Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Easter, The Past and The Present…

You know, it’s sad, but I have very few childhood Easter memories. Perhaps it’s too far back for me to remember anymore, or perhaps nothing memorable happened.  At any rate, there are only a couple of different Easter pictures in my mother’s photo collection, and strangely enough, those are the Easters I can remember.

I’m pretty sure the Easter picture of me, below,  was taken in 1962.  I still remember shopping for the dress, and I remember having to wear that stiff, scratchy crinoline underneath it!  Why are most Easter photos taken while the subject squints into the sun?

8-17-2012 2;58;45 PM24

Flash forward twenty years, give or take a few, and Easter suddenly became much more memorable to me, for three little reasons:
9-8-2012 11;28;36 AM Brandy15


5-9-2012 5;47;14 PM Brett 11 mos


4-25-2011 6;43;19 PM Brad's 2nd Easter age 20 mos


Oh the joys of parenthood!  It gives us a chance to enjoy holidays again, through the eyes of our children!  There were lots of Easter baskets, egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, real bunnies, plus a few three-piece suits, Easter bonnets, pretty dresses (without scratchy crinolines) and patent leather shoes around our house for many, many years!

My daughter balked when I finally stopped making her an Easter basket, around age 14, but I thought it was time.  The Easter festivities slowed down for a few years, as our children entered their teen and young adult years, and for a time, it was a little sad…

In the good old days, we took more than our share of Easter family photos on the way to church–and, looking back, it now appears that somebody was always frowning or squinting–in every single picture!  In those days, our camera didn’t have an automatic timer, so somebody always got left out of the family photos…preferably me!

another yearly Easter photo...see how they grow!

Flash forward another twenty years, or so, and here we are in 2013!  Things are really hoppin’ around here again!  Our children have all grown up, gotten married, and now lead their own busy lives; but, in the process, they’ve given Ed and me the most precious gift–a growing family and some grandchildren! Fun times galore!

They say, “Grandchildren are our reward for growing old!”  Well, it’s true.  The Easter excitement level is nearly as high around here as it was twenty-something years ago, only I’m not the one in charge of the children anymore!

No more stressing over “just the right Easter outfit” (times three) or making and hiding Easter baskets until Easter morning!  No more stressful mornings of trying to get three people and myself dressed for church, then striving to get a good family photo.

All I have to do is just enjoy the grands for a while, then send them home with their parents.   Growing old does have its perks, but I do still strive for a good family photo though!   Some things never change…

Wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed Easter.

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  1. Well I’m growing old without the reward but enjoy seeing yours!!!!
    Love all the pictures. Only memories I have are seeing myself in pictures all dressed up on Easter. I know we went to church and had dinner somewhere. Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Easter always meant getting a new spring coat and shoes, and oh yes, a pocketbook and a hat, It’s too bad kids don’t get excited about dressing up anymore. Can’t believe an old hippie like me just said that!

  3. I have loads of Easter memories from childhood, and I am enjoying being part of new memories with grands! Loved your look back!

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