A Monday Quiz…

Acting Balanced

It’s Monday, and I’m back, at least for today! I’ve been so busy, lately, I’ve actually been neglecting my poor computer–and, let me tell you, that rarely happens around here!

My computer has been collecting dust while I was busy picking and canning forty-two quarts of green beans.  Today,  I’m happy to announce, I’ve finished canning green beans!  The tomatoes will soon be ripe, however…  

If we don’t get some rain this week, our garden may soon be history.  It’s so hot and dry, the bottom leaves are beginning to fall off most of the plants.  It’s heart-breaking to think of our plants drying up in the field after all of our hard work!  We’re watering the best we can, but it’s so dry the water barely seems to make a difference.  There’s a chance of rain today, so maybe we’ll get some relief before it’s too late.

As usual on Mondays, I’m joining Heather for the “About Me Quiz”.  I’ll save the weekend wrap up for another day.  Here are her questions, along with my answers:

1. June 3rd is National Repeat Day – what word or phrase do you find yourself repeating?

I probably repeat “Supper’s ready!” or  “You’re kidding!” most often.
2. Who do you feel is a real hero?

Stay-at-home moms are heroes in my book!  They are doing the most important job a person can do, but staying home and raising a family certainly isn’t an easy job! Stay-at-home moms work l-o-n-g hours, for no pay, and rarely get a day off.  They often have limited social contact.  They usually have to pinch their pennies to make the household budget work, and always end up putting themselves last, but happy and blessed are the children of stay-at-home moms!

3. Are you interested in traveling to countries where most people don’t speak the same language as you?

I have no desire to travel to another country, especially one in which the people speak a different language.  I think I’d become overwhelmed quickly!
4. It’s also dairy month – what is your favorite dairy or dairy-like (for you vegans and allergy sufferers) food or recipe?

Ice cream, of course!  (I always love and want the things I shouldn’t have.)

My question for you:

5.  Would you rather spend your summer up in the mountains or beside the ocean?

(Beside the ocean for me, please!)

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  1. It is hard for me to choose between ocean and mountains. But in the end I would choose mountains. I especially appreciate the cool temperatures now that it is 105+ here in Phoenix.

  2. I’d love to travel somewhere that speaks another language…one of my favorite things : ) I’m jealous of your fresh veggies. We are still a ways behind you-late June/into July is really when things really produce. I am ready for a red ripe home grown tomato!

  3. I would rather spend my summer beside the ocean.

  4. I am right there with you on #2, 3, 4 and especially 5 – no question on #5!!! 😉

    We have the opposite problem here with our garden – too much rain!! Our garden was under water on Saturday; I’m praying that it’s dried now and that our plants will survive. We replanted once already, and I fear that it’s too late to try a third replanting … I know that any day now we’ll head into fullfledged summer with hot, dry weather. What a year to try to garden.

  5. Here is wishing you a gentle but abundant rain for your thirsty garden. In addition to those moms, you–persaverer through health challenges, bean canner and gardener extraordinaire, are one of my unsung heroes.

  6. Good morning kindred spirit of ice cream lovers!!!
    The beach is my therapy so I’d love to be at the ocean.

  7. Definitely by the beach! I love the beach.

  8. Ice Cream…yes please and beside the ocean for me too!!!

  9. Cheese cake with ice cream please.

  10. It sounds like your area is the only dry place for miles – what with the violent weather in the mid section of the country, and here in the Northeast we had torrential rain last night and this morning. The second hardest rain (maybe the hardest) I’ve experienced in the 14 years I’ve lived in The House of Mars!

  11. I live by the ocean so I’d love to vacation in the mountains

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