A Gardening Update…

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to post an update about what’s going on in our garden. Soon, things around here will go into ‘overdrive’ again, but, today, I have time to do a little updating.


the “garden cat” is still hanging out in the garden

At the moment, I’m waiting for our peas and butter beans to finish maturing. Although we planted them in different stages, it looks like they’re all going to mature at about the same time, in a few more days!  It looks like we’re going to make a great crop of them.

The corn is much bigger and prettier than it was when I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, and will be ready for harvest soon, too.  I believe corn is going to be in bountiful supply.  Soon I’ll be busy, busy, busy!

Our garden peas, green beans, onions, carrots, and squash are pretty much a thing of the past. This week, we’ve been busy pulling up the pea and bean bushes and saving the seeds for next year.  I blanched and froze several packs of garden peas, and canned (in jars) 42 quarts of green beans.  I could have canned many more, but rainy weather intervened, and, the beans got too big.  The unpicked beans are being dried and shelled for seeds.


a few of our onions

We pulled up our onions yesterday, and they are currently drying in the field before we store them.  This was our first attempt at growing onions, and they did well enough that we’ll definitely try growing some more!  At first our onions were growing slowly, then our son-in-law told us that onions need a lot of water, and they only grow at night.  Once I began watering the onions late every afternoon, they really began growing!  Recent rain showers helped, too.

We still have a few cabbages and some carrots left in our garden.  I planted both vegetables mainly for the chickens, but Ed and I have enjoyed eating them, too!  Home grown cabbage and carrots taste MUCH BETTER than store bought cabbage and carrots.

Our tomato crop didn’t turn out very good this year.  Apparently, there was a mix up with the heirloom seeds and a large portion of our plants turned out to be cherry tomatoes.  I didn’t intentionally plant cherry tomatoes, but we ended up with a lot of them!  I love cherry tomatoes, but they’re not good for canning.

100_2545 (2)

huge marigolds nestled among tomatoes

We have a few regular sized tomato bushes, but have been plagued with ‘bottom rot’ on most of the tomatoes produced.  Something’s just not right with our soil.  Our best tomatoes have been grown in large flower pots, in potting soil.  I think we’ll be growing all of our tomatoes in containers next year!

Our cucumber bushes are busy making cucumbers.  We’ve probably picked two dozen, so far.  I must be blind to the color green because I have a hard time seeing those little buggers!  No worries, the chickens seem to enjoy eating the ones that grow too big.

In addition to our regular rows of peas and beans, we planted two rows of running peas and beans, this year.  What a chore it’s been, trying to train those bushes to run on the string!  I’m not sure we’ll try this again, since it’s so much extra work.  I guess it really depends on how well they turn out–and how good they taste!  Running butter beans should be a lot easier to pick, than regular ones which grow close to the ground.

We also have okra, watermelons, peanuts, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes still growing in our garden.  This is our first attempt at growing okra, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes.  I’m even hoping we can successfully grow our own jack-o-lantern!  Only time will tell!


the zinnias are beginning to bloom

Last, but not least, I, also, have flowers growing in our garden.  For the second year in a row, I planted a row of zinnias in honor of my grandmother.  I also planted some sunflowers and marigolds among the vegetables.

I’ve really enjoyed the splashes of color throughout our garden, and I credit the marigolds with limiting the amount of insects this year.  I enjoy cutting a weekly bouquet of zinnias to enjoy.  They add a little sunshine into my day.

The sunflowers have yet to bloom, but it won’t be long now…  What a beautiful sight that will be!  In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying the zinnias.


fresh flowers from the garden

Now that you know what’s been going on around my house, what’s been going on around yours?

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  1. Such a beautiful LARGE garden! I’m jealous….

  2. I see your nice, big plants and am comparing them in my mind to our puny plants. I’m wondering if we’ll get much this summer. The second plantings of tomatoes are looking ok, and our third planting of green beans is producing some sprouts (finally). But I worry that we may have planted too late. Not a good spring here for gardening.

  3. Beautiful garden and gorgeous zinnias!

  4. Thanks for the update….we are gardening on a much smaller scale in the only corner of the backyard where the sun shines. I noticed your soil, ours is red clay and has to be treated with sand plus working mulch into it to make it more porous. Jim planted peanuts but something has been digging them up and eating them as fast as he plants.
    Don’t work too hard,
    Mama Bear

  5. Your garden is so-o-o-o- beautiful! We are on Mama Bear’s scale or smaller. Our tomato mixup was entirely “operator error” in online shopping. Yes, I was the operator. But we are enjoying our little cherry tomatoes.

    Better luck here with our few tomato plants than with zinnias. I do love their bright colors. I will just continue to enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I envy you in being able to cut flowers from the garden. I do have quite a few (or will have) but I like looking at them in my yard. I did manage to cut a few irises last week when I was having company to dinner but mainly because I’d forgotten to buy a bouquet when grocery shopping. The iris plants were just about done for the season anyway

  7. Your garden is so amazing. I’m so jealous. It’s huge and just look at those cabbage heads. I am so impressed but I also realize just how much work that must be.

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