A Glimpse Into The Garden

I’ve been posting about our gardening experiences for a few weeks now.  Yesterday, I finally took my camera outside and captured a few glimpses of what’s going on out there at the moment.

Most Recent Pics 438

our spring garden for 2013

The photograph above will give you an idea of the size of our garden. As usual, Ed and I went a little to the extreme. Our rows were supposed to be shorter this year, but that didn’t happen.  I suppose it’s better to have more than we need, than not enough.  We’ll have plenty to share!

We’ve planted our garden in stages, this year.  That’s why some plants are bigger than others.  The idea behind this is to not have all vegetables ready at once.  I hope it works!  Unfortunately, nobody told the weeds not to all come in at one time…

Most Recent Pics 442


This is one of the squash bushes I grew in the greenhouse. I transplanted it, and now it’s already producing little squash, even though the plant isn’t very large.  We have more squash that we planted in the garden from seeds.  They should be ready later.

Did you  notice the marigold plants beside the squash bush?  We’re trying a little companion gardening, using marigolds beside certain plants, in an effort to discourage insects. I hope it works!  We planted marigolds beside our squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  I grew the marigold plants from seeds in the greenhouse.

Most Recent Pics 444
lettuce and cabbage planted next to each other

This is our first time growing lettuce. Again, I grew the plants from seeds in the greenhouse. It’s been interesting to watch lettuce grow for the first time.  The green of lettuce is a lot different from that of cabbage.  That’s supposed to be Iceberg lettuce, so I keep looking for a little head to begin forming.  Can you see the small head in the middle of the cabbage plant?

Most Recent Pics 440
a row of carrots

This is our third attempt at growing carrots, and we seem to have hit our stride. We have a good stand, and they are growing quickly. The local farmers recently harvested their carrot crops, so I guess we are a little late with our crop.  Fortunately, the carrots don’t seem to mind.

I hope  you’ve enjoyed a little glimpse into our garden, but I need to go now and help tend to those weeds that keep poking their ugly heads up out of the soil.  It’s a never-ending battle!

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  1. Wow!! You guys have a HUGE garden! How blessed you are to have a greenhouse to start your plants from seed.

    I’d share pictures of ours, but right now, it’s just dirt. We did get some onion sets in the ground yesterday. We’ve got more waiting to be planted … we want to stagger them so we won’t have a bazillion green onions all at the same time! ha! If the temperatures get to normal by next week, we’ll plant our green beans, corn and zucchini … and plant our tomatoes the following week. I had forgotten about planting marigolds in the garden … I definitely will need to pick up some marigolds when we get ready to start planting.

  2. Your garden looks really nice. I remember my mom and dad’s garden was a lot like yours. Nothing better than taking a shaker of salt out and standing in the sunshine eating a fresh tomato. I remember doing that with my grandpa when I was a little girl.

  3. I loved this tour! Please, please keep the updates coming!

  4. It’s awesome…..I would love to have the space to have a garden like that!

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