Better Late Than Never ~ The 2013 Easter Recap

(Update:  Since originally beginning this post, I’ve had my R&R– in the form of the stomach flu!  After two days of spending my days and nights between the couch, the bed, and the bathroom, I’m finally feeling some better.  Meanwhile,  Ed’s doing fine, and still going–just like the Energizer Bunny…)  Now, back to the original post:

Wow, Ed and I have had so much going on at our house, we could desperately use a little R & R–rest and relaxation or rest and recuperation, which ever you prefer.  We’ve been going practically non-stop since last Friday morning at 7:30!

Ed took “Good Friday” off from work so we could get some of our garden planted.  First, Ed prepared the ground with his tractor.  Then we began by transplanting over seventy tomato plants from the greenhouse to the garden.  Whew, what a job!  Next we planted a very long row of green beans, followed by a row of butter peas, and a row of black crowder peas.  Once again, Ed made our garden rows [well] over 100 feet long, and all of our beans and peas were planted by hand!  Ed poked the holes, four inches apart, while I dropped the seeds into the holes.  We laughed when Ed said, “I don’t recall seeing any other farmers around here doing this”, and  I replied, “Yes, but they don’t have as much fun as we do!”  After planting those four rows, we called it a day.

Saturday found me slaving away in the kitchen.  I baked and frosted forty-eight cupcakes, and prepared the stuffing for the Easter meal.  I, also, boiled two dozen eggs for the grandchildren to color later in the afternoon.  Meanwhile, Ed raked and cleaned up the backyard for the egg hunt, then planted squash and cucumbers in the garden.  He finished off the afternoon by stringing the row of tomatoes we’d planted the day before.  Yes, thanks to Google, we officially learned how to “string tomatoes”!

On Saturday evening, the family gathered to color some Easter eggs.  It’s become a tradition at our house for the grandchildren to color eggs at “Mimi’s house”.  Our youngest, Chase, surprised everyone when he joined in the egg coloring fun for the first time!  He acted like he’d been coloring eggs the entire 15 months of his life.


Chase’s first egg coloring experience

While the women and children were in charge of dyeing Easter eggs, the men were in charge of grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausage dogs for supper.  Clean up was easy, and concluded my day in the kitchen.

Brad and Jennifer decided to join us on Saturday night, instead of waiting until Sunday to come over.  Brad came late in the afternoon, but Jennifer had to wait and come after her shift at work ended.  She didn’t arrive until 11:00 pm!  We were all late getting to bed.

Ed and I were back in the kitchen cooking, bright and early on Easter morning, while everyone else prepared to go to church.  We baked an eight pound turkey breast and a small spiral ham to feed our growing family!  I also cooked fresh green beans, made a sweet potato casserole,  and a couple of other side dishes, plus the girls brought some food they’d prepared, as well.

Easter morning was stressful for me, because the weather wasn’t cooperating for the egg hunt I’d planned for after lunch.  The morning skies were filled with clouds!  Ed checked the weather radar, and predicted a clear, dry spell around lunchtime.  (His prediction was correct, thankfully!)

Ed and I took a quick break from cooking lunch, and raced to hide all 222 filled plastic eggs before our guests arrived back from church!  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hide 222 eggs?  Ed hides them in places you’d never think to search, too!  After about an hour of hiding eggs, Ed left to go and pick his mom up from the assisted living facility, while I put the finishing touches on lunch.

We all finally gathered and ate lunch around 1:00.  As quickly as we could, we cleared the table and headed outdoors to snap our yearly Easter family photo, and begin the 2013 egg hunt before the threatening showers began.  It only took three tries to get an acceptable family photo.  Not bad, for a family of twelve.


Easter ~ 2013

We almost managed to pull off the egg hunt without getting wet, but near the end, a quick shower ran everyone indoors for a short period of time.  At that point, I think we were still missing around 30 eggs.  The grandchildren had already tired of hunting for eggs, and the adults were taking their turn!  After the rain shower passed, the “die-hard hunters” went back out and searched some more, but at the end of the day, ten eggs still remained hidden.  This isn’t unusual.


Caden and Madison searching for eggs

The most memorable moment of the egg hunt came when our daughter’s dog, “Jack” found the prize egg!  He found the egg, opened it, and was eating the paper which read “Prize Egg” when Brandy spotted him!  “Jack” won five dollars!  A day or two following the egg hunt, “Jack” sniffed out another hidden egg.  He wanted the bubble gum inside of it!

100_2322 (2)

“Jack”, the egg hunting dog

The other memorable moment of the 2013 egg hunt came when Brandy and Jennifer collided while racing off in search of eggs!  I almost caught it on camera, but it happened too quick.  All I captured was me calling “time out”!  Honestly, the adults can sometimes be more entertaining than the grandchildren!

I didn’t  give a prize for “most eggs” this year, but grandson, Caden, won the title.  He found 42–or he ended up with 42.  He and Madison were actually finding eggs and giving them to each other!  Madison followed closely behind Caden, with 33 eggs.  As for grandson, Chase, he found three or four eggs, then threw the eggs out of his bucket and went to play on the steps!  Here’s a short video of the egg hunt activities:

It was a great Easter Day, filled with lots of food, family and fun.  Ed and I fell into bed around 10:30, exhausted, but happy we’d  survived another day.  Little did we know the stomach flu was lurking around the corner for me, and granddaughter, Madison!

Note:  As of today, we still have seven eggs which remain hidden.  Ed takes his egg hiding job seriously!  The refrigerator is still packed with Sunday’s left-overs.  Nobody around here has had much of an appetite… 

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  1. I’m confident that wasn’t the kind of R&R you were anticipating. Sure hope you’re feeling better now.

    I always get a kick out of reading about your Easter egg hunts … you all take them seriously, don’t you. 😉

    I’m going to go research stringing tomatoes. We’re going to have a good large garden this year (biggest one either of us have ever had), so we need all the help/info we can get. 😉

  2. Wow, that sounds like quite the garden and a lot of work. But those beans and tomatoes are gonna be so good this summer.

    Loved the Easter video.

    Hope you’re feeling completely well very soon.

  3. Glad your feeling better. Your garden sounds amazing! Lovely family photo. 222 eggs!!!! That’s funny about Jack.

  4. My, that Chase is such a sweetie!!! Thank you for sharing your Easter with us! What a great time!

  5. That’s a lot of tomato plants…….Your season is further along than ours I think.
    I am happy you’re feeling better.
    Mama Bear

  6. That is a gorgeous backdrop to your family photo. It reminds me how much winter we still have. Spring is making an effort to turn up, but she is slow! Looks like a fun family weekend. I hope you’re feeling much better.

  7. What did Jack buy with his five dollars?

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