Thursday’s Thoughts ~ About The Garden…


endless rows of vegetables continue to grow

The vegetable is continuing to grow, in spite of the crazy weather we’ve been having!  It’s hot one day, and cool the next.  The nights have been a little on the cool side, for this late in the year, but the good thing is–the cool weather has helped keep the garden pests to a minimum!  However, the cool weather hasn’t seemed to affect the growth of the grass and weeds, so Ed and I have been busy using our hula hoes!  (In case you’re wondering about all of those sticks in our garden, they’re for tomatoes, and running peas/beans.)

Speaking of hoeing, yesterday afternoon, I asked Ed to run another row of string around our tomato plants, then to spray the plants for pests.  Two hours later he came in and said, “I’ve finished hoeing the row of tomatoes!”  I said, “You weren’t supposed to be hoeing!”  While Ed was running the string around the tomatoes, he noticed they needed a little hoeing, but he completely forgot about spraying!  I tell you, Ed has hoeing ingrained on his brain.


the not-so-scary owl

In a recent effort to scare away the birds from our fruit trees, berry bushes, and the garden, we purchased a fake owl.  I’m tired of the birds stealing our berries!  Ed mounted the fake owl on top of a post.  I’d been wondering if the owl was working, then the other day I found out.  Imagine my surprise, when I walked out toward the garden, and discovered a mockingbird sitting right on top of my fake owl’s head!  I guess I’ll have to come up with Plan B, won’t I?

Mr. Big, the cross-eyed one...

Mr. Big, the cross-eyed one…

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I have “a garden cat”!  One particular cat thinks he must accompany me to the garden every time I go.  His name is Mr. Bigelsworth.  He’s a white cat, who has beautiful–but very crossed– blue eyes.  No matter what I’m doing in the garden, Mr. Big  is right there under my feet.  I don’t mind his company, except when he decides to lay down on the plants, which he did yesterday!   I forgave him, since I’m finding comfort in his presence, due to my daughter’s recent snake sightings!

100_2366 (2)

the first squash…just before I picked it

Ed and I enjoyed the first ‘fruits of our labor’ in the garden, this week.  I picked our first squash and fried it on Tuesday night.  It was delicious–and yes, one squash fed us both, with some left over!  I’ll be picking and cooking a head of cabbage in another day or two–along with many more squash.  In a while, we’ll be tired of cabbage and squash!


sweet potato clips rooting in cups

I’m in the process of trying to grow something new.  I’ve been growing sweet potato clips in the kitchen window.  I took a couple of large sweet potatoes and put them in jars of water.  Every time a vine begins to grow out of the potato, I break it off, then put the vine in some water to let it grow some roots.  In a couple more weeks, we’ll plant all of those “clips”, and, hopefully, we’ll have some fresh sweet potatoes in the garden, this fall!


radishes, mustard, collards, and turnips

On a final note, I’m experimenting with growing various types of ‘greens’ for “the girls” (aka the chickens)  to enjoy.  Growing greens isn’t anything new, but the way I’m growing them is.  I’m trying my luck with a little “container gardening” in the yard.   So far, so good.  On thing’s for sure, “the girls” will certainly enjoy the results of my experiment!  I’ll be feeding the chickens the young plants, as I thin them out, and I just might keep some of the mature ones for myself!

Speaking of “the girls”…1102 eggs and counting.  Wow!

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  1. Those Hula Hoes were a great invention. We use to have one. Owls usually do the trick but that is really funny that the bird was sitting on his head. Squash already, that’s awesome.

  2. I have never heard of a hula hoe before. So I googled it and found a couple Youtube Videos. Nice tool. I love learning something new.

    Your garden is really coming along nicely. Way to go.

  3. Wow look at your garden. We may have snow tomorrow and in the 30’s. Crazy weather! Your garden really looks great!
    until next time…nel

  4. Wow, look at your garden! Here I was bragging on ours … and unless you get really, really close (to see the onion sprouts), it just looks like a bunch of dirt. I know our day will come, but that sure has tempered my excitement. ha!

  5. Y’all are going great guns in the garden. I am loving these updates. Hope future ones don’t report snake sightings.

  6. If the girls like their greens, will you be having Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast?

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