Memorable Moments…

our rings...

our rings…

As of today, my husband, Ed, and I have been husband and wife for forty-one years.  It doesn’t seem possible because the years have flown by!

A lot has happened over the years, and the world around us has changed dramatically.   When we got married, a loaf of bread cost twenty-five cents!

Ed and I brought three babies into this world and raised them to be responsible adults.  Our babies now have babies of their own.  Forty-one years ago we didn’t even know if we wanted to have children.  My how things have changed!

Ed’s hair has turned gray, and gotten much thinner, while my hair has turned gray and gotten much shorter.  I choose to hide my gray, Ed does not.  We both have more than our fair share of loose skin and wrinkles.  Some days it takes both of us to complete a task because, these days, our minds aren’t what they once were.  When we look in the mirror, we see my mother and Ed’s dad looking back at us!

Our memories aren’t as good as they used to be, but we still remember our wedding day, and we still love each other just as much, if not more, than we did back then.

Today, in celebration of our forty-one years of wedded bliss,  I’d like to share my ten most memorable moments of our wedding day.

Karen, me, Ed, and Ed's dad...on June 18, 1972

Karen, me, Ed, and Ed’s dad…on June 18, 1972

1.  Ed threatened to wear his brown suede Dingo boots to our wedding.  I was horrified, and asked his mother to intervene.  She did.

2.  For some reason, Ed stopped by my parents’ house on our wedding day, and I peeped out of my bedroom window to catch a quick glimpse of him, even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to see him before the wedding.  I still feel felt guilty about doing that!

3.  I refused to wear a wedding veil or any flowers in my hair.  Now that I’m older and have more sense, I regret that decision.

4. The budget for our wedding/reception was $300.  (Can you imagine?!)  That included my dress, shoes, flowers, and the wedding cake!  (My grandmother loaned my parents the money to pay for my wedding.)

5.  On the morning of our wedding day, I went out into daddy’s vegetable garden and gathered fresh vegetables to take with us on our honeymoon.  I couldn’t wait to cook for Ed!   That seems crazy now!  We couldn’t get the gas turned on at our house (due to rain), so it was four days later before I cooked.  We ate a lot of bologna sandwiches.

6.  It rained about two hours before our wedding, then the sun came out.  I thought about the old wives’ tale that it’s bad luck for it to rain on your wedding day, how the rain represents the amount of tears you will shed during your marriage.  (Not true!)  However, every year, during the week of our anniversary, it rains almost every afternoon.  We know, because we take our vacation that week every year…

7.  I was a nervous wreck over getting the wedding cake to the church and getting it set up!   We had to set it up ourselves.  The cake had 3 tiers, each of which set up on four pillars.  I was  so afraid the cake was going to fall over.  It didn’t!  

8.  Someone tampered with Ed’s car,  so we couldn’t outrun the people who chased us as we left the reception.  The poor car would barely run, and Ed had to stop and fix it.  Someone also painted our car all over with white shoe polish–and ruined the paint job on the black racing stripes.

9.  Ed and I ate Kentucky Fried Chicken for our first meal as husband and wife.  The store manager gave us our food for free when he found out we’d just gotten married.  (We’ve eaten there on our anniversary every year since.)

10.  Ed carried me up the steps, and  into our brand new mobile home on our wedding night, even though I only weighed 30 pounds less than he did.  I was impressed!  (We spent our honeymoon nestled in our new home because I didn’t want to go anywhere else!)


10-15-2011 11;40;22 AM9

a photo of our rehearsal dinner

Last night, while Ed and I were finishing our supper I remarked that forty-one years ago we were sitting in “the red room” , having our rehearsal dinner at Ed’s parents’ house. Then I realized how many guests, who were at our rehearsal dinner,  are no longer living…

Ed’s dad, both of my parents, an uncle, the preacher who married us, the piano player, and even  a very good friend, who lived with us for a short time, during the early years of our marriage have all passed away during our forty-one years of marriage.  What a sobering thought!

On that sobering thought, I’m going to  end this post, but I will tell you that Ed and I will be making the most of our 41st anniversary and our  time together!  He’s off  from work, and we’ll be “knee deep in paradise” somewhere–and we might even be reminiscing about old times!

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  1. Congratulations … may you make precious memories on this 41st anniversary.

  2. Hearty Congratulations!
    May the years ahead be even better!

  3. Congrats! Loved the video and see you over the past 41 years.

  4. What wonderful memories you shared with us in words and images. God bless you, Ed and your loved ones with many more.

  5. We were first married 41 years ago June 24th. We had a limit of $2,000! The hardes part of growing old is losing those we love who are older than we are. I am going out to dinner tomorrow night with a couple celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary.
    Happy Anniversary 🙂

  6. You look like babies. You must have been very young. My wedding took place 34 years ago July 15. I was 32. The marriage ended 10 years later but we remain friends, having been divorced longer than we were married!

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