Monday After Mother’s Day…

Acting Balanced

The weekend is history, and it’s time to start the week anew.  It was a busy time in our neck of the woods, this past weekend.  In addition to celebrating Mother’s Day, we hosted a cookout, attended the Sweet Onion Parade, and did some shopping!  I’m tired, but not too tired to join the “Monday Quiz”!  Here are today’s questions:

1. What did you do for Mother’s Day?

I volunteered to cook lunch!  It’s been a while since I cooked on Mother’s Day, but I decided to cook this year.  Two of my children and their families joined us for lunch, along with Ed’s mom.  Our youngest son and his wife spent the day with her family, but came by later in the afternoon.

Everyone coordinated their efforts and came up with one of the best Mother’s Day gifts I’ve ever received!  They did a photo session together and presented me with some beautiful framed family photos and a wonderful photo book filled with pictures from the session. The story behind these gifts was almost as priceless as the gifts themselves!  Apparently, it was quite an ordeal for all to get together to have the pictures taken, then another ordeal to actually get the pictures and book made.   I’ll treasure these gifts always!    I also received some flowers, a gift basket, and a new bird bath, all of which I loved, too.  I had a blessed Mother’s Day.

2. What was the best advice your mother (or a mother figure) gave you?

Pick your battles.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Let the little things go…
3. Are you gardening this year? What have you/will you plant

Boy are we ever gardening this year! We are growing lettuce, cabbage, carrots, radishes, several kinds of peas and beans, tomatoes, corn, watermelon, squash, cucumbers, and peanuts.  We’re eating radishes, cabbage, lettuce, and squash, so far.
4. What is the first song that comes to mind today?

I love the music from the television show “Nashville”!  Each week the show introduces a different song during the story line.  I love all of the music, and have purchased most of it from iTunes. “Nashville” has several talented actor/singers, on the show, including a couple of very young ones.  If you haven’t seen Nashville, you’re missing a great show!  Check out this clip of these young sisters singing “Ho Hey”.  This song has been stuck in my head lately.

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  1. What an incredible gift for Mother’s Day! Your garden sounds like heaven!

  2. I loved the song clip. I like that song. I have never seen Nashville before. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

  3. What a wonderful Mothers Day gift.

  4. What an awesome gift they gave you. I love when they think of something and get it all coordinated without our help!

  5. Pick your battles was a hard one for me especially when dealing with teenagers.

  6. What a wonderful gift! I made my mom a photo book this year and she said she cries every time she looks through it which is many times throughout the day : ) I love Nashville and loved that song too-they’re adorable!

  7. LOVE that song, love the show too!

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