Catching Up On A Little R & R…

I’d planned to write a nice, long post about the last three days of Easter weekend–but that was before the dreaded stomach flu found its way to my house and invaded my body last evening 😦

The dreaded flu bug has been making the rounds in our neck of the woods for a little over a week, and my number finally came up.  It’s been a LONG night, and I’m feeling pretty “crappy”,  so I’ll just save my nice, long post for another day, when I’m able to finish it.

In the meantime, I’ll be lying around admiring this dozen, lovely, rainbow roses, which were an $8.99 pre-Easter bargain, and catching up on some much-needed R & R.  See y’all soon.


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  1. Get well and rest up. This is the time of year when those bugs hit the hardest it seems.

  2. Those are beautiful roses and if you have to be sick, at least you have those to look at. Hope you feel better real soon!!!

  3. Sure do hope that you’re feeling better SOON!

  4. It’s makingthe rounds where I work, too. Only two of us have not been affected. It’s really weird but I don’t get the flu. I got it when I was 10 and never got it again.
    Feel better!

  5. Glad you have gorgeous roses to keep you company while your “innards” mend! And I’ll be looking frorward to the finished Long post.

  6. Your roses are beautiful. Praying you get well soon! So sorry you are feeling poorly!
    until next time…nel

  7. I love flowers… I hate being so cliche, but a bouquet on the table really does brighten my day.

    Feel better!

  8. Hope your feeling better. So sorry about that. Lovely flowers!!!

  9. At least you’ve got a bouquet of roses while you’re sick. Feel better soon.
    Mama Bear

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