A Week Ago…

Today I’m sitting here watching it rain and experiencing the final effects of tropical storm Andrea, but a week ago, the weather was beautiful and Ed and I were on our way to St. Simon’s Island for the day.  What a difference a week makes!

Ed and I hadn’t seen my brother and his wife since last summer, so we asked them if they might be interested in meeting us on St. Simon’s Island for a day visit.  They agreed to come.  I told them to bring a sub sandwich, two lawn chairs, and meet us under the oak trees in The Village.  My sister-in-law loves the beach as much as I do, so I knew she’d probably enjoy the atmosphere.  She did.

Most recent pics 3- Early summer '13 170

By 10:30 Friday morning we were all safely nestled in our lawn chairs, admiring the scenery and catching up on what’s been going on in each other’s lives.  We talked about everything from our gardens to ‘the good ole’ days’.  We marveled at how quickly time passes, with my brother reminding us that he and Kay will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in October!  Say it ain’t so!  Another interesting thing we noted–between the four of us, we’ve lost over 100 pounds since the last time we were all together!

The tide seemed to be unusually high on Friday, so there wasn’t any visible beach sand in the area of The Village.  (My brother told me I had a strange idea of what a beach is!)  I’ve never been there when water covered the sand the entire time, but it did on Friday.  We could have gone to the main beach area to sit in the sand and sun, but all agreed we preferred the shade of the oak trees.  We, also, took a few pictures of each other to remember our trip by.  Now I have a more recent photograph of my brother and me…

Most recent pics 3- Early summer '13 166

My sister-in-law and I took a tour of most of the little beach shops located in the area, and I purchased an ornament for my ‘beach tree’.  Every summer, I add at least one new ornament to my collection.  This year I chose a sea-gull sitting on a post, holding a little fishing pole.  She didn’t purchase anything.

All too soon, the day ended, and it was time for us to part ways and head back home.  We said our good-byes, and each headed in different directions.  It was about this time that Ed and I realized we had a problem…

Earlier in the day, about the time we arrived on the island, Ed noticed a slight “bumping noise” coming from under the car.  He stopped and checked the tires, but didn’t see anything wrong. By then, we were almost at The Village, so we continued on our way, and promptly forgot about the bumping noise–until we got ready to go home.

A few miles into our journey home, the bumping noise got louder and was accompanied by a stronger bumping sensation.  We pulled over again, and took turns checking out the tires.  Ed still couldn’t see anything wrong, but, to me, it seemed like something with right rear tire wasn’t right.  We cautiously headed on toward home…

Fortunately we made it home safely, without incident.  After taking my car to the shop, we discovered the right rear tire had a huge bulge on it, and at some point, had actually split apart.  I’m so thankful it didn’t blow out while we were traveling.  Needless to say, today there are four new tires on my car!

I’m already planning another trip to the beach–and I hope my brother and sister-in-law will decide to join us again soon!  Happiness is best when it’s shared.

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  1. Whew! I’m so thankful that you were able to get home safely!

    The small beach area is the only downside in my mind to SSI. We haven’t been in a couple of years, so it’s time to think about heading back.

  2. How nice that you got to meet with them and I think that is great news on the 100 pounds between the four of you. A+ on that! How wonderful that they will be celebrating their 50th….time sure flies. Glad you enjoyed your time at the beach and thank God for keeping you safe.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. You and your brother look alike. Also boy, were you & Ed lucky riding on t!at tire.

  4. We had a tire do something similar, no bulge or split but I guess the road got too hot or something and the tire ended up misshapen. Like it you looked at it from the front it would be normal until a certain spot where the whole thing just shifted to the side and then normal again. i guess it’s hard to explain without a visual. It caused us to wobble really hard until we stopped and found out the problem. Thankfully we found out quickly because it could have caused us to end up in a ditch, or worse!

  5. Glad your trip home was completed safely. Great pix of you and your brother. You just don’t seem to age at all. And with the common weightloss it sounds like you are all working to be healthy and happy.

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