Anniversary Recap…

It’s a ‘Snow Day’ at the Wednesday Hodgepodge” today, so I’ll take this opportunity to write about Ed and I spent our 41st anniversary.  I know you’re probably curious, aren’t you?

Ed and I began our day at the crack of dawn.  These days, we begin every day at the crack of dawn, and our anniversary was certainly no exception!

Ed cooked breakfast for us, we exchanged anniversary cards, then we packed up the car and headed to the beach for the day.  Before we left, we walked next door and asked our daughter to take our traditional anniversary photograph.  She did.  We began this tradition five years ago.  I wished we’d thought of it sooner.

100_2589 (2)

We made a stop in town to buy ice, and the automated ice machine took Ed’s dollar, but kept the ice.  We made another stop to buy ice at a convenience store, but Ed wouldn’t pay their ridiculous price.  Finally, on our third stop, we finally bought a bag of ice!  About an hour and forty-five minutes later, Ed and I were sitting under our favorite oak tree, enjoying the cool ocean breeze and the view!

Speaking of the view, we had an unusual view for part of the day.  For some reason, two workers decided to trim the palm trees in front of us!  Who knew palm trees needed to be trimmed?  We didn’t!  I couldn’t resist snapping a photograph while they worked.  If you have to be outside trimming a tree, this is a great place to be, huh?


Ed and I also discovered a nest of baby birds in the oak tree above our heads, after Ed spotted a broken egg shell on the ground!  We watched as mom brought her babies a shrimp that she apparently retrieved from the nearby fishing pier .  Who knew that black birds eat raw shrimp?!  I didn’t!  It turned out to be an informative day.

After Ed and I enjoyed our traditional picnic of a ‘Club Sub’ sandwich, we spent several hours just reminiscing and relaxing.  Eventually, we walked through a few of the Village shops.  I wanted to find a beach-themed ornament to commemorate our anniversary.  I actually found two and bought both because I couldn’t make up my mind which one I liked best!  Decisions, decisions.

We decided to make our way back home around 5 p.m., but we stopped half-way home and did a little bit more shopping.  Are you ready for this?  I bought a beach wagon!  I’m already thinking about our next trip, and having an easier way to cart everything down to the beach!

By the time we checked out and loaded up the beach wagon,  it was suppertime so we made our way over to Colonel Sanders’ place for our traditional anniversary meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken!  We found a booth in the corner, and enjoyed having the entire restaurant to ourselves, believe it or not!

As we enjoyed our meal, we reminisced about our last year’s anniversary meal from KFC.  ( Last year, we had to leave Amelia Island to find a KFC, after we discovered the local KFC had closed.  When we finally got back to the beach and started to have our picnic beside the ocean, we discovered they’d neglected to give us any eating utensils!  We had to pack our food up, go to a convenience store and buy plastic forks.  By then it was starting to get dark, so we ended up eating in our hotel room.)

This year’s anniversary meal went smoother, even though the girl at KFC got Ed’s order wrong and gave him ‘original recipe’ instead of ‘extra crispy’!  After finishing our meal, we completed our trip, and arrived home with an hour to spare before dark!

That concludes our 41st anniversary celebration recap.  It was a fantastic day from beginning to end, but I’m already looking forward to beginning our 42nd year of marriage tomorrow–in the garden picking peas together, at the crack of dawn!   The fun just never seems to end 🙂


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  1. When you’re with your sweetie, even the mundane tasks (like picking peas) are more enjoyable. 😉 So glad you had a nice anniversary … spent in your favorite spot.

  2. I love your KFC tradition. In fact I love KFC – original recipe leg and thigh.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day to me. Happy Anniversary!

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