Friday Fragments…

Unknown Mami
I’ve been reading a few ‘Friday Fragments posts’, and today I decided to join in the fun.    (Fragments are tidbits of information about my week, that didn’t make it into other posts.)  Today’s post is filled with ‘fragments’, so I’ll be linking up with Unknown Mami,  where  I hope to meet some new friends!

Whew, a heat wave hit us on Wednesday!  The temperatures hit the mid-nineties, but the heat index was about 105 degrees!  If you’ve ever experienced moist, humid heat, then you know how miserable it feels outside.  Thank goodness for air conditioning–and boy was it working overtime!

Snakes alive!  Ed’s brother killed a rattlesnake in his yard this week!  We share the same patch of woods on the family farm, so I’m feelin’ sort of  edgy these days…  Where there’s one snake, there’s bound to be more.  That made the third rattlesnake killing on the farm in the past ten years.

Ed got his mom safely back to the assisted living home on Wednesday.  Everyone at the home was happy to see her come back.  Her lost hearing aid never turned up at the hospital, so the hospital has agreed to reimburse her for a replacement.  Ed reports that she’s doing better, but was a bit confused yesterday.

I’ve been trying to rest a bit this week before the garden gets going strong again.  While I’ve been resting, I’ve pulled up and picked off old green beans and garden peas (for seeds), and I’ve picked and canned a few tomatoes.  I also tried battering and freezing sliced squash for frying, for the first time.   Next I’ll be chopping onions for the freezer.  Now that I’m typing this, it doesn’t sound much like I’m resting much, does it?

I’m currently reading Phil Robertson’s ( of Duck Dynasty fame) book Happy, Happy, Happy.  I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a book more!   What a fascinating story Phil tells about his life.  It’s an interesting book, and it’s hard to put down.

Praise the Lord, our family received some great news yesterday!  The news was a huge relief, and was definitely like the calm after a storm.  I won’t tell you the details today, but I will tell you it concerns our grandson who will be born in November.  The family will all be celebrating the great news with Brad and Jennifer, this weekend, at their house.  More details to follow later…

In case you had any doubt, chicken compost makes great fertilizer!  We saved ours all year, and used it as fertilizer for our corn.  Here’s a pic of Ed (who’s about 6′ tall) and our granddaughter, Madison, posing in front of our corn… (excuse the fogginess of the camera lens- it was hot outside!)


Ed will be taking a few days off next week.  Our wedding anniversary will be on Tuesday, and we’ve always planned our vacation around our anniversary.  We’re planning more of a “staycation” this year.  Hopefully, our “staycation” will include a little beach time, but it really depends on what’s happening in the garden.  For sure, we’ll have to make time to visit a KFC somewhere, so we can continue our 40 year tradition of celebrating  our anniversary by eating Kentucky Fried Chicken!  (KFC is not on my current diet, but sometimes we just have to make exceptions.)

One last notable fragment here–this is my 1100th post since I started this blog a little over 4 years ago.  Each post averages 500 words, so that’s at least 550,000 written words!  That’s a lot of words coming from a person who’s always been painfully shy…

That’s it for my first edition of Friday Fragments.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Welcome to Friday Fragments, Kathy! You’ll enjoy the nice group who post here on Fridays!

    You must not live far from where I live because it’s hot, hot, hot and so muggy we almost need an umbrella just to get through a walk! Of course, I’m not sure at this point, I could live anywhere I didn’t have to breathe under water. 🙂

    So happy to hear that you have good news! Have fun celebrating!

    No, your resting made me tired!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, look at that corn!

    I’m hoping that you will get in some beach time during Ed’s time off.

    Congrats on 1100 posts!

  3. So glad to hear that you received good news. ((HUGS))

  4. What a fun tradition of going to KFC on your anniversary!

  5. I am sooooooooo happy that you stopped by to introduce yourself to me today. It was fun to read your 1100th post, the gardening and chicken poop, happy happy happy and your KFC tradition. A staycation is about all we do in the summer anyway…we live on the Texas Coast about 10 minutes from the Gulf and I know exactly what you mean about humidity and heat…like stepping out in a sauna!!!

    Do stop by again soon. I enjoyed your company.

  6. I was SO excited to see you here!! Fabulous Fragments and CONGRATULATIONS on 1100 posts!! That is a huge milestone.
    I am so relieved that you have good news and will keep your new little grandson and his parents in my prayers.
    Have a blessed weekend and try to rest just a little bit.
    Oh and Happy Anniversary!! Our anniversary is the 17th…

  7. Wow, your corn is doing really well. So happy you got great news on your grandson and congrats on 1100 posts!! Enjoy your staycation and Happy Anniversary!!

  8. Happy Anniversary I assume that is sweet corn – good memories of buying that at farm stands.
    I don’t know much about rattlesnakes but I would think you could find some odor type spray to keep them away. They are good for controlling rodents. I agree that I would not care to be living too close to them.

  9. Yep! We had that heat index here, too. Heat and humidity–I think AC is the modern convenience I would miss most, at least as long as I lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

    Glad to see you amended your fragment about getting a little rest. You are an Energizer Bunny!
    Also good to know happy grandbaby news is on the way and anniversary plans in the works!

  10. Welcome! Doesn’t it feel great to share all of those random-but-worthwhile bits and pieces? I’ll bet your family loves your blog.

    Congrats on the good news all around.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I love that show and thing the Robertsons are crazy like foxes. I will definitely read that or maybe get the audiobook for my hubs, if it’s available.

    You relax about as well as I do! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  11. My goodness you get a lot done when you rest. I wish I were that productive when I’m not resting.

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