Thursday’s Thoughts ~ New Tricks For An Old Dog…


some of my new tricks

My old hound, Ethan, has been with me for about nine years.  He’s old, he’s lazy and he loves to eat–just like me.  If you were thinking that this post is going to be about Ethan, you’re wrong.  The “old dog” who’s having to learn new tricks is me, not Ethan!

I’m nearing 59 years of age, and I’m kind of set in my ways.  I like to buy certain foods, cook certain foods, and eat certain foods.  I don’t use many recipes, and I measure nothing when I cook from memory.  I’ve memorized where the foods I buy are located in the grocery store, and rarely make a list because I already know what to buy each week…but that was before!

With the dawning of this new year, came the dawning of a new way of life for me.  In December, I was told that I am pre-diabetic.  I was also told, if I wanted a chance of kicking the candida that had invaded my body, I would have to give up lots of foods that I love, and so my journey began.  I had some new tricks to learn!

The diabetic diet was strict, but the candida elimination diet was unbelievably strict!  The list of acceptable foods would fill up one column, while the unacceptable foods filled up the entire page!  I was determined, so I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards, and stocked up with foods that contained no sugar, and no yeast.  What a challenge that turned out to be!  

I’ll never forget my first trip to the grocery store, after beginning my new journey!  I’d never spent as much time in the grocery store in my entire life!  I spent a long time in each of the grocery aisles, just reading labels.  What a revelation that was!  All of my favorite foods were loaded with sugar and yeast!

It’s been quite a journey, trying to retrain myself to cook and eat healthier!  I no longer have to follow the candida elimination diet as strictly as I did at first.  After one month, I was allowed to slowly add some foods back–but no sweets or fast foods!  One of the foods I was happiest to have back in my diet was milk–even though I’ve never been much of a milk drinker!

These days, I’ve learned to cook and eat brown rice instead of white, and when I choose to eat bread, it’s wheat.  Green is my color of choice for vegetables–and fruits and nuts have become my new best friends.  Once an avid drinker of sweetened iced tea, I only drink water with meals now.

Of course, it’s tough living without desserts, when your sweet tooth is as big as mine, so I’ve also purchased a couple of new cookbooks, and have been learning how to cook some diabetic desserts.  Some recipes are actually pretty good, while others are not!  My apple cobbler was so bad, it went straight to the trash can!

As my journey continues, I’m still learning.  It’s tough to change my way of cooking and eating, after so many years, but I’m still trying.  Occasionally, I’ll reward myself with something that I love, and when I do, it’s like a little piece of heaven!  A cookie never tasted so good, but one cookie is more than enough.  When you haven’t eaten sugar for a while, it’s almost overwhelming when you do!

The reward for learning these new tricks?  A smaller, healthier me.  I’ve lost twenty-one pounds, and am continuing to lose weight, slowly.  My blood pressure is down, and my problem with candida has gotten so much better!  I’d say, judging from the way I feel, my candida is 90% better, and that’s something to celebrate!  Pass the fruit and nuts, please!


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  1. I’m SO glad that your new diet has helped so much! And that you’re not having to follow it so strictly – that you can get a few of your favorite things on occasion.

  2. Congrats on making such a good life changing decision. So glad it is working for you. I need to do something too. I definitely need to lose some weight and cut out some of the sugar too.

  3. Good for you! You’ve described the foods I’ve been eating for all of my adult years. No diet – I’ve just always gravitated towards them. And I’m not bragging. Well maybe I am. I’m 66 years old but people meeting me think I’m 15 – 20 years younger.
    And I noticed the almond milk in the photo – I’ve been drinking this for over a year now and much prefer it to cow’s milk
    Give the change in diet a week or two and you’ll be feeling like a new person!

  4. Good for you! That isn’t easy and I’m glad you’re being rewarded with better health!

  5. I am eating pretty much the same as you by choice of diet. It gets easier and the less carbs you eat the less you actually crave them.
    There are some excellent desserts too. I am now adding more grains like oatmeal and brown rice to help reduce my cholesterol. I am practically eating a vegetarian diet and we will be better off for it!

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