Friday Fragments…

Unknown Mami
This week has gone by in a flash!  Every day has pretty much been the same here in my neck of the woods…  Wake up early, and go to the garden.  Come in and prepare the vegetables I just picked, and put them into the freezer.  Cook supper, eat, then fall into the bed–after shelling a few more peas or beans!  Throw in a few loads of laundry among these activities and there you have my last 4 days.  I haven’t even taken the time to make my bed the entire week, which is good ’cause it’s made it easier to ‘fall into’ at bedtime.

I did manage to spend a couple of hours with our youngest grandson, Chase, on Tuesday.  I kept Chase while his mom took his older brother to the library for a special summer program.  Chase is still a little bit too active to sit still for a program.  He ‘helped’ me shell some peas 🙂  We also ate some chocolate animal crackers and read a few books.

Between the George Zimmerman trial in Florida, and the Paula Deen fiasco in Georgia, the south has really been dominating the news this week!  That ‘special witness’ for the prosecution, in the Zimmerman trial, has been ‘quite interesting’, and probably should be disqualified–but she won’t be.  Enough said.  As for Paula Deen, it looks like certain people are having a ‘field day’ persecuting the poor woman…   It’s become a modern-day ‘witch hunt’ (did anyone watch the interview on the Today Show).  Paula actually told the truth in her deposition–which is more than I can say for most of the politicians in Washington–and she apologized…for using “the N word” thirty years ago.  I find the whole ordeal ridiculous!

It has rained EVERY DAY this week!  Our yard is beginning to look a bit like a jungle.  Scott’s Turf Builder + rain = a jungle!  Our garden IS a jungle!  As I was making my way through the grass, weeds, and vines this morning, I found myself thinking…It takes a REAL WOMAN to walk in this!  I kept my eyes on my feet, and kept thinking about that rattle snake my brother-in-law killed a few weeks ago…

I have a pan of corn awaiting my attention, as well as two bowls of shelled peas and beans.  I guess that means I should stop blogging and get to work!  First I’m going to hop over to Unknown Mami’s place and join in ‘Friday Fragments’!  Have a great weekend, everyone.

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  1. LOVE your grandson’s name…Chase, I really like that.

    Sounds like your gardening is done by a green thumb with all that you’ve been able to freeze. Lucky you. I only go to the farmer’s market on the weekends. IF I remember. LOL

    As for Paula Deen, I think the media has gone way too far. And, I also, deep down, feel there is something else to this story. Anyway….there are much more important things that are going on in this world than her.

    Oh boy…wishin’ it would RAIN here. Again, 3rd year in a row…we are still in a drought. :::sigh:::

    Okay…now, do you think your grandson would share some of those chocolate animal crackers? Got milk?

  2. I hear you about Paula Dean– With all the hype she’s getting you’d think nothing really important was happening in the US or the world. Sheesh.

    Chocolate animal crackers sound really good. I haven’t seen those before but I’ll be looking the next time I go tot he market.

    Have a great weekend, jj

  3. Chocolate makes ANYTHING better.

    The Paula Dean thing is WAY outa control. I doubt if ANYONE’S life could stand up to that kind of scrutiny.

  4. My garden isn’t doing too well this year. Too much rain and cool weather. I feel sorry for the farmers who make a living off their crops. Everything is delayed here in MN. I am getting some strawberries though. Wish I was getting the harvest you are. Have a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like you make good use of your garden. Fresh and saving money are great.

  6. I know you’re busy, busy, busy with your tending to the veggies from your garden … but it will be worth it this winter when you’re enjoying the fruits of this labor. Good thing we weren’t counting on veggies for the winter from our garden … everything’s growing, but oh so slowly (and we’ve got rain in the forecast again for today and tomorrow – ugh).

    I agree with Keetha … I don’t think anyone’s life would be able to stand up to that kind of scrutiny.

  7. We have a garden, too, though here in Colorado, nothing is
    ready yet. My flower beds are going NUTS since we had three feet of snow in April. The weeds are going even MORE nuts. I hate Canadian thistles.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    P.S Nice to meet you – my first Friday Frag.

  8. Yes I did find that woman “quite interesting” in the case. Being in Florida with my dad we couldn’t help but watch the trial. I am always amazed with all your canning, etc. with your veggies.

  9. Spending time in a garden and cooking what you grow sounds so…homey. It’s too dang hot here to grow much of anything. Well, that’s probably just me being all sour grapes because I don’t have a green thumb.
    I agree with you about Paula Dean. Move on, people, it was 30 years ago!
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  10. You sounds so busy and productive. I hope you manage to get a little bit of time to just relax without laundry in between.

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