for a family of twelve! It takes a lot of food to feed a dozen hungry people!  In fact, I may have to invest in some new pots soon.

When we moved into this house, I searched high and low for a kitchen table large enough to accommodate our growing family. I failed!  Five years ago, there were only eight of us.  These days, even when we add two extra chairs at both ends of the table, we still can’t seat everyone, but it’s a wonderful feeling!  Thank goodness for the portable card table!  It’s a funny thing, when I was growing up, the children always sat at the extra table during family dinners. These days, Ed and I usually end up sitting at the card table because nobody else wants to!  What’s up with that?

Until recently, one could always find plenty of snacks in my kitchen.  I loved to snack on cookies, cake, or candy, and made sure I had plenty of this type of food in the kitchen.  These days, thanks to my new dietary restrictions, about the only thing you will find in my kitchen are some graham crackers, rice cakes, some fruit–and the candy that was left over from Halloween!  My hungry visitors probably don’t find my kitchen such an exciting place anymore!   I’m afraid Ed and I may be rapidly falling into the category of ” old fart” parents!  In fact, these days, it’s quite common for our hungry off-spring to bring their own food whenever they come to visit!

One other thing makes me wonder if, perhaps, Ed and I may be quickly becoming “old farts”.  Ed always helps me with kitchen duty, but prefers to wash dishes by hand, rather than unloading and reloading the dishwasher.  This wouldn’t bother me much, except Ed forgets to turn on the lights over the sink, and refuses to wear his glasses while he’s washing the dishes–so he’s basically washing dishes like a blind man.  The end result can be disturbing!  Ed’s sometimes misses a few specks of food on the dishes, here and there!  I’ll know we’re in real trouble when the kids start bringing over their own eating utensils, too!  In the meantime, we’re not officially “old fart” parents– yet!

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  1. I had to laugh out loud at your description of Ed’s dishwashing efforts. 😉

    God has certainly blessed you with the large family you wanted … one that’s still growing. {{hug}}

  2. What a blessing to have a large family. Hubby helps with cleaning up as well however he forgets the stove, and the counters so if it’s not in the sink, it’s not getting washed. LOL

  3. I think your family should bring part of the food….my daughter was wanting to go out for Easter, mainly because she didn’t want to cook anything. Me, I’m thinking about the crowd and the wait for a table so I said I would cook everything……most of it can be done the day before and the baked beans can be done while i’m getting ready for Church….I envy you….rarely do all of mine sit down to eat together since our son has always lived away… Mother always had many family members around her table, even when I was a child because she was the oldest sibling and her mother died at age 54….it was an adjustment when I married to have such a quiet house…
    Me, I keep a small bin with a lid full of snacks for the ‘grands’ and juice packs in another…they know right where they are and they don’t temp me….
    Enjoy your Easter gathering,
    Mama Bear

  4. Washes dishes like a blind man… HAHA!!
    Enjoy your family and have a wonderful Easter.

  5. I know that snacks are hard to find in our pantry too unless company is coming over. Also I had to laugh because I recently told my husband that he has to start putting on his reading glasses in the kitchen because there are things that he is not seeing at all! It’s not much fun growing old…..

  6. I laughed about your card table. We are 12 now, and we, too, resort to using a card table !

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