Another Monday…

Acting Balanced

It’s another Monday, and I’m still canning vegetables!  Peas, beans, tomatoes, and okra are within my sight.  Sounds like a fun way to kick off the week, doesn’t it?  Before I dive right in with Monday’s chores, I’m taking a few moments to participate in the ‘Monday Quiz’…because that’s what I do on Monday mornings!  Thanks to Heather for hosting–even though her ‘honey’ just arrived home, yesterday, from a two-week trip to China!  Welcome home to Wayne!

Here are today’s questions:

1. June 26th is Forgiveness Day – will you be participating? Forgiving someone else or asking for forgiveness?

I think Forgiveness Day is a good cause to participate in–and there’s always something to ask forgiveness for!

2. Do you play card games? Which ones are your favorite?

I don’t play cards much anymore, but I used to like “Rummy”, “Crazy Eights”, “Go Fish” and “Old Maid”–and, occasionally, “Five Card Draw”.

3. What is your favorite flavor of Birthday Cake?

Chocolate with whipped frosting.

4. Do you like amusement park rides? What is your favorite? If not, why not?

Yes, I still like amusement park rides, but they don’t like me anymore.  I tend to get motion sickness, these days.  The last time I tried, (which was about 5 years ago) I could still get by with riding the Ferris Wheel, so it’s my new favorite ride.

My question for you:

5. Have you seen anyone wearing anything “strange” lately?

While out shopping, I saw a rather large woman wearing a nude-colored ‘body shaper camisole’ as a top, recently.  It wasn’t a pretty sight!  She needed the ‘body shaper’, but she certainly could have used a blouse!

Weekend Wrap Up: Our weekend began with a little family time.  Two of our three grown children and their families came over for a Friday evening visit.  The evening ended with our daughter-in-law not being able to find her car keys.  After spending a good bit of time searching through our house, her husband checked the car and realized she’d locked the keys in the car!  Not only had she locked  the keys in the car, she’d locked BOTH sets of her keys in the car.  Fortunately, our son had his car at our house, too, so they weren’t stranded.  On Saturday, Ed showed our son how to break into  the locked car.  Now our son will be prepared if the keys ever get locked up again!

On Saturday, our day began bright and early, with a trip back to the garden.  We picked some peas, some butter peas, and gathered more tomatoes, then some okra…  After that,  the REAL work began–canning the ripe tomatoes!   We spent most of the day shelling peas and canning tomatoes.  We finally called it a day around nine that evening.

On Sunday Ed and I took another little trip back to the beach!  It wasn’t planned, we just sort of went on a whim.  I think sometimes those are the best kind of trips.  By now, we’ve got our beach routine down pretty good, so we were loaded, unloaded, and sitting at the beach within two hours of deciding to go!  There’s no place I’d rather spend a hot, sultry afternoon…  Almost every time we are lounging under our favorite oak tree, enjoying the tropical atmosphere,  someone will walk by and remark  “You two sure have got it made!”  I wonder why they say that…perhaps it’s the smile on my face.

For the second time in a month, Ed and I experienced a little car trouble on our  trip home from the beach.  Last month,  we had some tire trouble, and ended up buying a new set of tires.  This time we’re not quite sure what happened, but we think one of the car breaks may have gotten temporarily stuck.  I’d noticed the car slightly pulling to the right.  Then, on the way home from the beach, the steering wheel suddenly began to shake and vibrate, and we smelled ‘something burning’.  We pulled over, Ed checked the wheels out, hit the brakes hard a couple of times, and after that, everything seemed okay again.  I’ll be sending my car to the shop this week to have the brakes checked out!  If this trend keeps up, we’ll be doing some car shopping sooner than later!

I have more canning to do this week, as well as some housework to do, but I’ve been missing my blog friends.  I’ll be doing some visiting and some posting as time permits, this week.  Hope to see ya’ soon!  Have a great Monday 🙂

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  1. Thankfully I have not seen anything odd as far as attire lately. But then I haven’t gone out too much even shopping.

  2. I envy you being so close to the beach. Although maybe it’s a good thing because I think I’d be there so often that nothing would get done at home. 😉

    Sure hope your car decides to shape up and fly right! 😉

  3. WE always seem to see sights out of the ordinary. Hubby even comments with “She would be a good candidate for “What not to wear”.

  4. I share your changed status on amusement park rides. In younger days I just about loved them all. About three decades ago I hit the motion sickness thing on rides that spin around.

    I still loved roller coasters. post-stroke, I can’t brace well and I the potential for bruising and rattling my brain around in my skull keeps me on the sidelines. But people-watching is fun, too.

    I can just see your relaxed, contented “beach smile.” So happy for your having such a nice break. Happy canning! And I enjoyed your visits and comments to my blog!

  5. Yep, we sound just alike on the amusement rides. haha

    I would love to live that close to the beach! So cool to just decide to go and be there and relaxing in 2 hours. You know I’m not that close to the beach, but there are lakes close to me, so hubby and I need to do that. Thanks for the idea. 😉

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